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100 thoughts on “STRANDED Tesla Model 3! What Happens When You Run Out of Battery?

  1. Interesting

    Other than being stopped in the middle of traffic in a dangerous situation……and just what did the tow cost you?

    Still a great vehicle, but seems like he’s a Tesla salesman. LOL

  2. if the battery was dead, how did it get on the tow truck. I didn't see any cables, to pull or power….this is why I'm watching this.

  3. Dude, you've lowered your ride height, Changed the wheels, You would've easily gotten to 290+ if you had the stock wheels and Stock ride height, And Maybe even More with aero Caps On.

  4. I actually really liked this video. Thank you guys for sharing. I've never seen what happens when a battery dies on a tesla.

  5. I want to buy a Tesla but I take alot of road trips will this car worknfor me. Is there an app that lets me know where charger stations are.

  6. PowerWall tow trucks…

    Imagine tow trucks with 1, 2 or 3 PowerWalls equipped with a fast charging interface to provide juice for either the closest station or home, whichever is closest. Then tow trucks charge them for free. Whoever joins gets them a special rate and get service priority.

  7. Maybe in the future they will add wireless charging to the bottom and side stops on the road just park on the top and it charges

  8. WOW, all that ''tech'' and they can't figure out a way to put it in ''N'' to get the car parked in a safe place… genius… LOL…

  9. Par contre à la fin où il pousse la Tesla pour la mettre sur un super chargeur c'est du FAIKE la tesla elle pèse 2 tonnes

  10. U were using ac, autopilot, charging your phone and etc.. You used some of your battery on those objects, So your Tesla won’t go full 310.

  11. This is why I’ll never own a EV. Imagine stuck in roadblock on a freeway in the hot sun or snow.
    Much easier to get a gas can!

  12. I am a brand new Tesla 3 owner and this was my biggest fear.  Thank you soooo much for this info.  It has put my mind at ease that there are options.  It was nice that you showed the warnings on the screen so I won't panic if I ever see it.  Great job guys!!!!

  13. you take a bottle and get in there 1-2 liter electricity borrow from some other el. car just like you run out of gasoline and you can borrow 1-2+ liter from whoever

  14. they should have a small gasoline backup even a gallon or two what about if you want to drive in North Dakota where there's no superchargers

  15. Duh! Of course all the interior electronics work. They're probably powered by a separate 12V car battery, not the li-ion batteries. Also, even if not, when the li-ions get low enough not to power the motor, they still have gobs of juice left to run the other non-essentials.

  16. Idk. Car dying while I’m trying to get somewhere is a big deal to me.

    I want to go electric. I’m just waiting on the right time where the range can be impressive to say the least.

  17. Lol when you plug in Electric Car you feel god but over at the power plant they are dumping more coal on the fire 🔥

  18. How come Tesla or 3rd part sells a real portable battery charger like those ICE car battery jumper with alligator clips? I mean, when Tesla runs out of power, 9/10 it will be within a super charging station distance and all you need is 10 to 15 more miles with a quick jumper and charge the rest of capacity at the station…

    If no one thought of this, this is my idea. No one can claim it.

  19. Drowning Lithium batteries to zero like that will heat them up and cause them to wear out way faster.. don't get why you did that when passing that charger anyway. What did you expect

  20. I think Teslas are pointless specially for the price. The base price for model 3 is $39,990 and it gives you only 250 miles. The day that the base price gives you 500+ miles and a quick charge, that will charge your Tesla 0-to-75% in 5 minutes that will be a game changer. Today Tesla are only for the ritch and spoiled people who have to much money in there hands.

  21. give those guys a tip bro! I always tip my tow driver for not scratching or denting the car, especially when they help
    to push

  22. running out of range, in an EV or a regular combustion engine vehicle is 100% driver fault, that said, a regular can just get a can of fuel delivered by either a personal contact or perhaps a road assistance company, EV's can be charged on the spot if the road assistance is equipped for that. once the EV has enough charge you could also kinda tow it for a bit to use regen braking to charge it a bit further altough this is quite limited

  23. If it runs out of juice and a supercharger is within range, it should start arguing (if not cursing) and not let you go anywhere but to that supercharger.

  24. Running batt dead also hurts batt, so maybe you just lost 5% effectiveness of your 70k car, this makes running out of juice 100x worse than in gas car,,,, No one mentions that if you run too low you are destroying your battery a fraction!!!!

  25. What happens when you run out of battery? Are you kidding? Is this a joke video? Did you have to create this? IF THERE IS NO CHARGE IN IT what did you think was going to happen? Dumb ass video. Dumb ass youtuber

  26. Of course everything still works. Tesla's still have a 12volt system with a battery tucked under all that plastic in the frunk.

  27. I've actually ran out of fuel in my Cadillac DTS and it wouldn't start so we pushed it all the way to the nearest gas station and my Oldsmobile Alero also ran out of fuel but that was quicker.

  28. I have a great idea.
    The tow truck charges your battery while it's on the back of the truck.
    And when they brought you home, the battery is full for the next trip.
    Thank me later.

  29. Owning a Tesla is like having an ankle bracelet on, your limited to only how far you can go. with a gasoline engine I don't ever have to worry about looking for an electric charging station or calling a tow truck. I love my Mercedes I go 600 miles on a tank of fuel And there's plenty of gas stations along the way, One of the best parts is I don't have to wait hours for recharging. I refuel up in 3 to 5 minutes and I'm good for another 600 miles.

  30. Until it dies in traffic and you have to know how to enable tow mode just to push it out of traffic. Fine for a techie but would your mom understand? We need MANY more superchargers and graphene batteries that charge ridiculously faster before they can dream of replacing the ICE. As it sits EVs are still around town only vehicles.

  31. Why would tow mode be limited to 20 minutes? Can't you just put it in neutral to push and tow all you need? What would happen if you go over the tow mode time limit? Unfortunately it looks like gas and diesel will dominate the energy markets for a very long time to come ensuring EV's remain expensive and tricky.

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