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Hi guys, i’m Matteo Valenza and Today we are going to compare tesla model 3 standard range + VS Hyundai Ioniq I am going to drive The Model 3 and you Giulio are going to drive the Hyundai Guys, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT AND GIVE A LIKE now let’s try the comfort of those cars First of all, Metu driving profile i have my personal driving profile in every Tesla i Drove Also Ioniq have Driving profiles How do i switch it on? it’s two weeks that i drive only Hyundai Ioniq It was already On It’s strange to drive a Tesla after Two weeks of Ioniq i set the steering wheel in coimfort mode but i feel that the ioniq’s one is more Comfortable The rear visibility it’s a lot better than the model 3 maybe becouse it has a glas more than the model 3 I choose this road becouse is a “pain” it has a lot of holes, manholes, etc… The model 3 suspension are a lot harder probably it’s also becouse the model 3 have 18″ inch wheels and the ioniq have the 16″ inch Standard range + is a lot better in performance than the ioniq The ioniq’s seats are more comfortable than this, these are in lether and the ioniq’s are in fabric, both have heated seats model 3 is better in performance it looks like there is a “Lag” between when i press the pedal and when it start accelerating it’s strange that here it isn’t the spedometer here you can’t move the headrest but on ioniq you can also remove it the steering wheel is too Soft, maybe it’s a setting as driveability the ioniq it’s a lot better, you don’t feel too manholes , the steering wheel is softer and the noise is less on the Ioniq this car is super comfortable but the model 3 in performance is too good, you also feel the back sliding sometimes talking about comfortable it’s better a trip with ioniq But tesla have a larger range. This car have an awesome steering angle hyundai should emprove the one pedal drive, on ioniq i need to press the brake to stop but with the model 3 no so Giulio, what do you say about the driving comfort? it’s very comfortable and soft, you don’t feel the manholes, holes it have very soft suspensions well, it’s not a sport car so it’s good, talking about the Model 3 SR+, born more like a sport car, it’s more “rigid” the steering wheel is harder also in comfort mode, you feel the holes but the driving experience isn’t bed i give a point to the ioniq the ioniq is more comfortable but the seats are harder and smaller i noticed the reverse, maybe it’s becouse i am smaller now let’s try a little “drag race” i have sport mode enabled i’m ready, but how do we start? 3 2 1 GO! ok, model 3 is faster so Giulio, i keep saying your name and i know that you hate when people say that only when his mum need to scolding him ususlly in Trentino we call people with OI Hey OUH Ouh in the “Drag race” you beated me with no problems The Standard Range + should have around 300 HorsePower the ioniq have 136 HorsePower the ioniq has a much more progressive acceleration i noticed while driving that it looks like it have a “Lag” between the pressing of the pedal and the acceleration it looks like when you drive an ICE becouse the engine need to ramp up the rpm it pass like 0.5 seconds of Lag, maybe it’s becouse the drive is more comfortable maybe it’s also becouse it stress less the battries and the range is better here there are the questions you gave me on Telegram (Join our group) i usually ask for questions on telegram, like 30 minutes ago i asked for questions and now i have these let’s se the infotainment System it was hard to switch on becouse it have the start/stop button if you haven’t seen the first impression video Yet press the (i) in the top right corner also i had the same problem, it have the button, also don’t have the lever selector for the gear, it’s different talking about infotainment let’s see it You need to do it, not me radio should be the radio, nav should be the navigator, it’s also touch it’s touch the heater a/c in an another part is handly