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new Tesla Model 3 sedan. And we’ve been waiting for
ours for over 20 months. We put our reservation
in in early 2016, and it’s finally here. Let’s take a closer look. This is the key to this car. You open the door by just
placing it right here, and then get inside. Once you’re in
here with the card, you can train your
phone so that you can use your phone instead
of the card to open the door and get going. But you want to keep
the card with you, because if your phone
dies, you’ll be stranded. This is the interior
of the Tesla Model 3. And when I first saw the
prototypes over a year ago, I didn’t have high
hopes, because they were pretty crude looking. And there’s pretty much a
flat featureless expanse of dashboard here, but it works. So the screen menus– you
press a little car here and you see a whole
lot of choices. The quick controls, their
lights, the mirror adjustments, window locks,
display brightness, that’s the stuff
you’ll use most often. There’s a couple of
things I don’t see here on this touchscreen, although
I may be missing them. I’ll have to keep looking, but
they were real obvious before. One was the internet
web browser. I don’t really miss that, but
it doesn’t seem to be here. The other thing that I
don’t see that I do miss is the power meter. That was something I played
with endlessly in the Model S and Model X, and actually
used it on longer trips to decide when to stop. It may be buried in a menu, but
buried is the operative word. The owner’s manual
also was a button you could push on the
other cars and get to it, and I don’t see that. I may actually have to
resort to reading a PDF or looking in the glove box,
which I can open right there. And I don’t see anything. There’s a really nice bin here. This little tray comes
out, but it’s deep. There’s a place to plug-in
a power charger there for a phone cord. It’s got a couple
of cup holders here. This opens up and you’ve got
more storage underneath there. The other thing is the back
seat here, it’s 60/40 split. And the seat backs
fold down flat. It’s a really wide pass
through into the trunk. So it’s almost like
having a hatchback, but without the hatch. The trunk opening is pretty big. I haven’t tried it
yet, but I think I could put in my 29er mountain
bike, and it would fit. One of the things about this car
is the visibility is amazing. The windshield is really
low, the beltline’s low. There’s all this glass. But even in the back the
little 3/4 windows in the rear are really nicely placed. And it’s really easy to see
out the rear side glass. So there’s definitely
a feeling of openness, but also a feeling of just
being able to see everywhere. The blind spots are not
a problem in this car. This car has two
trunks– the regular one in the back and a small
frunk, because this car is a rear-wheel drive Model 3. It’s not a lot. A couple of duffel
bags will fill it up. The rear trunk’s pretty
deep, and then there’s a removable false floor. And it’s at least a foot,
more than that probably, deep below the false floor. This is the long-range Model 3. It has a published
range of 310 miles. Tesla has this scheme where
you charge the battery– they recommend that you
charge the battery 90% day in, day out, and use
the 100% charge mode if you’re going cross country. So the 310 pertains to
the 100% charged state. When I’ve charged it at 90%
the last couple of nights, it goes to 278, which is a
nice, healthy number of miles. And I haven’t done a
total depletion test yet, but it seems like
it’s pretty accurate. This thing’s got
plenty of thrust. I mean it’s not ludicrous speed. It doesn’t have that big
of an electric motor, but this thing’s
pretty darn quick. Definitely plenty of beans
to maneuver in traffic and have a little fun. I really like the
steering wheel. It’s nice and chunky. It’s not too big, not too small. A grip feels really good. And I can program
the level of effort. Right now, I’ve got it in
the highest level of effort which actually feels
really, really nice. There’s a good amount
of on-center feel. I can kind of feel which
way the tires are pointed. I can kind of tell
what’s going on. But it’s not overly heavy. But if somebody thinks
is, they can just dial it down one or even two notches. And the chassis is
nicely balanced. It’s got a good low
center of gravity, doesn’t roll a whole
lot, good grip, good balance, front-to-rear
really feels sorted. Where it falls down for
me is the ride on roads that aren’t really smooth. Something about the damping
is just a little off, and it feels busy. You can see that this interior
is really nice and clean. There’s two stocks,
there’s a couple of buttons on the
steering wheel, there’s window switches,
and a door opening button, and this touchscreen,
and not a lot else. This car has the $5,000
premium upgrades package, which gives it this Alcantara
interior trim, leather seats, the glass roof, and
a really cool stereo that if I turned
on, you wouldn’t be able to hear me talk. So for $5,000, you get three or
four things, including this pad here, where I can put my phone. And I can see it. I can have it charging, and it’s
in a nice comfortable viewing angle. It turns out, this glass
roof is pretty cool. It’s part of the premium
upgrades package. And I thought it would
be like sitting in a wok, you know, with the
sun just beating down. Obviously, it’s
cloudy right now, but I had some sun over the
weekend and it wasn’t bad. Now in July, I might
