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– Recently I had an issue
with the windshield wiper on my Tesla where the
motor actually went out and the arm broke, and
this is the only issue I’ve had with my Tesla in the past year. This time what I had
to do is actually have a Tesla Ranger, this is a service person that comes out to your
house and fixes your car right there in your garage
or in your driveway. This all cost me zero
dollars because I’m under the four year warranty
where basically everything for the Tesla is covered. And being the data geek that I am it got me to thinking what
is the cost of maintaining this car, my Tesla Model S, compared to a similar gas powered car. Now first I should just
clarify that when I do my comparison it has to be
to a similar gas powered car, I’ve seen a lot of comments there well my Honda this, or my KIA that, yes of course, those are
cheap economical cars, they do not compare to these
luxury high end sedans. So for this analysis I’m going to use a Mercedes Benz S-Class, an Audi A7, and a BMW 7 Series, and I’m gonna look at the cost of ownership,
the actually maintenance cost of those cars compared to
what I pay for my Tesla. So first I should mention
that Tesla has had some reliability issues,
in fact just recently Reuters reported that they’re spending about 1,000 dollars per
vehicle on warranty repairs compared to Ford and GM which are spending about 400 to 700 dollars per vehicle. So Tesla’s actually having
to repair these a lot more and spending a lot more money. All I care about though
is how much it actually is gonna cost me and kind
of what the experience is gonna be like. So let’s take a look at the data now and see what it actually tells us. First off Tesla offers
a prepaid service plan which spans three, four, and eight years depending on which one you choose. This will reduce your overall cost, but we’ll compare those
alongside not having any prepaid plan as well, so I’ll have all three examples here. So looking at the total
maintenance cost here over five years you can see
that all three Tesla options are a lot cheaper than
all the other options, the Mercedes, the BMW, and the Audi even are just many times over more expensive than owning a Tesla in
terms of maintenance. So if you take a look at
the total maintenance cost over five years what you can see is that the most expensive is
the Mercedes Benz S-Class clocking in at around 18,000
dollars in maintenance, the BMW 7 Series clocking
in around 17,000 dollars just behind it, the Audi
is significantly cheaper, around 10,000 dollars, or 9,500, and then all of the Tesla options are just significantly
cheaper than all of those. In fact, the most expensive
one is 2,800 bucks. There isn’t really saving much in terms of the agony of dealing with
a car dealership here, but you are gonna be saving a ton of money over the cost over those five years. But what if we look at the
actual details year by year? So on the left here I have each car and then year by year I have
the actual cost of maintenance, and you can see that as time goes on, at least for the BMW and the Mercedes, the costs just tend to go up and up, where as the Audi and the
Tesla are all pretty flat. In fact Audi actually looks
like it decreases over time which is kind of nice. So I guess when you think about it there aren’t gonna be
any big surprises here with the Tesla or the
Audi for that matter. Now if we wanna compare
on a percentage basis and we wanna look at let’s
take the most expensive Tesla model, the Tesla service,
the non-prepaid one, remember it’s about 2,800 bucks, compare that to the Audi A7,
the BMW, and the Mercedes, you can see that with the Audi you’re actually still
saving about 241 percent, close to 7,000 dollars
over the cheapest car, the similar gas powered car. Compare that to the BMW and
you’re at 500 percent savings and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class you’re near 550 percent savings, almost 15,000 dollars or North of 15,000
dollars that you’re saving in maintenance costs alone. That’s a big deal and that really adds up, and this is only a five year comparison. Now I know a lot of you
are out there thinking well what about the
replacement of the battery, I’ve even had people comment saying, you know you have to replace
the battery every year which I’m yet to find data on. But the way it works is there
is a eight year warranty on your Tesla battery, and
it’s an infinite mile warranty up to eight years, so any
problems you have before that they’re gonna replace it for you. But after that the cost
that we’re looking at is about 12,000 dollars to replace it, that’s based on current standards, exactly how they’re producing them now. So if we were to forecast
out let’s say eight years from when you bought your Tesla so that we’re eight years from now, the price of producing the batteries is gonna continue to drop. So if we were to take
the 12,000 dollars now and reduce it down to say 8,000 dollars, and then add that in to the
cost here of our maintenance and let’s just assume that we absorbed all of those 8,000 dollars
within the first five years, again it’s a little wonky but I’m trying to appease anybody that has concerns about replacing the batteries here. If you wanted to do that
you would be a little bit over on the Audi, you’d be
saving a little bit on money, the 1.3 thousand or 12
percent over the Audi A7, but then you’re still
saving close to 60 percent on the BMW and nearly 70 percent over the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. So you’re still saving
six to 7,000 dollars compared to these other cars, that’s with the assumption
that you would be replacing the battery on
your own within five years, which really isn’t gonna happen. Now I’ll put a caveat out there that of course owning a Tesla
is not a way to save money, that’s not a good plan, but
if you are in the market for one of these high end luxury sedans and you look at this, you’re gonna see that you’re gonna have
a much better experience and save a decent amount of money there. In addition to saving money on amenities you’re also no longer gonna have to worry about spending time
getting gas at the pump, no more oil changes, no more
filters every couple of months, all of that coupled with the fact that the car seats five people comfortably and has more storage space
than any of these other sedans, in fact it has more than
my wife’s midsize SUV, and it has the highest safety
rating of any car ever tested. I think what you’ll find
is that when you compare the Tesla to any of these other
luxury sedans in this class it comes out ahead in almost every category that you look at. All right, so there it is, the cost or the savings that you’re gonna have of a Tesla compared to a
similar gas powered vehicle. I hope you like this video, if
you have any other thoughts, comments, things I missed, please put them in the comments below, subscribe, and I’ll see you back here next time.