on the tesla you need to press the widget and then there is the ac it look premium that it’s all touch to see the map…. press map button already ended? what does it have? there isn’t spotify, tune in , podcast no, you use the smartphone, here it is android auto and apple car play i never used it and imdon’t have the cable with me only with cable but it use the smartphone network they will never add a streamer you know why? they should add a button for that no, do you see this little star? you can set the app you want for example, i set this widget this is the default one you can edit it, they are all widget Nice! you can set it how you want it would be nice to have it alos on tesla the same thing it’s better have the volume like this also the steering wheel have a lot of things tell a command find multisala OZ Brescia 25 results, wich one? first i am starting the navigator let’s see how fast is the rendering satisfactory exit the roundabout it saisd to exit, tesla dosen’t say this does it tell you with how much battery you will arrive? it tells you at what time you are going to arrive how away the place is, how much time the trip will take and it tells you also the traffic But but it’s not going to tell you the % of the battery watch here 10,2 km to arrive and you have 233 km of range only here here we are in the tesla and the driving position is lower let’s see the navigator mine is in english i don’t need subtitles 🙂 there are no assistant, it takes the first result the best thing is that you can send the info of the navigation program form the phone but with tesla you share the position and the car navigate to it with bluelink you ned to open the app, find the place and then send to the car it’s different we enter in the roundabout tesla tell you everything, also the state of charge at arrive and also where you need to stop ioniq’s navigator always tell you wich are the closest charging stations always charging place at 3km you click and it start the navigation +0.5 to hyundai ioniq and +1 to Tesla model 3 SR+ do you agree? drag race won the model 3 infotainment There’s Spotify Tune in there is the karaoke oh, wait netflix no points (XD) there isn’t apple car play or android car but you don’t need it. well, let’s talk about ADAS both have very good ADAS ioniq have the keep lane assist and it keep the distance from the car in front Tesla’s autopilot it’s very advanced but sometimes it goes crazy sometimes slam on the brakes very hard wich is te famous Phantom braking sometimes can also be dangerous the most advanced is that of tesla the autopilot is descripted a lot better the ioniq one isn’t that bad let’s talk about trunk space è una domanda che mi fate tanto su telegram So model 3 trunk is biger it is much deeper you see that it’s a lot deeper it doesn’t seem much deeper but it’s lower there is more space in “high” but the entrance mouth of ioniq is a lot bigger try to put a bike in here it can fit but it’s hard tesla also have an another space under there but you use it rarely Thx it has also this curtain so people can’t see in the trunk also tesla has it (XD) but it’s fixed if it was movable it would be better i woulden’t put a Dog in tesla’s trunk but in here i would, it fit, ithere it is more air etc.. the courtain can be removed under here there is the space to store the cables but it’s very close same as tesla, you can’t open it if there is something in the trunk both cars have a big trunk You also asked me time to charge and range i will do a separate video for ioniq’s range next week i can say you that the car charge at 100kw/h in DC we will see for how long can it charge at 100kw in DC it have an onboard charger wich is a 7,4kw/h in AC it’s good for home Tesla model 3 win easy here becouse it also have a bigger battery, on ioniq there is a 38kw battery and on model 3 there is a 52kw battery Guys, For today it’s all i hope you liked this video, if you have questions write it below, we will see in the next video LIVE EVERY SUNDAY AT 9 P.M. (GMT+1)

