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Welcome to Hipfig’s Video Guide Series on Seoul, South Korea
Hipfig offers Travel Video Guides for Asia, Canada, and the US.Seoul, South Korea. If you like our videos, subscribe to see more. Seoul Public Transportation Seoul Metro Subway is the fastest, inexpensive , and convenient way to travel around Seoul Ticket and T-Money card reload machines are available at every station. Seoul has an extensive subway system with many lines The Green line circles around Seoul and connects to all subway lines. Announcements for stops are made in English, Chinese (Mandarin), and Korean. You can get a 500 Won refund for your single ride ticket at your final destination. Seoul has an extensive Public Bus system. Bus stops have the bus name and destination route in Korean ONLY! So make sure you know your bus number and destination in Korean. Bus numbers and destinations are displayed in the front and side of buses You can pay with a T-money card on all buses. Happy Travels. Go to hipfig.com or the Hipfig Travel Channel on Youtube for more details, Subscribe to for updates.

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