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We are at the Interlaken East station This is the main station The other one is Interlaken West All the hustle-bustle and the markets are located in between these two stations The corridor in which we are walking right now is of Interlaken East railway station The best way to explore a city is through bus or by foot So we have decided to take a city tour of Interlaken today We dont feel like walking, so let’s take a bus So that we won’t feel too fatigued Which bus should we catch? Have a look at that board I guess we have to take this bus We have boarded this bus Should I tell the route number? This is Bus No.102. Correct Kaushal, Interlaken looks like a very small city Though we have taken a bus.. But we could easily reach anywhere in the city in 20-25 minutes on foot. Right I can’t recall what I read. Anyway, what is the meaning of Interlaken? It means a place located between the lakes It is located between Lake Thun, Lake Brienz and Jungfrau That is why it is called Interlaken Okay You can see Araina and Abhilasha behind me (Abhilasha talking to fellow passangers) All those who are watching this video, let me give you some information on how to reach Interlaken? To reach Interlaken, you can catch a train, bus or a car from Zurich. It takes around 2 hours. It’s your choice There are not many sight seeing options in Interlaken. A couple of days are enough. But the places nearby are very interesting and beautiful Especially Jungfraujoch which is called The top of Europe You get a train for Jungfraujoch from Interlaken East You can also visit Thun and many other places nearby Araina, wear your shades, we have to get down now. It’s time to get down now We have reached near Interlaken East station again Now we will walk and enjoy the city by foot Did you like this video? Please give your feedback. We will wait for your comments. Please press the like and subscribe buttons Bye..

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  1. The best way to see a city is by foot or through public transport. We took a small bus ride in Interlaken in Switzerland. We really enjoyed the ride. I am happy that many of you have liked the video. Thanks.

  2. Nice Video… Informative.
    Great to be a part of your channel. Looking forward to see u more in the upcoming days

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  4. In india many people has inner urge for foreign tour but they haven't enough money ,so by seeing this type of video they fullfill there dreams.this type of video means a lot for such people

  5. i ve been to each and every single major city on earth multiple times now heading to swiss for the first time…. cant wait, 2 months in the alps … jannat

  6. And there are so many questions still, but you need to give answers to make sure that we know the best.

  7. Kya videos hain!!!, wonderful especially pronunciation, lagta hai urdu khoob padhi hai, kya zaban hai, maza aagaya

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