100 thoughts on “Tesla vs Competitors: Cost of Maintenance Including Battery Replacement

  1. Thanks for all the feedback on additional comparisons you'd like to see! For a quick summary, I looked up the TCO from Edmunds on the BMW 5 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and Audi A6 and they all run between 7-10K for maintenance and repairs for the first 5 years. That comes out to be more than 2.5x the cost of a Tesla. Keep the feedback coming and let me know what you want to see in future videos!


    // sources


  2. You should have included a Lexus LS 460. Far fewer repairs. Love to see your analysis vs. owning a Toyota Prius. I own 5 Prius' currently, all newer than 2013, each driving 1,500 to 2,000 miles a month.

  3. How aboot the fact that tesla ranks well below in crash test? Or they are constantly in the service garage for sensors not working, front end and rear end alignment always out of whack and that they won't release there reliability rating.

  4. So basically Audi > Everyone else bcs Audi is still gas powered and u don't have to wait 3 hours to charge the vehicle (given the fact that all superchargers are fking full 24/7 with ppl in line constantly)

  5. "You no longer have to wait to get gas at the pump…" – Really?? You can fill up a petrol or diesel car in less than 5 minutes. How long does it take to fully charge a Tesla, and how many miles do you get from it?
    And while we're at it, how free do you feel about doing miles without worrying about finding a gas pump, sorry, a way to charge a Tesla?
    That freedom is great on a road trip, right? 😉

    And "changing filters every couple of months"?
    What are you talking about?
    Unless you live in a really polluted place, that makes no sense at all!!!

    And you're comparing the costs of maintenance by the dealer price, which is fair.
    But you don't need to take a Mercedes, BMW or Audi to de dealership, at least not after the warranty has expired.

    On the other hand, I don't know how many technicians or independent garages will be able to change that battery in the Tesla, and how much it would cost.
    You are "playing" with the value of the Tesla batteries to help it look better in your biased comparison, not based on any factual data!
    Should you do the same for the other 3 German cars and you would find that aftermarket parts always get a lot more available and cheaper as time goes by, if you decide that you don't want to pay that premium for the dealership service.

    Last but not least, Tesla isn't a premium car like the ones you've compared it to!
    Tesla is probably leading the electric car movement, and it is surely fast (until it runs out of battery, as your average speed will drop significantly while you're taking a lot more than 5 minutes to fill the battery again), but it's no match (in any way) for a Mercedes S Class or a 7 Series BMW.

    You actually don't understand that the Aud A7 is not the shoulder to shoulder competitor of those MB and BMW. The A8 is!!!
    Try to get some knowledge about cars and find out what's the chassis platform and segment for each one of these cars.

    The Tesla S surely isn't in the same league as the BMW and MB, and while it could be on the same league as the A7, it needs a lot more time and experience to even try to match the Audi build quality.

    Tesla has been making great improvements, but it wasn't that long ago (2013?) when the Tesla S would have interior door panels that would shake and come loose easily.

    Try to find anything similar on one of these 3 German manufacturers (or a Toyota Corolla) on a 2 year old car, if you will…

    The fact is that despite Tesla being a good company and they're always trying to improve at a fast pace, they're also a very young car manufacturer, and they still need to do many mistakes that the older brands have learned over decades.

