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Always looking for ways to make our
vehicles even safer we developed a new Subaru Blind-Spot Detection to help watch over your shoulder and
warn you potential danger. Available on the 2015 Outback and Legacy. Blind-Spot Detection uses radar in the
rear bumper to monitor your blind spot area when it senses that a vehicle on
the right or left is approaching in another lane or is in your blind spot a warning light will appear in your side mirror alerting you to that vehicles presence. Lane Change Assist another feature of this system. uses the same warning light when a vehicle on the right or left approaches at a higher
speed in the neighboring lane. After the initial warning light displays if you switch lanes or signal to change
lanes and its senses that the approaching vehicle is still there Lane Change Assist gives you a flashing
warning to further alert you to the vehicle’s presence. After all things can happen in an
instant and at Subaru we believe extra
awareness is always a smart move.

8 thoughts on “Subaru Safety Technology – Blind-Spot Detection with Lane Change Assist

  1. Why is there no auditory alert for lane change assist? This exists for the cross traffic check. It would really help make this feature complete.

  2. Why there is no beep sound with the blind spot checking on my crosstrack, flash light is not good enough. For Hyundai, it comes with flash light and beep sound. I am very disappointed with Subaru not doing enough.

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