have a different opinion. Touch screen’s really nice. You can see that it’s
landscape orientation instead of the usual portrait that
you see in the Tesla Model S and the Model X. The
right side is map and music. The left side is vehicle status,
and some of the controls. Like I could flip through here,
and look at the trip odometer. I can look at the
tire pressures. You know, this touch
screen’s pretty neat. There’s a lot of
features built into it. They simplified it
compared to the Model S, but also made it a little more
complicated in some other ways. One of the things
that’s more complicated is adjusting the mirrors or the
tilt telescope of the wheel. I have to use these two
thumb controls to do it. And these do many
different things. And what they do depends on what
you’ve selected in the menu. And so adjusting the
mirrors is something you really can’t do unless
you’re stopped, because there’s just too much of this
punch, punch, read the menu, dig into the menu,
push the right button. And I am the kind of person, who
when I’m going down the road, maybe I’ll adjust my
seat position because I’m get a little stiff. And each time I do
that, I feel like I want to tweak the mirror position. And that’s usually a really
easy thing to do, but not here. It’s a little bit more
of a dedicated operation. I don’t like not looking
straight ahead at all times. I don’t like something that
makes me look off to the side. And this makes me
look off to the side. It’s not just the map,
it’s the speedometer, it’s the wiper controls. I mean, if I want to turn
on the wipers right now, I can push the stock
here to get one wipe. And I’ve got an auto
system, but if I don’t like the way it’s going in
order to mess with the wipers, I’ve got to sit here and do
that on the touch screen, which I’m not looking well I’m going
right now, which is not good. This thing has really
high tire pressures. These are all 48, 49, 47 PSI. But it might be why the
ride is a little bit stiff here and there. The thing is, this thing
feels like a Tesla. I thought maybe it would
somehow feel less than an S, but it doesn’t really. I mean, it’s smaller,
but you don’t feel like you’re getting
less than the brand suggests. I mean, this interior is
plain, but in a really nice sleek well-designed way. It doesn’t come across as just
something that was mailed in. There’s just this
slot across the dash. And the slot is where the
air comes out for the air conditioning system. And I can actually– because
there’s nothing straight ahead of me, I can set it up so the
air comes through the steering wheel, straight in my face. And if you’re the
sort of person who doesn’t like air blowing
straight in your face, you can separate
it into two streams that goes either side
of the steering wheel. Pretty cool. The cruise control
on this system is also an adaptive
cruise control. And then it goes into autopilot,
because we bought that option. The control for it’s
a little bit weird. There’s no stock for
the cruise control. You use the shift lever. So reverse, neutral,
drive, push down again, you get cruise
control, push down two times you get autopilot. It nominally sets the speed to
whatever the speed limit is. And if you want to bump it
up one or two miles an hour, you’ve got to go over
here to screen and press the plus or minus if you
want to make adjustments. Which is not the same
as tapping a lever that you don’t even
have to look at. Again, you got to draw
your attention away from the road to the
screen, which that’s going to come up
again and again, but that’s what you get when
you take everything and put it on a screen and take away all
the controls and the gauges. You’re pretty much
going to force everybody to look over here,
which just isn’t ideal. So this map has the
pinch/zoom capability. Everything is familiar. It’s a little bit of a pain if
you want to change the source. You have this button that
has a musical note on it. Well that’s map and
music as it turns out. You press that, you
get a little pop up that shows what
you’re listening to. If you want more,
you can do that. It’ll show your favorites. But if you want to
change the source, you got to press
it a third time. I can pick my phone I have a
couple of streaming choices. But to get that,
it’s a lot of taps. You haven’t heard me
talk about the brakes much, because this car,
like all electric cars, has regenerative braking. Because this is a
rear-wheel drive car, it doesn’t do
quite as good a job as a front-wheel drive
electric car would, because most of the braking on
any car is on the front wheels. There’s no noise here. There’s no shifting. It’s just smooth, seamless
torque, and it just goes. I thought this interior would
feel a little bit cheap based on the prototypes
I saw, and just the fact that I saw pictures
of this stark interior. But it comes across as
a really nice design. The back seat in the
middle has two vents and there are USB
jacks just below them. I’m diggin’ this thing. The Model 3 is a really
important car for Tesla. It’s a make or
break proposition. And I think we’ve all been
wondering if the car itself was actually going to
live up to the promise. And I think there’s
a good chance that the car is going
to do what it needs to do, and satisfy those
people that waited in line and put down their deposit. I’m pretty impressed
with the Model 3 sedan. So much so, that I’m going to
hang onto a second reservation I put in for myself. For more information,
go to Edmunds. And for more videos
like this, click subscribe on our
YouTube channel.

