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How Automobiles Work

Randy Bishop: I chose TanTara because I like their equipment. They have brand new trucks, brand new trailers. Ben Garrett: We’ve got top quality equipment. Owner/operator specs. We take care of everything, fix everything. We don’t let stuff go. Dave Riggan: The average TanTara truck is less than two and a half years old. The average TanTara trailer is less than two and a half years old. All of our trucks have refrigerators, they’ve got nice interiors, aluminum wheels; lots of chrome, lots of lights. You know we like to keep it looking good and shiny. ‘Cause those trucks are rolling billboards for us. Jeffrey Allibal: Good looking equipment. As you can see, they’re not just run of the mill trucks, they’re very well equipped trucks, and, you know, people notice that when you go down the road. I’ve got people on a daily basis compliment me on how nice the trucks we do–we get to drive. Randy Bishop: It’s kind of nice. You wake up. You brush your teeth, brush your hair, and then you’re just right there at work. There’s no drive to work. There’s no commute home. It’s just you’re–you’re there at work, and it’s nice. You kind of develop a bond with your–with your truck, you know? Then it’s just kind of like you feel like you’re home. It’s your second home. Dave Riggan: the inside of that truck is their home, it’s their office, it’s their break room. It’s everything to a driver. I mean, they spend a lot of time in that truck. We go above and beyond on our equipment because we want to look good rolling down the road, and it’s not–it’s not– this ain’t just a job, you know? Hey, if you can’t look cool driving a truck, then why drive a truck? You got to look good, you gotta look good.

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