    They are ALL still learning, and we (as customers) are the beta testers most of the time, but some are more experienced than others.

    Please bear in mind that I believe that Tesla is leading a very important change in car concept, and it created an EV that a lot of people want to have. This is really great in my book!!

    But your video is just one of many biased "comparisons" to make the Tesla look good, which is not that cool!!!

    Oh, and by the way, do you really believe that the A7 (or any other car for that matter) will have lower maintenance costs as time goes by…?
    Come on, please get you record straight! 😉

  6. Skewed comparison. Compare it to more of an Acura or Infiniti sedan. The tesla doesn't compare to the Mercedes and Audi you have listed.

  7. Stop butchering the name – it is TeSla – not tezla – sssss – watch one of Elon Musk's of videos – see what is the correct pronounciation.

  8. When I asked in Tesla about loosing capacity of batery they said it's 2% for 5 years. If it's true THAT'S SHOCKINGLY BRYLIANT! On e-Golf you will get 8-y guaranty IF capacity of batery will be not lower than 70%. WTF? 🙂 That's not a guaranty, that's a joke.
    So I think all this panic with batery changing is overreacting. Will see.

  9. I believe that if you are going to factor in battery replacement cost, you should also include an appropriate amount for electricity… THEN add an equivalent amount for fuel to the gas powered cars. If you include replacement battery cost in the maintenance category, and don't include fuel for gas powered cars, you do not get a valid comparison. Excellent video thanks.

  10. Did you calculate the true cost of gas, $10 a gallon, when you add the US taxpayers cost of the US Navy of escorting oil out of the middle east, which most goes to Korea, Japan and Chine. We only get about %10 of our oil form the ME

  11. Take a razor and cut the corners at a 45 degree angle. You are going to have to redo the wall but the white cracks will be gone.

  12. This may not be an issue for some, but an automobile that may require a $12,000 battery replacement in 8 or 10 years basically has no resale value. It may have trade-in value at a Tesla dealership, but non-Tesla dealerships and the general public will have no interest in it. Perhaps that should be factored into the TCO as well.

  13. It has the highest safety rating of any car tested. By the NHTSA. NOT the Euro NCAP, which tested it and found it NOT to be the safest car. The Euro NCAP is FAR more detailed and stringent than the NHTSA. It's just a far superior rating all around and far more prestigious and even accounts for pedestrian safety if they're hit.

  14. I mean sorry to say Tesla can't compare to those cars in luxury comfort or quality. Also, BMW 7 series is equal to A8 so not too even

  15. $12,000 for just the battery sounds like it's the production cost, not what the customer will pay for a replacement. The other cars also have hugely inflated service costs due to buying parts from the manufacturer (which you don't have to, you can buy cheap off-brand replacements).
    Right now for the Model 3 the battery upgrade is $9,000 for an extra 25 kWh, so that's $36,000 per 100 kWh for a Model S 100. Of course this is an option cost so the final cost of a full 100 kWh battery will likely be significantly less for the consumer, but not $12,000.
    Point being, if you used production cost of replacement parts for the other cars too, they'd be 6-7 times cheaper to maintain.

  16. @Teslanomics. Wrong. "Tesla comes out ahead in every category you look at…". Tesla is far behind them in many categories including amount of gasoline consumed, amount of pollution generated, contribution to respiratory disease and other illness, contribution to healthcare costs and insurance. There are so many other categories that Tesla lags behind. Ergo, the Tesla is an inferior car. 🙂

  17. This it total bull… If you can afford the cost of all these cars are you seriously gong to care about the cost of maintenance!?!?!

  18. Why not use a lexus? You chose all expensive european brands. Everyone knows those are going to be a bitch and cost a lot to repair.

  19. It's funny because all the cars you compared the Tesla to are not comparable but are actually at least one Class higher than any tesla on the market right now. Honestly should have picked BMW 5 Series Mercedes E Class and Audi A6 or Yeah why not A7 i guess. But this is stupid man i mean if u Wanne compare it to the 7 Series and s Class then why not make a real comparison?? Like Interieur general design and extras? And also comfort ofc like everything except the acceleration (obviously) is alot better on all the other cars

  20. I think it's time for an economy class Tesla, then I'll start paying attention. Until then it's classified as a rich kids toy to me.