100 thoughts on “Tesla Model 3 Model Review | Edmunds

  1. cruise control settings can be controlled through the thumb button on the steering wheel. (unless that option wasnt available 5 months ago updated recently… ota!)

  2. i don't get the logic here, it's illegal to mess with your phone while driving but having a massive screen that you have to look at to do literally anything on the car is fine

  3. Buy the Jaguar iPace, at least you can get one, and you have a 100 yr old company backing you up..
    Tesla is bleeding staff, big time.. do not touch..

  4. I wish I had one, but for the time being I have a Prius Prime Plug-In, which suits me for my daily commuting needs in all-electric mode. One thing I see about the T-3 that I'm not so impressed about is that you actually need to tap the key-card onto the door to open it, or use your phone. My Prius (among other cars) has a fob which allows you to merely walk up to the door and unlock it just by grabbing it. Locking it is as easy as touching the door handle. No need to ever remove the fob from your pocket, or your purse for the ladies. Almost impossible to lose the key if you don't have to remove it from your person.

  5. The reviewer while great at his job doesn’t seem to be too educated in parts of the car as for example, TACC speed control is done through the right wheel knob, simply scroll up to go faster or down to go slower. You can check the battery and wattage if you click the lightning bolt symbol under the car on the left side of the screen.

    Also everything about using the screen is also factored in that Elon is expecting this to be eventually the first true self-driving/autonomous car for the masses so while the car is driving itself you don’t have to worry about keeping your eyes on the road at all times, and you can enjoy the large screen, the incredible visibility and the glass roof.

    If anyone on these comments are talking shit about this car has never driven one because as a Model 3 Owner I am completely blown away by this car. It’s truly a game changer and anyone that has ridden in the car with me has agreed.

  6. Looks like a pretty nice car. I have heard that Tesla quality is low and I don't like the looks or the interior. The big screen is a gimmick and inferior to actual knobs and switches. Thumbs down for me.

  7. I'm all for what Elon and Tesla are trying to do to promote the electric vehicle but I'm not sure if I'd be completely comfortable buying one. I don't like the idea that everything is controlled by a touch screen that is a distraction when you're driving. I mean, what' s so bad about having a few more buttons on the steering wheel and perhaps a small second popup screen displaying, Speed, Power Level and a few other frequently accessed information?

  8. Welcome to the modern car ! many of the issues mentioned have already been fixed with over the air updates!. The cruise control for example, speed can be increased / decreased using the right thumb wheel.

  9. There will be more tesla accidents as people divert their attention from the road to play with the touch screen to get at basic controls

  10. Future models will move most of the controls to a headup display. Too many complaints about the safety concerns will force them to make design changes. The screen being the central command center is a design flaw for Tesla. I suggest waiting another 2 yrs if you want a better updated Model 3.

  11. Rear wheel drive…WTF. Is this only for climates that do not get snow? If so it's only good for about 50% of the country. So all they did was mount a 12" ipad to the dash? Looks kind of cheap.

