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  1. hey guys. love your work. but is it possible to show a video of how to do it the geared way? pretty please? =)
    my WRX is pre electronically controlled everythings..

  2. On the radio people had commented there speed taco is faulty and not working correctly .I think this would take a auto electrician please don't do this at home if a novice .!

  3. You can get a ticket in Australia for going 64kph in a 60kph zone? That sucks. Everyone in the US drives like 5mph over the limit on a daily basis, me included. I've never had a speeding ticket.

  4. Anyone know what I can use to correct the speedo on a 2007 JKU Jeep Wrangler diesel. I have an AEV procal but it will only let you change in 1/4" increments. my tire size is 285/75R16 or 32.6"

  5. Hmmm even my old beater 1992 F-150 just requires a few button presses to adjust the speedo. Isn't that standard on all cars?

  6. Cant you just re-center the speedometer manually considering you know what the cluster and gps nav read? my vehicle would be off by 4 mph easy fix.

  7. hi boss, while I was trying to fix speedo of Nissan bluebird94 by touching magnet behind it (I saw it somewhere) now it stopped at all even not any light on speedo , so, please tell me what I can do now ?

  8. I have a new clusters with Kph & MPH the numbers on cluster are closer together for the Kilometers so when I am driving at 100k my speedo ready 120k but if I am driving at 50 kilometers my speedo reads 30 kilometers. will this tool correct my speedo as well. ?

  9. Ok I ave a MB CLK 2.3K when I drive the highway and my GPS shows lets say 80 the speedo shows 80 as well, when I got to 100 the GPS shows 93, 120 speedo shows 124-25…. when I go to 150 km. on GPS the speedo shows 140 ….. The wills are original 16" size !

  10. Thanks this video helped me fixed my (electronic) speedo on my motor bike, I hacked the signal directly from the Tyre sensor.
    P.S. Use multi-meter in DC voltage mode since cars these days are DC !

  11. Too complicated, just change the design in de speedometer, go to photoshop, recalulate the gauges, and print and stick over the old one… #easy

  12. NO NO NO NO. Solder smoke DOES NOT CONTAIN LEAD. The smoke is unhealthy because of the flux which is cleaning the joint. I fucking HATE when people say that the smoke is dangerous because of lead. You know how hot lead has to be to turn into a gas? 1749C. If you're soldering that hot, then you're doing something seriously wrong.

  13. OMG. Don't just cut the wire! That is so stupid! Those connectors have removable inserts that are crimped to the wire, and they're not hard to remove with a thin blade screwdriver. I normally love MCM, but any time they go near electronics I absolutely cringe.

  14. A 4.4 Km/h (2.7 Mi/h) difference is enough to get a ticket in Australia?! Here a 8Km/h (5Mi/h) difference won't even get you a ticket, well it might, but it's very easily contested.

  15. A tip for doing anything with lead smoke is drink a glass of milk right after it will help prevent lead poisoning

  16. digital speedos should be pretty accurate – as for the old analog ones, they ALL show around 10% more in the lower half, same as analog volt meters. So you are spreading a myth guys. When you are doing 50 on the speedo, you are actually only doing 45 – got it?

  17. You guys are great, comedy with seriousness…..what a mix…. tell ya what knackers, yeah the both of ya's, here's a task, I have a Jackaroo 2001 4JX1 turbo and I wanna do some mods, really lol, love this car, come up with some ideas for me, I might even lend it to you's and let you run wild, oh and P.S….. my speedo's out too lol

  18. You can ALSO hold a speed of 60 mph between two signs of a measured mile, which is supposed to be 60 seconds. I don't know if you have measured distances, indicated by signposts (we call them "mile markers" here in the U.S.), in Australia, but that system works pretty well for us here. I timed a 60 mph mile a couple of years back, figured out how far off my pickup speedo was off (after changing tire sizes), bought a new transmission speedo gear on ebay for about a dollar, and now it's accurate to within about 1 mph up to 100 mph. All it takes is a watch, or a phone, or any kind of timer device accurate to the second, and that will give you an accurate 60 mph in 60 seconds. 😉

  19. Solder smoke DOES NOT contain lead. The reason solder smoke is not good for you is because of the burnt flux, not because of lead.

  20. Right on! So glad you guys show soldering the correct way (for the most part). You heat both things that are to be soldered together with the iron, then bring the solder in to touch the wires (or whatever), not the iron tip. The solder will just flow onto the connection and you'll have a lovely joint.

  21. There is also a better way of adjusting the needle with the GPS. We did it with my friend as he was driving with a disassembled dash. He removed the needle with two spoons and then when I told him that we were keeping a constant speed of 60 km/h he installed it back. We did two more runs starting from 0 to random speed and compared to the gps both were showing the exact speed.

  22. Do not forget, that the car manufacturers do the tachos always ~ 5 Km/H more to show regarding to some international standard.

  23. Does Marty always drive around with the handbrake engaged? https://youtu.be/bMs7w72QTVM?t=9m17s
    Or is that light on because of some mad mod?

  24. Most cars Speedos say higher speeds than you are actually doing because it makes you think your going faster than you are so you don't speed as much. That's why you can go about 3-5MPH over the speed limit for a speed camera to flash on you. Our BRAND NEW car and our slightly older car has the same offset (I tested it with a GPS Speedo and cruise control

  25. Man, you Aussie's law's are hurting my brain-ball. We have it way easy over here in Sweden. It was going the opposite way in the 80's though, when some idiot politicians decided that if you wanted a modded car – you had to build two, one for chrashtest and one final car. Some Hot Rod enthusiasts killed that idea though, and SFRO was born.

  26. Using digital storage oscilloscope would be really nice. If we can see the waveform, we might see how it works. We could even build one ourselves.

  27. or you could just use the online tyre size calculator to work out what size tyres to fit to save all this hassle!
    also, most cars are legally required to read faster than true speed (in Europe at least)

  28. You should always have in mind "margin of error". All manufacturers deliberately put some percent in every vehicle. There's a quite a bit reasons, and simplest one is driving vehicles in various temperature conditions.
    For example, if you driving 60 km/h during winter time and calibrate it on winter, there's a big chance to get a ticket anyway – if you drive 60 km/h on hot summer day.
    And opposite, of course.

  29. Also for those of us who are rewatching these for fun. Make sure you get your Tachometer/Trip meter adjusted too to show proper mileage for new size

  30. I went to public school in Kentucky and don't need the internet to calculate π x D for a tire. Geeeeez, or…. mark the tire and ground, roll it around, mark ground and measure. Nice commerical, although overly dramatic and wordy.

  31. Just a tip for OLD cars.

    I installed this exact same Jaycar kit to my old VK Calais when it chewed out the speed sensor gear, after I changed a dead transmission.
    The original setup was a driven cable to a speed sensor which sent the signal to the dash (combined with the cruise control).

    Seeing as I had no connection from the transmission to the sensor, I attached 4 magnets around the tail shaft with a hall effect sensor, added an extra preamp circuit to "power" it (found it all online, and built myself), and connected it to the original sensor signal wires heading to the dash.

    This was an unexpected, but necessary, and AWESOME mod… its like Holden should have done it like this in the first place!!!

  32. A damn lot easier to just drive at a lower or higher (whatever the difference is) noted speed. ie my car is 10% too slow so I drive about 5% above the dial indicated speed and I know I'm close enough but still legal. eg drive at indicated 85km and it's just a tad under 80km real speed. There's never an excuse to speed and risk a speeding ticket from a radar.
    All this was just too much effort.

  33. You should update this video with the pre-assembled unit. https://www.jaycar.com.au/corrector-speedo-module/p/AA0376

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