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100 thoughts on “Tesla Driver Caught On Camera Apparently Asleep At The Wheel | NBC Nightly News

  1. This is not only a dumb problem its also a very VERY EASY problem to solve. The Tesla cars already has systems to identify and warn if the driver has his or her hands off the wheel. Obviously their implementations are no where near enough. All Tesla needs to do is impliment a shake system into the drivers seat in combination with a very loud alarm to awaken the driver. Basically replicating the same effect that occurs when a sleepy driver veers off onto the side of the road, which its tires running over those staggered slots in the roads concrete ment to awaken and or alert drivers of the cars position coming off the main road. The vibration and the sound that comes from the tires into the cabin makes it near impossible for anyone sleep not to be quickly awakened by the startling sound.

  2. Has this world gotten to the point ( i don't think i need to stay awake to go work &take a nap?) Someone caught doing this your car insurance should be $4,000. Monthly bc you are stupid person.

  3. Totally bogus hoax!  My older Tesla will save my life if I fall asleep. In 20 seconds of your hands not on the wheel it starts flashing the display, at 25 seconds beeps loudly. There is no way you could stay asleep.  It is like an airplane with both a pilot and co-pilot: SAFER! If this driver was actually asleep, which I doubt, it saved his life.

  4. YEAH he taped it but did he try to throw something at the window to wake em up. SMH, Instead of taping him he could have saved lives as well

  5. [Ford has left the chat]
    [General Motors has left the chat]
    [Chrysler has left the chat]

    [Elon Musk added Rivian]
    [Elon Musk added Byton]

  6. They failed to mention that if you ignore the flashing and beeping (which keeps getting louder), the Tesla automatically turns on its emergency flashers and safely brings the car to a stop. And it disables the autopilot feature for the rest of that drive. Tesla engineers put a lot of thought into how it works.

  7. There should be no such thing as a car that can drive itself. As you can see in this video, people will put way too much trust in it, and there have been several accidents because of it, some fatal from what I heard. When a car is in motion, the driver and only the driver should be in control. Why? BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO BE AWAKE & ALERT!!! Have we gotten so lazy that even when we drive, we want to make it so easy not to have to be alert to our surroundings or maintaining our presence on the road safely? It makes absolutely no sense and is more proof that we are letting technology take over our lives. Lots of times to our detriment. Some things just need to be done the old fashioned way, and yes, you may actually have to go through the trouble of keeping yourself awake and alert to do them. What a concept.

  8. Alarming nothing. This is an incredible advertisement! The robot is a better driver than 90% of the public. In a few years, 99%.

  9. I own a Tesla and this is not possible in mine. If you fail to keep your hands on the wheel the car will flash an alert and then slow the car down and then an alarm sounds.

  10. Dude, this what call "INOVATION"… Even if he drive manually (not in pilotmode) no one can guarantee he will be 100% save from crash….

  11. They showed that it CANT BE DONE when they did the demo and shoes that it will start it beep and stop it can only do it with your hands off for 30-45 seconds and then it will stop it is all just a stunt or they have attached something to the wheel to trick the computer witch tesla DOSE NOT ADVISE IN DOING so there it would be at your own risk to yourself and others

  12. The reason why you don't see videos of people asleep in other cars is because their skulls are already split open on the side of the road.

    Anyway, the actors in this video are faker than the news company.

  13. This is OBVIOUSLY a “prank” video. An Hoax, I have a Tesla Model 3 with AutoPilot. Just like the reporter showed in this VIDEO, a Tesla in AutoPilot will STOP and put hazard lights if driver fall sleeps and doesn’t respond to the car. If this driver installed an illegal hack to trick the AutoPilot , then that’s driver stupidity and bad judgement. People fall sleep in regular cars everyday, at least in a Tesla on Autopilot on a highway , the car will likely stop and is less likely to hit another car while a Good Samaritan calls 911 to wake up or get help for someone who has a stroke while driving on AutoPilot on Hwy roads

  14. If you can sleep while on auto pilot and saying its better than DUI, can I drive with a Tesla then even without a license? 🤔🙄

  15. Wow! Here's a solution… Charge drivers with DWS.. Driving While Sleeping! Same rules apply as what is punishment for a DWI/DUI. I bet they will wake up fast!

  16. They've got plenty of highway cameras. They have to get their AI to recognize someone sleeping behind the wheel. All drivers sleeping behind the wheel should get truly punitive monetary fines and get their licenses suspended. I know the facts of how easy it is for driverless AI to misinterpret unexpected things. Being asleep behind the wheel in this situation should be considered attempted involuntary manslaughter!

  17. Autopilot mode will encourage drivers to de-focus, relax and sit back – just the ingredients to encourage sleepiness especially if they're already tired. Drivers need to be engaged to be safe.

  18. I hope people criticising this innovative tech that someday when it's AI is perfected they should be prohibited to use it.

  19. Hahaha that's so fake. First who can sleep like that and second you have to put pressure on the wheel about every 30 seconds. So you wouldn't be able to just fall asleep and let it continue driving

  20. So many ignorant "conspiracy theorist" on this post, MOSTLY kids who never got behind a wheel but ignorant all the same!

  21. Morons like these should not allowed to own a car lol… if something happens tomorrow, they will first blame tesla

  22. This makes me think Autopilot should be government mandated on all cars as a safety feature. Imagine how many lives would be saved for every person that has fallen asleep while driving.

  23. Tint your windows people. Everyone is a nosy neighbor.i cant stand when people get all up I your business. Ok he is a sleep honk your horn and go about your day.

  24. Truck drivers are at risk of falling asleep behind the wheel too. Self driving trucks eliminates that risk and would save companies billions. It’s amazing how fast technology improves things but automated trucks would displace/ screw over hard working truck drivers.

    There’s is a solution to this. Has anyone heard of Andrew Yang?

  25. guess were not completely advanced in this area even if we could depend on the auto-pilot …were not going any FASTER than we were 50 years ago…so for now theres nothing to get too excited about ! !

  26. To be honest, I prefer machine over bad driver, those whom not using signal while switching lanes or turning, cutting people off, break for no reason, etc… If they are this tired, I rather the car drives itself than having them drive while dozing off, like many out there drive while sleep deprived.

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