  12. The center screen with it's tiny print is dangerous … a serious design flaw. It requires the driver to divert his/her attention from the road. Yeah it's cool, but good design is functional. And all this comes at TWICE the price of a fully loaded Honda Accord.

  13. The right thumb wheel adjusts the speed in adaptive cruise control/autopilot mode (maybe this was an update?). Otherwise this is a fair, well done review. Thanks!

  14. A friendly suggestion. Don't complain about things not being available on the screen, that clearly are there, like the manual (Controls > Service > Owner's Manual), just because you can't find them. The "leather" seats of the premium package are faux leather.

    And read the manual! In Traffic Aware Cruise Control you don't have to adjust the speed on the screen and thereby be distracted, it is done with the right scroll wheel on the steering wheel. Following distance is also adjusted with the right scroll wheel. Your review has too many inaccuracies.

  15. 3:23 278 miles is about all the range a fossil car will get.
    Looking away from the road for a second shouldn't cause that many problems since a Tesla drives better than most drivers will drive it.

  16. A shame that German electrical cars get compared to some crappy shit with some balloon optic and 200 km range only so they look good
    while, again in Germany frowned upon, the Model 3, already is designed like a real car with a reach of over 400 km
    like every Tesla ever
    But no cars with a reach of faked (tested and ignored that it only makes 250) 300 km get on the top of a list of electrical cars, Model S on the bottom because of the price and the Model 3 not even on it…

  17. Way over priced, for $60.000 you can buy a luxury car. Model 3 is a a small car, and no Luxury, and most people can't afford it.

  18. My Tesla is on the way! Use my code if you plan on getting one to get free supercharging for life https://ts.la/rico63627

  19. They could lower the cost even more by making so many features as options, such as AutoPilot, electrically operated glovebox?! Automatic windshield wipers, etc

  20. I agree with the reviewer that having to look to the screen quite often while driving, is just not ideal. And, to me, Tesla should've placed more buttons on the car's steering wheel, that would enable the driver to perform some of the more important functions, without having to take his/her eyes away from the road ahead. And a HUD would also help in that regard. If Tesla had done that, the Model 3 would be the best car in the world, I my opinion. But, the Model 3 is still a great car, as is.

  21. Go take a free test drive. Visiting Tesla is like going to the Apple store, It's not like a traditional US auto dealer with a stable of hungry salespeople waiting to pounce. My visits have been informative and fun. If you like the car , fine. If you hate it, thats also cool. You can go home and order your car without any high pressure sales or the dreaded, "Let me go talk to my manager."
    Just like computers and mobile phones, Tesla has updated the user interface via OTA (over the air) updates and changed the driving experience since Edmunds filmed this review in January 2018.

  22. I've owned the Model 3 for 4 months now… the center tablet is totally intuitive to me, I'm now annoyed by the dials/knobs in my other cars, when I return to them. How often does one really re-adjust their steering wheel anyway?? in mid-drive? really? The seats can be adjusted like any other car.

  23. Your review is refreshingly approachable, touching all the right points and offering real feedback, no bias. I hear the positive and the challenging. I agree with so many others that while TESLA is making beautiful cars, having a screen off to my right and no critical driving info straight ahead is a major danger.

  24. EVERY control is on the stupid tablet? No grill, no gauges, no manual controls? No thanks. This car was built for people who still care about new iPhone releases. I think someday we'll look back at Tesla and remember them when.

  25. A nice review with a normal man pronouncing Tesla correctly with an S. All the elitist fanboys pronounce it TeZla cause they all think they're friends with Musk and his accent.

  26. Pass. Front end lack of styling, dash it too plain, tablet too big, assembly gap is crap. Work the issues and i might buy the car and stocks. Great concept but I'm used to using controls and gauges, muscle cars and trucks. Hard sell for someone like my friends and I but then we're gear heads and enjoy the V-8 rumble. But I'm still interested in seeing what the future brings. Model S maybe? Lexus LS460L AWD will be hard for me to give up for electric. I applaud Elon for what he is doing, smart guy with great vision. Just not the car for me at this stage of development. Many companies are going to Toyota for product development and build processes.Keeo the press!

