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one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel Today I’m going to help you answer the questions, should I buy a classic car now lately a lot of my
customers are thinking about getting classic cars because they say hey
they’re simpler they’re easier to fix there’s not a lot of computer crap on them
and of course that’s true on this Lincoln that’s almost 50 years old the
old carburetor went bad I was able to go and buy a brand new one the same day at
a local auto parts store there’s still parts available and there’s only four
bolts holding it on and that sure beats the heck out of working on a variable
valve timing fuel-injected modern engine that can have thousands of dollars of
parts instead of just a simple carburetor to make it run and here lies
something that you should understand if you think about buying a classic car you
want to buy one that there’s parts that are readily available for like this
Lincoln it’s a Ford there’s many common parts lot of them are still made and
there’s plenty of them lying around you don’t want to buy a Ferrari or a
Lamborghini where it’s going to bankrupt you just buying the parts and let’s face
it modern cars we don’t have any style they
all pretty much look the same with plastic aerodynamic parts to get good
gas mileage but really look there’s no Chrome everything’s just painted the
same color as the car though things like chrome everywhere
Landau roofs the old cars really have a style of their own and when it comes to
classic cars you don’t have to be a fanatic we’re all the serial numbers
match and you spend a small fortune making it exactly the same as it came
out of the factory you can do classic cars economically if you want now sure
they’re not going to be worth what a pristine original showroom car is going
to be worth but they can be a lot of fun and you don’t have to throw out all that
much money if you’re careful now if you are looking at a classic car here’s one
thing to beware of don’t buy one that’s a Hulk of rust check for a lot of rust
before you even think of buying that particular one now this
Lincoln may be 50 years old but look when you crawl under and look around
it’s got one solid frame there’s no rust on it at all now it’s easy for me
here because this is a Texas car so it doesn’t have any rust so if you’re
really looking for classic cars you might take a trip to Texas or buy one
that’s from Texas that comes with pictures all around before you buy it to
make sure it doesn’t have problems now being from Texas this car still has a
factory a/c on it still does work but don’t expect to have working anything on
most classic cars unless you’re willing to spend a whole bunch of money just
doing the whole air-conditioning system over or if you don’t mind
buy one without AC and put an add-on kit on now since classic cars are a lot
simpler you can do a lot of the work yourself have fun get the enjoyment of
doing that and still save a whole bunch of money when you really think about it
because when you consider the price of a modern car versus an old classic that
isn’t a completely redone one it costs thirty forty thousand dollars for a
decent modern car and then you can find classics all day long for a lot less
than that and speaking of money if you buy brand new $40,000 car after five or
six years it’s worth maybe one third of what you paid for it but a classic car
it might even go up in value over time a much better economic choice there so if
you’re thinking about buying something it has a little more class and certainly
is a lot more fun you might think about buying a classic, and remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer Channel and I’ll answer them as soon as I’m done driving this car.

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  2. Scotty's right again, I have a 74 f100 302 auto 2wd twin I beam front end, I rebuilt the motor and had painted lime green and everyone says trade it in and get better gas mileage, but a new truck is 45/50 grand, my thought is how long would it take to burn that much in gas? Plus when you work on your own vehicle it give you a freedom knowing it fixed and you don't need to worry about it breaking down. And your insurance is fairly cheap plus I can buy my old lady a newer car that save gas.

  3. My 74 GMC still has the AC ports to it and the the heater core still works like a dream, if I ever decide to rebuy the parts for the AC and redo the AC everything is already there. Besides the AC condenser of course.

  4. You're crazy old cars are junk , money pits and you have to be a well rounded mechanic to even live with a old anything 😂

  5. Tell me about classic cars. I have two! No style today, just carbon copy computer designed cookie cutters. 🙁

  6. Lincoln land yachts are just gorgeous cars not as a daily driver but as a weekender or sometimes a road trip car (be sure to pack a toolbox) I wish my parents still had theirs metallic olive green with white top and interior and oh those oprah windows and roll up headlights those are lost in car history forever but I just recently bought a 94 gmc suburban 5.7L tbi a classic by today's standards and use as my family hauler and road Trip vehicle (I also pack a toolbox )

  7. definitely getting a 1964 Chevy Impala SS 327 with PG auto transmission. That car would be a time standing still investment than a modern day GM money pit.

  8. Hey Scotty, I have a 1969 Ford LTD 2door, hard top. I need some new door glass for it. Do you have any connections?

  9. In fairness, there are downsides: occasionally having to rent a car when unexpected things happen, plus MPG that is 1/2 of a modern car. These can wipe out the savings pretty fast. I had a friend that liked road trips but couldn't trust his classic GT car enough to use it 800 miles round trip. It kind of defeated the purpose.

  10. Great video as always!…… but on a different note, what's your opinion on the 1970's/80's Essex V6 engines that were used on the Ford Cortinas', the XR6 Interceptor, XLE Big Six, 3000S and such like?…..would really like to get your take on it!

