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The speech, last year, in Berlin is only part of it Wait a sec didn’t Barack Obama give this big speech in Cairo that the middle east seen the light That’s it but that that’s exactly the problem! It’s not just the Berlin Speech, but in Cairo he said, “any world order–” *drum beat* he said “any world world order–”
*drum beat* *drum beat continues*
Ahh, I’m laying down a beat for you, keep going! *music begins* *now singing*
“any world order, that elevates one nation over another will fall flat” Oh snap! I think that goes against the idea of American exceptionalism Exceptional Fast Food and exceptional dance moves! Most Americans believe that this country was gifted by God bless-essed nation, and that we are better Yeah, we the promised land, a sacred place Gettin blessed by Joe Biden from space!! HEY!! God bless America! HEY!! God God bless America!! HEY!! God Bless!! God God bless!! Go-o-o-od bless America!! HEY MEY!! Do you realize if you were to take that lettuce dry it, roll it, and smoke it, I know it tastes like goat shit You smoke your lettuce Believe me I tried! You’re gonna end up with similar problems than if you were smoking tobacco!! I know, fo sho! You should try it with tomato! Burnin inside of my throat! Steve Buyer warning complacent Americans about the risks of smoking lettuce You can warn me all you want, but you’ll never stop my leafy green fetish! It’s not the nicotine that kills! its the Smo0o0o0oke! the Smo0o0oooke! Cancers Its the smoke! Heart disease Its the smoke Respiratory Disease its the Smo0o0o0o0o0oke! its the its the inhalation its the Smo0o0o0oke! the Smo0o0o0ooke! if they want to obtain their nicotine Its okay Its the Smo0o0o0oke! the Smo0o0o0o0o0oke! The more produce we come across The more problems we see!! Some companies say They’ve received hundreds of applications for just just a single opening One man said I sho-o-o-ould get his respective employer Shorty, don’t you know that air Jordan works for me? I wore a long white eyelet dress and a fluffy white hat and carried a walking stick OOO WEE!! Am I crazy? Am I trippin’ on shrooms? or you singin’ ’bout pimpin’ on a late night cruise Katie Cou baby boo you got swagger like star! Don’t stop! Real talk, we gonna take it to the charts! you can be Lady Gaga I can be T-Pain we can be Bringin’ on the boogie droppin’ rhymes like rain you can be Lady Gaga I can be T-Pain Bringin’ on the boogie with floppy hats and pimp canes We’ve got some breaking news lets goto Tracy Byrnes she’s got all the news Actually Liz, I think you wanna jump over to Robert Tracy baby, you crazy! I don’t know what the hell going on or where the camera belongs Lets goto Nicole Me? Yeah, you me? Baby boo me? wo0o0oo0oo me? Nicole, no no, lets throw it to Joe uhh you know, I am trying to get a hold of this myself breaking news guys ummmm I, I don’t have it Liz I have to send it back down to you I’m afraid I’m uh I’m digging for it myself
Okay, that’s okay but But, the basics of it is clearly this is a fascinating story magical that we’re gonna get all into place at just the moments, as soon as we can get everything here Bum bum bum God bless America! HEY! God God bless America! HEY! Cancers It’s the smoke Heart disease It’s the smoke Respiratory disease its the Smo0o0o0o0o0oke! Its the Its the inhalation its the Smo0o0o0o0o0oke! the Smo0o0o0o0o0oke! If they want to obtain their nicotine its okay its the Smo0o0o0o0o0oke! the Smo0o0o0o0o0o0o0ooooke! *music fades*

94 thoughts on “Smoking Lettuce: Auto Tune the News #5

  1. I remember when this was super big. I haven't heard this in 4 years (until very recently), and I still remember almost all the lyrics. Gooooood times 😀

  2. This spam does a much better job than normal at disguising itself as a regular comment but still so wildly off topic that it is noticeable.

  3. I think Steve Buyer has delivered the best verse/chorus in the entire Auto Tune the News series. What are everyone else's opinions?

  4. Every time I hear the words "american exceptionalism" I throw up in my mouth a little. It takes a special kind of fucked-upness for an entire nation to develop a superiority complex.

  5. Funny, I've always wondered but never asked; why is it called "Auto-Tune the News" if Auto-Tune is not actually being used?

  6. For me the duet with Katie Couric is epic!!! Unfortunately her volume doesn't seem to work well anymore…please fix it!!!
    All these years later, and this song is still awesome!

  7. The old material from these guys is so much better. Better rhymes, better jams, and better coordination. I wish they could do it this well in 2016. 10/10

  8. I started watching these back when I was a Freshman in High School. I still watch them now because of how awesome they are.

  9. I come back to this video every couple years when I feel I’ve lost my way in life.. but now all is clear again.. magical

  10. Part of my teenage childhood man. This was one of the first autotune parodies to get big, it's iconic imo. 🙂

  11. 8 years ago people didn’t realize that you actually can smoke (or make tea) the leaves of the Verosa plant.. aka “opium” lettuce.
    It’s like the pain relieving effect of oxy 10mg but without the high.

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