44 thoughts on “TESLA Model 3 SR+ VS Hyundai IONIQ Electric la MIGLIORE auto elettrica ?

  1. Bel video 🙂 comunque quando si è in una rotonda anche google maps lo dice di uscire (non so se è perchè sono beta tester ma al mio telefono lo dice)

  2. ciaooo Matteeeee bel video….ma come mai i sottotitoli in Inglese!??!?!! 🙂 hai scelto la strada perche' e' pieno di buche e tombini!?!?!?!ahhahhaha ti puoi fare tutta l'Italia che e' pieno di buche!! 😉

  3. interessante, resta comunque una vettura realizzata per più motorizzazioni, con tutti i compromessi necessari. Sinceramente non mi entusiasma un abitacolo che mi ricorda troppo la vettura termica. Certo, da anni guido con cambi automatici e vari adas, probabilmente per chi viene da una vettura con cambio manuale, l'effetto sarà diverso. Bel confronto, attendo con ansia il prossimo resoconto e spero presto un confronto con Kona o la consorella prodotta venduta come Kia che hanno autonomie dichiarate più appetibili. Peccato che in Europa non commercializzino la Chevrolet Bolt, sarebbe un confronto molto interessante.

  4. secondo voi cosa significa 4 o 5 porte?!!ovviamente la M3 e' una quattro porte (perche' l'apertura del baule non e' totale nel senso non da' l'accesso diretto all'interno ma parzialmente)mentre ovviamente la Ioniq e' una 5 porte(presumo)siccome ha l'accesso diretto e la totale apertura del baule…spero di essere stato chiaro…la pecca della M3 se vogliamo trovare una piccola pecca e' proprio perche' e' una 4 porte…la MY invece sara' una 5 porte perche' il baule sara' con l'apertura totale con accesso diretto all'abitacolo 😉

  5. Ciao Matteo sono un pò in ritardo l'aria test mi è piaciuto molto. Quale auto preferisci tra la tesla e la Hyundai?

  6. sbaglio oppure il poggiatesta non serve a poggiare la testa, piuttosto serve a proteggere la testa dal colpo di frusta?

  7. mi dispiace matteo, perche sei un teslaro serio(cosa rara), ma la yonix mi piace parecchio, anche perche me ne frega nulla del 0 a 100, tanto per la strada pericoloso e inutile(con abedue tamponi le auto davanti hihihhihihi), e del mega schermo davanti ancora eno

  8. All’ epoca del Coronavirus 🦠🦠, meglio nafta agricola a 0,90 al kilo , delle emissioni non frega più niente a nessuno , adesso L’ aria è tersa , e tu continua con ste pagliaccio delle batterie e le auto a luce …🤣🤣🤣

  9. Il prezzo è simile…costa di più la Tesla…
    Sarebbe utile sapere subito il prezzo delle 2 auto
    Comunque bel video

  10. Adesso si è capito che i blocchi e l’ odio verso i Diesel era ed è tutta una montatura speculativa …..

  11. C'è un messaggio subliminale per i proprietari della ioniq … Lo si può capire ripetendo consecutivamente 5 volte il nome . Provare per credere …

  12. Bel video matteo però forse avresti dovuto prendere piu dati alla mano e paragonatli, ma comunque gran bell video

  13. Io ringrazio Ionic plug-in che mi ha aperto la strada dell'elettrico ma obbiettivamente io sono strafelice di averla venduta e ora su Tesla quando vedo una Ionic credo che i prezzi non valgono ciò che paghi è secondo me una auto per così dire popolare dovrebbe costare la metà, anche la Kona, quindi mettere a paragone queste auto di categorie così differenti non ha un gran senso considerando il prezzo molto simile. Scusa la schiettezza, ma è esperienza personale. Buono il tuo lavoro e impegno che ci metti bravo .

  14. Grandi Matteo e Giulio
    Ioniq è un ottimo prodotto che ha delle frecce al suo arco. L'infotainment ed il navigatore sono molto buoni in relazione al segmento.
    Per la guida ad un pedale come Nissan e Tesla (che non ho provato ma solo sentito il parere tuo e di Andrea di ElektronVolt), attualmente non ce n'è per nessun altro.
    Visto che dedicherai un video specifico per la ricarica ti chiedo:
    1) la capacità effettiva della batteria della Ioniq (se cioè il dato dichiarato coincide con la capacità disponibile per l'uso).
    2) il tipo di raffreddamento della batteria.
    Come al solito le tue prove sono ottime.
    Un saluto

  15. Si vede che Hyundai è un costruttore più maturo per come tutto il veicolo è stato impostato, senza nulla togliere alle peculiarità uniche di Tesla

  16. Ciao Matteo, continua così! Le due vetture hanno in comune il concetto di trazione elettrica, ma per il resto sono estremamente diverse…

  17. In ogni confronto, e specialmente con questo, oltre alle oggettive differenze evidenziate, si riscontra la grande differenza di concetto che c'è dietro tesla rispetto a tutte le altre che sono, chi più chi meno, vetture TRADIZIONALI con propulsione elettrica. Tesla rimane ancora LA vettura elettrica per un uso totale.

  18. 2:58: scusa o mi sono perso qualcosa o sono completamente rinco…….
    come mai ti urta l'assenza del contachilometri davanti? dovresti essere abituato

  19. Per usufruire di uno sconto su un acquisto di una Tesla utilizza il codice sconto qui sotto :

    https://ts.la/matteo27396 , Se hai domande scrivi nei commenti oppure contattami su http://bit.ly/MatteoValenza_instagram e sul gruppo telegram http://bit.ly/MatteoValenzaTelegram

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