  11. Have a 1975 Lincoln Continental Mark IV that I'm doing some small body work on now. It only has just a couple of tiny dings but most what I'm doing is working on the large seems under where the old rotted vinyl top was at. The bondo in these seams are dried and cracked with minor rust on areas of the metal that were bare. Not sure what these seams were for but I'm being told that all Continentals with vinyl tops had them. Maybe something to do with install of opera windows? Also rebuilding two 4350 double barrel carburetors. Will put one back on the car and probably sell the other one.

  12. It would be nice for FORD / GM / GMC to learn from their history and build the simple type of car that made the VW bug so successful.

  13. The one classic car I would like to buy one day is a Volkswagen beetle always wanted to drive one never had the chance

  14. Recently bought a 1977 Lincoln Continental, good body on it and everything still running. Being told a dozen small things wrong with it and 5k of work in its future. Bit of a downer.

  15. I can pull out my whole engine and transmission out of my chevy 11 faster than almost any repair I do on my front wheel drive minivan. Love working on old cars. New ones not so much. 🐸🐸🐸

  16. Scotty, whats your opinion about Lotus Espirit ? They are not monstrous and is decently sized and has a 4 pot engine. Whats your take on that? Are these cars huge money pits?

  17. Dang Scotty. I thought for sure you were gonna say no to classics. I'm happy to be wrong. I love my 71 dart swinger. I love the classics. They have a soul.

  18. Bought a Vintage Air system for my 72’ c10 to replace the factory air. Not too expensive and I installed myself, even as a fairly novice mechanic.

  19. In Kansas, ancient trucks are cheap and everywhere. Easy to find a fixerupper for under a grand. Cars… Not so much.

  20. back when i was a teenager we got our first job because we wanted our first car,cars then had more style .

  21. My 74 mercury cougar xr7 has everything new cars do. It has fm am radio, I added subs, it has air conditioning, pw, ps, power seats, and gets like 15 mpg around town, 18 on the highway. It doesn't have airbags. That's literally it lmao. Its way more reliable than the 92 civic hatchback I had and literally the most comfy car ever

  22. I have a '70 Monte Carlo with liscense plate tha says "70 MC". Wish I had a dollar for every time I'm asked what year is it? Love going to car shows with friends.

  23. The right answer is yes, only if you live in the US…. Where i live parts are scarce and gas prices are rediculous high

  24. I have a quick question for you Scottie what do you think about 1970 Volvo 144 no rust and 40000 miles on it

  25. I needed a new power steering pump on my MARK III and I went to the auto parts store and they had a pump readily available. The pully was not included. The old one was removed from the bad pump and reused.

  26. You saw how that car stopped!! I hope you’re not carrying soup in that car that’s all I’m gonna to say.

  27. Classic cars are nice to own. Drive them around, and get looks and thumbs up. Just be ready to work on them . Old cars break.

  28. That is not a landau roof on the Lincoln it's a vinyl top. A landau was a vinyl strip connecting the C pillars. Both were horrible ideas and hurt any classic's value.

  29. I am about to buy a 1989 Lincoln Town Car. A neighbour of mine said don't, he mentioned that this thing can bankrupt me as it would be hard to get parts and that no mechanic would dare repair it since everything now is not really repairable. What would you guys (and Scotty) recommend for this particular model?

  30. When a man could stilll be a CEO of an American car company. ..and men still decided on what car to buy.

  31. I just turned 15 and ive been driving for a while now just practicing for my test when I turn 16, ive been looking for classic cars to maybe get as my first, ive been looking at a 1976 Eldorado catty but im worried about the price and coast of insurance. should I worry??

  32. That Lincoln would be a great classic over here in the UK – Left hand drive , no problem – our roads are so clogged you don't get to pass anything . Seriously ! I used to drive from the South Coast to London and I can count the number of passing places on that single carriageway road – on 2 hands – 50 miles and average speed including non town – 30mph. Aircon may not work – no big deal in our climate. OK it's going to guzzle gas, but a white one could be used for weddings – to pay for the petrol during the week. Best thing is – No vehicle tax or Annual ( MOT) test due to it's age . And cheap insurance due to my age LOL. All the best to you Scotty, from the UK.

  33. I’ve had 12 modern Mustangs, sold them and bought them regularly. But you will NEVER see me sell my 1969 Mach 1.

  34. I just bought a 1981 Lincoln Mark VI (no rust) and want to use it as a daily driver (my drives are basically from house to train station 15 minutes away), any pointers on how to maintain this vehicle, I do want to baby it.


  36. I’m 17 and next year I’m planning to buy a 1978 corvette that is 16,000 and I don’t know if it’s a good idea, the car is from a dealership in Dalla,Texas

  37. I have a 66 fairlane that originally came from TX. It had factory AC. The compressor looked exactly the same as the compressor on my father in laws dump truck that was probably a mid 80s model. Didn't run the 5 years I drove it( 1999 to 2004) , but I had a co-worker that said if I wanted it to use the original R12 AC system to use propane or butane as a refrigerant. And you can look on youtube for people that have done that. Yes they are flammable, but probably less so that the tank full of gas and if you do have a leak you'll smell it due to the stench they put in propane and butane (no hydrocarbon gases have any smell when raw, they had it to it) and it's a gas at atmospheric pressure so you won't have a puddle of flammable liquid in or around your car.

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