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I have here for you the new Shark Evo One 2 – it just arrived last week. It’s brand spanking new, so I can’t wait to
take it out the box show you it and tell you what’s new. Well we’re gonna take it
out of the box. It comes in a very nice blue box and we’re gonna have a look
what’s inside. Let’s see I can see something I think this might be the
helmet and I can see a Pinlock anti-fog lens. Well we don’t need the box anymore. This is the Pinlock anti-fog insert, which you place on the inside of the visor.
Which makes sure that the visor does not fog up and there is no condense on the
inside of the helmet. Place that to that side. This is the helmet inside its very
nice little helmet pouch. Now that does look pretty sweet. This is the new and
improved Shark Evo One, the Evo One 2 it has a lot of the traits the original
Evo One had, it’s basically the same idea – but it’s been improved on a lot of
things. But let’s take a look at the basic functions of this helmet. As you
know a flip-up helmet flips up like so. However, this helmet goes all the way,
which means it goes all the way to there. So this is actually really special,
because obviously traditional helmets stay up here and this one goes all the
way back. So if you want the comfort of an open-faced helmet but with the safety
of a flip-up helmet, then this is probably for you because you can choose
the way you wear it. Which is really comfortable, it’s easy to do while
wearing gloves and it’s really really nice when you’ve go at higher speeds –
because it just it stays more stable. Which is also thanks to the spoiler on
the top, but we’ll get to all that later. That brings us to the outer visor, which has
been improved quite a bit. Mainly thanks to the new Pinlock anti-fog lens insert,
which makes sure you have 100% vision and there’s no fogging off of the lens.
The base plates around the side and on the chin piece have received a little
bit of a face-lift and a new colour, so you can
easily distinguish a new Shark Evo One 2 on the road when you come across one.
That’s pretty much everything that’s been renewed about the helmet, so we’ll show
you some of the the other things that make the helmet very comfortable. Such as
the fact that it’s suitable for wearers of glasses. So if you wear glasses, either
sunglasses or anything else, doesn’t matter there’s enough room – enough space
inside for you to wear them comfortably. And what also adds to this comfort is
the sun visor. As you can see here and so if you don’t wear sunglasses you wear
normal glasses and you would like a little bit of a shade and you can just
put these down really easy. Easy to do with gloves, fantastic system. There’s
also a really good ventilation in this helmet. It was already good in the last
helmet, but now it’s a little bit better. So that will make you, yeah.. cool. Enough
of the jokes, moving on to the interior. A really really comfortable interior
fully removable, fully washable – so pretty easy pretty handy. There’s a little
booklet with the helmet you can see it on the inside over here and in contrary
to most things you should really at RTFM with this helmet because it comes with a
five year guarantee. You need to register the helmet to do so but the
five year guarantee – so anything that can go wrong with the helmet – that isn’t you
falling off onto the floor and breaking it, has a guarantee. The new Evo One 2
is available in a couple of new designs, so this is the matte black finish which
is really nice looks really good. They’re not all in stock in every colour
and every size as of now, but hopefully at the start of 2018 we’ll have them
all for you. So go check them out at FortaMoto.com. Don’t forget to subscribe
to us on YouTube and check out the prices starting at €399 on our website.
Now I’m gonna go wrap this up and send it to your house. Thank you very much, see
you next time.

14 thoughts on “Shark Evo-One 2 motorcycle helmet unboxing | FortaMoto.com

  1. That was disappointing! Who cares about the nice blue box? There was a problem with the first version of this helmet, I was hoping you would mention something about the visor scratching problem, and if it has been addressed and resolved in this new incarnation.

  2. I know the last version was more of a round shape compared to oval , is the new edition the same shape? How does the shape compared to the LS2 Valient? Thanks!

  3. I bought the evo-one about a year ago and it’s a great all-round helmet but with one (for me) major drawback! When riding at higher speeds with the helmet closed, once you start getting to around 85mph and faster the drag is like having a kite and tied to the back of your head – literally! After a fairly short time the ache in my neck is a unbearable.
    Have they done anything in this latest model to address this?

  4. I have a question too! First of all, thanks for the very good video, I really enjoyed it.
    I love the concept behind the Evo One and I would like to buy it but…but…but: I read so many negative review that now I’m scared to throw away 400 euro! For instance is noisy an issue? Can you realistically think to wear this helmet for long trips (highway included) on a maxi enduro bike? Is it well made? I mean materials, reliability of the interiors and the mechanisms for the flip up part?
    The alternative is the Shoei Neotec (1 or 2). It is more expensive but if one is not well made or it is really noisy it is probably worth to pay 200 euro more and have a good product.
    I ask you please to be sincere.

  5. My pluses and minuses. I bought this helmet yesterday Evoline 3 Procarbon and in the black jacket i looking like cool
    Judge Dredd. Other way in red leather jacket owner looks like some japanese half idiot power rangers.
    Sad is one think, in the the jaw side is not fitted any cushion just plastic. Noise come truth that way. But not just noise. Two guys from motorcycle forum had bee visitors, fly inside by this way. Noise lvl is big i can confirm that. 400 pounds is too much for this 300 is acceptable. Edit: I consider return this product back to the shop because paint job on the right side near open close mechanism just jumped off (after one day) and i see under red paint white colour. I had no chance to ride in the rain. Fact is, this helmet is not fully carbon. I think like all French products just looking good but is soft.

  6. When you put chin bar down does it squeeze in on the sides of the helmet? Make it tighter in the cheek area

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