  27. Edmunds – TESLA model 3 Dual Motor and Performance M3 both have FRUNKS as well, its NOT Dependant on Type of Drivetrain.

  28. Edmunds – you NEVER EVER should charge a TESLA to 100%, always to 90% at Superchargers or Full Charge on 240v L2 Destination Charging or HOME charging, your Batteries will thank you.
    On a Recent ROADTRIP I HYPERCHARGED my Tesla by using Superchargers then ONLY charging to 80% at FULL SPEED, then unplug and get on the Highway again to the NEXT Supercharger, I made BETTER time this way, I then slow charged to FULL at my Destination.

  29. Edmunds – there is very LITTLE difference between a Model S P100D using Ludacrous vs a Model 3 – they are Electronically Limited and the Range Limited to 310 Miles for LR model , TESLA can enable the Remaining Battery power to GET OUT OF DODGE if there is BAD Weather or a Natural Disaster.

  30. Edmunds – TESLA has a very Enviromental Interior, they DONT USE LEATHER anywhere except the Steering Wheel, and even that can be replaced with the same VEGAN LEATHER that the seats are made of.

  31. Edmunds – where did you Learn to operate a car ? you are supposed to do a Walk Around, adjust SEATS, adjust MIRRORS, adjust WHEEL, BEFORE YOU DRIVE, that is Drivers ED 101 . BONUS, with a Model 3 VALET mode you can SAVE multiple profiles for Each Driver or Member of the family. this should only be Done when in Park.

  32. Edmunds – you can Adjust Adaptive CRUIZ control and Autopilot speed by the Right Scroll wheel in the Steering wheel, you and also program the Follow Distance the same way.

  33. Edmunds – you mentioned you had Difficulty with finding the Range Graph of the Model 3, its there, but its in the Menu.
    BTW, the NEW Map has built into it , the Nearest Supercharger/Destination charger if you Program in a TRIP. that way thee is no worries where are you going to Charge and you can even see Which Supercharger is BEST and what Amenities the Location has.

  34. You got a number of things wrong, and I would suggest waiting until you are totally familiar with the car before doing another review! Cruise control settings, auto wipers, internet app -quite a few mistakes on this review.

  35. I wished he commented about the exterior door handles. I found them very counter-intuitive. Don't know that I'd want to deal with them every day. Also, would have rather he talked about door opening with the smart phone app more (the default way to enter) vs the key card – which I think is supposed to be more for backup and valet.

  36. Am I the only one who thinks having a giant tablet in the middle of the dash is a stupid fucking idea? Why are the no gauges for the driver to look at? Or at least a heads up display…. this tablet garbage looks super distracting and will cause accidents.

  37. It's refreshing to have an objective review instead of a load of fanboy BS.

    That being said, I really like the Tesla. For my money, it's the best BEV on the market, by far.

  38. 8:40 you can make adjustments to the speed while in autopilot using the buttons on the steering wheel too, so you don't have to look away from the road.

  39. I had a 2nd gen Scion xB for quite a while and I got totally used to driving with the instrumentation in the middle. Im sure I would get used to it in the 3.

  40. I hate looking at computer screens and certainly wouldn't want one in my car! Not to mention… it is dangerous to focus on the screen while driving. Older folks like me with eye sensitivity issues could never have a glass roof.

  41. Something to solve your problem with having to look to the right and change the whipper speeds, use the enhanced autopilot that you bought with the car ;). You then dont have to be so worried about changing settings.

  42. My friend Tracy drives a 2001 Toyota Echo. Guess where the instrument cluster is? The middle of the dash. Several other cars do that too. Maybe you don't like it, but it isn't some uniquely Tesla-esque sin.

  43. This is THE best, informative review I have come across. No fanboy talk but a good assessment with few personal remarks at various points. Well done!

  44. Dude you're such a wussy. Yeah your not used to the speedo located off to your right. Drive it 10 days and you wont care because youll like the car so much, but stop being a wuss

  45. I agree that they should have kept a few more physical controls. Things like the wipers and mirror controls should have been more traditional. I don't really get the wipers not being on a stalk, a lot of cars have turn signals and wipers on the same stalk so its not like it would clutter things up.

