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What’s up people and thank you for tuning
into my channel In this episode I’m gonna show you how I installed My Delkevic 18 inch stainless steel exhaust On my Honda CBR250RA Installation took about an hour and a half Which includes exploratory surgery And messing with my cameras Here’s a sound meter test of my standard exhaust And it registered between 86 and 90 decibels From about 3 feet away Here’s another sound meter test of my lawn
mower I did notice that the app seems to max out
at 90 decibels So I could not get a proper reading I used thew following tools WD-40 A ratchet Ratchet extensions A 10 and 12 mm socket An allen wrench And an adjustable wrench I first sprayed the bolts that I needed to
remove using the WD-40 My bike is fairly new so the bolts were Relatively easy to remove But I let the WD-40 sit for a few minutes
anyway before I unbolted them It was a bit tight so I applied a little impact
to loosen it I was then able to work on the bolt that secures The standard exhaust to the header pipe I was surprised how easy it was to loosen The nut and bolt below the passenger foot
peg was next It too was easy to loosen It was bolted through a thick rubber bushing Which stayed on the mount The exhaust was now ready to be wiggled loose I gently rotated and rocked it back and forth
while pulling it away It was not tight at all And I noticed it backing off within a few
seconds Now you’ve heard everyone say this After removing the stock exhaust and I will
say it too It was heavy My new exhaust weighs 5 pounds The stock exhaust 15 pounds I spent the next 5 minutes trying to remove
the stock gasket Which was stuck in the stock exhaust Only to find out that a new one was supplied Inside the new mid pipe Thank you Delkevic I’m glad I cancelled my order for a new one
from Honda I’ve seen a lot of exhaust installations but None of then showed how to apply the silicone
sealant My exhaust kit came with a red high temperature
silicone sealant And the instructions indicated that I apply it to all mating surfaces I hope I applied it correctly to the header
pipe I then connected the mid pipe And pushed it all the way until it stopped I repositioned the clamp for easy access With my 10 mm socket I tightened the clamp but not too tight Just enough to hold the weight of the exhaust While I adjust it for fitment And that’s me peeling off the mounting strap I pre-fitted the rubber protection on The side that will touch the exhaust I applied a bead of the supplied High temperature silicone sealant to the end
of the mid pipe And finally connected the exhaust to it The opening was a bit tight so I had to loosen the exhaust clamp just a bit I wrapped the exhaust with the mounting strap And secured it to the exhaust mount I fitted it towards the outside It was only during pre-production of this
video that I realized that the mounting strap Should have been fitted towards the inside So I’ll have to correct that after this video I wiggled the new exhaust system for a tight
fit And tightened down the clamps This process took me about 10 minutes I wanted to make sure it was leak free After that I was ready to do another sound
meter test My camera was fitted with a Rode boom microphone So if you want to get a better appreciation
for the sound Put your headphones on while watching the
next part This sound meter app is obviously not accurate Anyway I was so excited to try out this new
exhaust And do a couple of fly by’s that I forgot to put up my kick stand So without further ado Here’s what it sounds like on a fly by The sound was exactly what I was looking for
in a longer exhaust It was not as loud as a shorter exhaust It had a nicer low rumble and not at all obnoxious But I immediately noticed a slight loss in
low speed torque But it’s anecdotal It might be me easing back on the throttle
to control the volume Overall I’m extremely happy with this mod And would recommend to those who are considering
it Hey guys if you like this video please hit
that like button My next mod is a fender eliminator So don’t forget to subscribe Til next time thanks for watching

57 thoughts on “Slip On Exhaust Silencer Install – CBR250R Motorcycle

  1. Excellent vid. Obviously the dB app crapped out, But how much louder would YOU say it is? I'm looking to upgrade the stock exhaust for my fazer 600 as it is dangerously quiet. But i don't want anything stupidly loud. Just sensibly loud would be nice.

  2. Brother, your video is simple, clear and fun!!
    I just got my delkevic exhaust for my cbr250r & fender eliminator , can't find your other video for the latter though.
    Thank you for your help, Ride safe!

  3. Mr. Brown, seems like you're the guy i look after! The video is somehow had the best explanation I've ever seen. Now im using a new cbr 250r, the 2014 version, and im looking forward to replace the stock exhaust with the new one. the thing is i'm living all by myself, and i didnt really understand of what kind of tools i have to use. planning to buy some if it's necessary. Is that all? the tools on your video? or you need some more? thanks sir! nb: im going to take a video of it, post it on youtube, and put your name on it, cause i know it would help people, just like you did!

  4. Hey man , greetings from India!! I Loved your laid back method of explaining things, and with such attention to detail too!! I have a very similar video on my channel of me putting on an aftermarket exhaust on my 200cc Bajaj Pulsar!! Please do check it out and the other videos as well , i promise you will love them 🙂 CHEERS!

  5. i have the same bike, is your radiator fan sound loud? like loud, coz mine is louder than a standing fan back home.. anyway this is the best sound of CBR250R i guess

  6. Liked the video very much, you have explained well and shown the details neatly, thanks for the information. I am looking forward to buy this exhaust, but I am little concerned about the mileage, would be thankful if you tell what's the bike of your bike after the Delkevic exhaust!?

  7. An extremely informative and constructive way to fit an exhaust with time focused on the correct application of the sealant. Now I can tackle the same procedure with my 350mm Delkavic on my Bandit 1250. Happy days 🙂

  8. hi brady, i live at Edmonton AB. just wanna ask where did you bought your exhaust? i was looking at amazon. ca but i can't find a exhaust like yours.. thanks

  9. no bro you didn't apply it correctly. it goes in the mating surfaces not the outside surfaces in other words where they joint together and mash up not on the outer diameter.

  10. You skipped the most important step. everyone knows that when replacing your exhaust, you have to run the engine on open headers.

  11. Excellent video. I watched it once prior to install and then followed along. 20 minute install. Much appreciated!

  12. I purchased this slip on. However what bolt and nut did you use for the mounting strap to the pillion foot rest? I did not receive any bolts.

  13. Thanks for showing – now we know there was not much improvement. Strange your dB meter didn't work – when it was supposed. I sometime am overtaken by bikes that are really quiet, thats what I would like also for myself. But they are on the road and I am at the stearing wheel so I can not find out what are their set of exhaust – bike combination.. still wonder and want to know a very silent bike. (not electrical)

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