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What you are looking at is the key to the
future. This is what it can do to a 550 bhp Aston Martin in a straight line. We’ll come
back to the drag race in a moment, but for the time being consider this. The Tesla model
S has been on sale in the United States for about
one year now. And in the first three months of 2013, it outsold the Audi A8, the BMW 7
series, and the Mercedes S class. When it goes on sale in right hand drive in
the UK next year, it will cost around £80,000 for the top spec version you see here. Which
means that it will be cheaper than most of its conventional rivals. So what’s it like? I have to say that having spent just a day
with this car, the magazine has spent the thick end of a week with it, we’re just blown
away by it. It is extraordinary in its range of abilities. In this guise, the Model S is powered by an
85 kilowatt lithium ion battery pack. Which, via a three phase AC electric motor, produces
the equivalent of about 410 bhp and 443 pounds of torque. You put your foot down in this thing and you
go. And the reason why that is, is because that torque is available from nought revs.
And that is what gives this thing its unreal acceleration. Apart from the power and the
power delivery which is just nuts, I think what’s most impressive of all about the Model
S is that it does all the conventional stuff really well. You don’t need to make any excuses
up for it. I mean, I know it weighs a couple of tons, but all the weight of the batteries
is right down low in the car just where you want it. And it’s nicely balanced. It goes
around corners properly. Really, really properly. And it stops well. The Model S really has lovely suspension.
It’s kind of traditional in its suspension design in that there are double wishbones
at the front and multi link at the back. There’s nothing radical there. There’s nothing particularly
radical about the steering. It has a variable ratio rack but it still feels good, the steering.
There is some life that comes back at you through the rim. It doesn’t feel alien. The cabin is beautifully made as well. I really,
really like the interior of this car. And I think this big iPad -like screen, once you’ve
been mucking around with that for a couple of days, you’re not going to want anything
else. That is going to appear in many, many other road cars. You’ve got the nav up here.
You’re connected up to the internet at all times. You can find out exactly how much range
is left. One small complaint I do have concerns the seats. Considering how much performance
this car has got, the seats do not offer enough support. You kind of have to cling onto the
steering wheel like mad in order not to get chucked around the place. Okay, we’re going to find out just how fast
the Tesla Model S is compared with the Aston Martin Rapide S. I’m just going to wait for
him to put his foot down. He’s in second gear doing about 30 miles an hour. He’s gone, now
I go, and now I disappear. Oh, man. That’s it. Look. Bye, bye Aston Martin. That is just
incredible. It’s in, I cannot describe what that feels like. It just feels as if there’s
some higher force that just picks you up and thrusts you at the horizon. The Model S might have been in the same league
as the Rapide when it comes to interior luxury, or style, or pure quality. But it isn’t meant
to compete with a car like the Aston to be honest, on any level. We just wanted to show
you how fast it is in a straight line. Tesla claims nought to 60 in 4.2 seconds. Our road
testers figured it at 4.6 seconds. Either way, it is seriously rapid, up to three figures
and beyond. And in terms of its range and charge times, Tesla claims the Model S will
do 300 miles on one charge. After a weeks testing, we reckon it will do at least 260
miles in the real world. Which isn’t a lot less than the Aston can manage on a tank of
fuel. A full charge from the regular mains takes
about six hours. But from one of Tesla’s new super charge points, half a charge will take
about half an hour. Oh, yes and one full charge costs around £4.50 at standard off-peak rates.
Whereas in the V12 Aston, a full tank of unleaded costs about £120 a pop. The Tesla Model S is a landmark car. Absolutely
no mistake. This is incredible this car. This is the future, except it’s right now in the
present. And it makes the Aston seem really, really old fashioned. Wow.

