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How Automobiles Work

Remember, slow and steady is… Together:
nothing to be ashamed of. Okay. (Bass-heavy music playing) (Ice cracking) (Thudding) You can’t always
avoid accidents. – Sheila! But you can avoid
stressful accident claims. Introducing TD Insurance
Auto Centres. Claims Advisors,
repairs, and rentals. The only shop that can handle
all your auto claim needs in one place. Feel confident about
your accident claims. TD Insurance. Ready for you.

5 thoughts on “TD Insurance Auto Centres – “Roof Avalanche”

  1. What TD neglects to mention is how they will quote you a very low insurance rate. As much as 30% in some cases. So of course it's too good to pass up. Then low and behold after gradually increasing your premiums every year(even when you've had no accidents or tickets)you are back where you started. And that's looking for another insurance company. Like I'm doing now.
    Maybe my hike in insurance rates went to go to pay for the commercials.

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