    I am excited to see EVs becoming a more realistic option though. Model 3 starts at $35k in the US which is not bad and the range and charge times continue to improve meaning you can realistically own one now as your only car. It will be a couple of years before I am ready to buy but seriously considering going the EV route next time.

  46. The thing that hit me was the screen, very distracting in my opinion.
    Basic functions, such as wipers, lights, cruise…things like that without having to be distracted by a screen. Also the screen should be lower or the ability to lower it. Maybe some kind of voice activation, "turn on wipers". I am not going to buy one, but I can see how the huge screen is going to be a huge distraction. They need just one main screen that has all the info, such as speed, battery level and basic function that don't take your eyes off the road and dig through some menu to do basic things. I wouldn't buy one personally.

  47. Two thumbs down…half of what this guy says is false! Get to know the vehicle before you review it! One example is the right steering wheel toggle controls your speed in cruise and auto pilot…one does not have to hen peck the screen to adjust speed. Learn it before you review it…being lazy is not a good way to review a car!

  48. You got it wrong about needing to go to the screen to adjust your cruise speed. Scroll the right hand button when you are in cruise control.

  49. I wonder if the panel is a little harder to see because of the glasses? I don't wear glasses but I can imagine that some, if not all, of the panel would be beyond the edge of the lens.

  50. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/this-math-shows-teslas-model-3-is-cheaper-to-own-than-toyotas-camry-2019-04-17

  51. Nice review although not entirely accurate. Perhaps a lot of the erroneous info was correct in Jan, 2018 but a lot of his complaints are not true with the current Model 3's over the air updates.

  52. As a Model 3 owner who bought the car almost a year after this review, a couple of impressions about the review stood out watching it 16 months after it was done: the complaints he had about having to dig through the menus is a less serious problem than he made it out to be, though it is still a minor problem. (Tesla updates the OS, so the comments he made might have been appropriate at the time, but are now "solved problems." The appearance of the menus has already changed.) For example, he complains about using the thumb wheels on the sterring wheel to adjust the mirrors, steering wheel, and seat position. In practice that's not a problem because the car remembers each driver's preferred settings and all you have to do when you get in is select your settings in the top menu all the adjustments happen automatically. When my wife and I switch who gets the Tesla every week, it is no annoying to reset everything! The wiper adjustment is a pretty rare problem too, because the 'auto mode' works pretty well.

  53. Edmunds use your influence. Charging while driving is the answer. I don't know why people keep avoiding this obvious conclusion?

  54. Wonder if this reviewer actually research anything about this vehicle.vBesides not knowing where the owners manual that aswell as the power meter display and or all model 3 come standard with the glass roof. Reviewer seems well spoken but also seems extremely dumbfounded not knowing anything about the vehicle that he purchased.

  55. I guess you have since discovered that you can adjust the speed with TACC and AP with the right roller wheel … either one mile notches or 5 mile increments depending how fast you spin it. Cheers, Carlo from France

  56. This guy seems to have not liked the car before he even got it. He doesn't seem to know much and shouldn't be doing a car review. Especially for Edmonds.

  57. Can someone explain to me what exactly is the difference of looking to the side, or looking down the steering wheel to look at the speed? Either way your distracted. But, how can one not be distracted with a desktop screen sitting in the middle of the dash? This is poor design to make nearly all car controls within the screen, IMO.

  58. There’s a lot of inaccuracies in this video. One of which being when you adjust your seat, a little window comes up on the top of the touchscreen that allows you to adjust mirrors and steering wheel

  59. Would have been nice to have dials / speedometer / Odometer/ etc – why do I have to feel like if 8 am driving a damn bookshelf. – everything else looks so good about their car. Damn!

  60. With regards to changing car settings while on the highway, you can make extra driver profiles and just tap to make all the changes at once (mirrors, seat, steering wheel, acceleration profile, etc.)

  61. So you don’t like having all the controls on the screen. Is this one person’s evaluation or the whole Edmund’s team consensus? I have watched numerous model 3 videos and have yet to see any complaints about the screen from Tesla Model 3 owners. I’m curious if a valid survey has been conducted on this topic by any independent group.

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