52 thoughts on “Tesla Model S takes on the Aston Martin Rapide S in the ultimate luxury saloon battle

  1. The US will subsidize oil companies and even pesticide farmers, but not organic farmers or Tesla, which improves the air. Tesla should move its operations to another country that might subsidize it and, in return, provide jobs. Tesla makes all of these archaic gas engines (bellowing sounds and belching pollution, shifting gears, jerking to and fro, needing oil and transmission fluids, leaking, belts replaced, engine mounts) look like relics. A high-end sedan w/ hatchback room and searing for 5+? Brilliant

  2. I'm gonna make this comment before i watch the clip.. I would take Aston any day of the year over Tesla. I don't care about the review, stats and conclusion. Aston is simply Aston…

  3. Really that large touchscreen in middle is awesome!!!,seriously looks so futuristic,they should charge anyone who copy that on other cars,because this looks amazing,and others was stupid to add that i guess.

  4. Electric cars are the future of the auto industry. I've driven a tesla and it drives like a dream. Looking forward to getting one

  5. Crazy how it's already been 4 years since the release of the Model S. The video says 4.2 seconds from 0-60. Oh, how time flies.

  6. Please take a moment to sign this UK Parliament petition to ban the sale of Petrol/Diesel cars in the UK from 2025. This is already law in Holland and there is no reason why we cant do it here also:

  7. I love the idea of tesla, they seem to run really well… but they're so fucking ugly. Seriously, they look like a 2003 ford mondeo. Can't really compare in design to an Aston.

  8. The next thing Tesla needs to do is basically reduce the weight of the car, though not sure how they'd do that. 2.5 tonnes is a very heavy vehicle – if they can somehow shed 500kgs, the range on that thing would go up considerably.

    I do wonder if that's mostly the battery pack that is doing that?

  9. more promotions to suck in more investors, musk, hasn't completed even one Manufacturing Plant? who buys land, builds shells, and doesn't complete even one of the startups???
    Musk is planning his trip to mars, only it won't be on a TESLA??? he is most likely, using the tesla investment money, to finance, his trip to mars?????

  10. a Mazda Miata backyard, Electrical Conversion Burned the Tesla, like it was going backwards! ! ! ! ! !

  11. Tesla May Be the Future,however, I don't think Musk will be heading it for very long? the Investors, and Customers, are getting very impatient, WHERE HAS MY MONEY GONE?????

  12. now the two companies only have to work together to create a car that is as good as the tesla with the beauty and style of the aston martin.

  13. EV's are progress. However Tesla need to be able to produce them. Delays, new models, delays, Trucks, buses. NO, NO…. Just make the cars people order, on time and with better quality.

  14. great comparison, while Aston Martin is the brand of a 'standing'
    and can never be touched in that way, it s also a great performance car.
    'at a glance' the look is comparable, but not the sound, it s pure engine bliss.

    but the range and cost of riding are things to consider on long term,
    and the price tag too, for most of us.
    and there is that angle of guilt-ecology-responsibility…
    while ecstatic, the sound of engine is not worth it s consequences…

    the most interesting driving experience feature must
    no doubt be the weight balance with the floor battery in cornering.
    how it feels to do so in a total silent car is something one has to try
    to feel if it s exciting or if it s a downer.

  15. so you skipped out on the fact that they said all superchargers are free forever
    it will cost u $0 to get a full charge

  16. Shows you how old this video is. It takes 4 seconds for the tesla to get to 60 at the time this video was made. Now the tesla goes up to 60 in 2.5 seconds and is now the worlds fastest car!

  17. I think more and more people will get steered away from crocodile leather upholstered mug holder of that of luxury cars and be driven towards super comfortable exciting and safe cars like Tesla

  18. The Aston starts to catch the Tesla just as they decide the test is over 😂 yet another motoring vid that sets out to prove a point regardless of the truth. I wonder, will that battery powered vibrator do 203mph? Ok the Tesla is quick off the line, we know that about these machines, its a characteristic of electric motors not of Tesla's. I know which i'd rather start up on a cold morning… 🏁🇬🇧🥂

  19. The Aston was only introduced to demonstrate the Tesla's performance potential. The reviewer did explain this very clearly. You lot who are dissing the Tesla are just being silly.

  20. The Model S is a truly amazing car that is revolting the car industry of the planet making any ICE look from another era

  21. When do they mention that the Tesla doesn't need us meddling in the ME for oil and all the good things that have come from that

  22. I need a 100 meter long extension lead to charge it ,though . Some owners will be sued by people tripping over their extension lead across the pavement , too .

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