  21. This guy doesn't know anything . Just given out percentages to look cool but those numbers do not make sense

  22. The more Teslas on the road the cheaper they'll get, and they'll get better, the Tesla is a nice car inside and out, and its been voted one of the safest car in the world… awesome instant power, no noise and no emissions.. we can give our kids clean air to breathe, the Tesla models are nice cars, its early days, write to Elon Musk or Tesla and tell them what we want from it.. help develope it, i used to love the roar of V8's V6's, the luxury.. the badge etc.. but.. Come on guys, we got to get more of these on the road… they will get cheaper and better

  23. Electric cars have no carbon footprint because electric power plants get electricity from lightning and fairy dust

  24. would Model S match better to e-class, 5 series, and a6? ( if price is the comparison then the s-class is correct )

  25. Bitch please, don’t compare water to wine 🍷
    There are cars and there is Mercedes. If you can’t afford it, stay out of it 👎😝

  26. Moronically warped COO.What Planet do you live on er car parts go down in cost over time?? That battery $12,O00 now in 8 years will cost $20,000.
    You are right, no one will change the battery before 8 years at their cost!So there will be a ton of 8 year old Teslas requiring batteries = very very low residual vales. This will reverse itself up the valuation chain. You would have to add the amortisation to write the car down to $0 by year 8.
    Currently Tesla (at their expense) are incurring huge warranty repair costs. But that works for them as they have a vry high buy in price of $140,000.But here is the rub! Thats with no competition!Wait till you see Mercedes and Jaguar and BMW all with mainstream offerrings … Oops they cant put up the sale price … they will have to screw the base over service and parts!
    I could go on and on.
    Sure if you take a total package price per month you can live with … with absolutely no ownership commitment … it could work for you for say the next 4 years max
    Hmmm Delorean Mark II … Chapter Ii here we come.
    Reminds me of an old Boss I had … multi-millionaire!He always said there are Pioneers and there are Settlers.
    Pioneer do all the hard graft, fight off drought and famine and savages and a lot got killed. Very few made money.Then they were quickly followed by the Settlers, they followed the trails the Pioneers had bravely carved out. And bought all the land up cheap . …. they are the ones that made the real easy BIG money!

  27. "Tezla" is a great car. But heyyy… did you ever sit in BMW 7 series or the others you have mentioned… !?!?

  28. When do you guess some competitor (also who?) will manufacture an EV, Powerwall, mega battery (Australia project, for instance) which has comparable performance; energy density, reliability, deprivation, etc.? And separately, when might you guess a competitor could match Tesla regarding cost for a comparable battery for an EV, Powerwall, Mega battery, etc.?

  29. I wouldn't go as far as calling a Tesla a high end (in terms of price) luxury car, a premium car maybe.

  30. I don't know where you got your information about an A7 because Audi's are notorious maintenance Queens

  31. Im not a premium fan. I drive dacia sandero.
    But u put A7. A8 is d same class as merc n bmw.
    Onece main stream goes electric will see how tesla will goes.
    Every bird knows today electric is better.
    Tesla will be great car in about 10 years. Today its just half product!
    And there is plenty room for all since only 1% world sales is ev.
    I will wait fora dacia ev!

  32. Tesla works well if you live near civilization in America. If you live in the boonies or out of country, the infrastructure sucks.

  33. Dude. You can't compare a Tesla to a Mercedes-Benz S Class! The S Class is basically only for prime ministers and hella expensive. No normal person buys an S Class, okay? An electric car almost doesn't need any maintenance at all.

  34. So, buy a Tesla and start praying that the battery goes before 8 years or that the battery price drops precipitously before you need to buy one.

  35. U can compare a model s with e class, 5 series or audi a6. U can't compare it with s class, bmw 7 series or audi a7. The quality on them is much higher

  36. The Tesla is pretty overpriced let's be honest, the interior is very plain and you can't just claim it's the safest car ever because it isnt, not to mention door handle replacements before 100k miles which is really expenive, the screen which will get lagging and need replacing,and countless other Tesla related electrical problems

  37. Teslas use cheap materials made with 'modern' & 'minimalistic' looking interiors, honestly, it does not compare to the luxury of S-class, A7 or 7 series. Hell no. Even Toyota Avalon has more luxury and better materials than Model X. Compare Tesla with something like Camry if you are going the luxury route, or compare Teslas with barebone performance cars.

  38. Your review was well explained and I see that you have put some effort to it. But I have to disagree with some thing. Even though I believe that mercedez is a psuedo luxury car, but a tesla will not even come near with the interiour. Which in my opinion does not justify the tesla price.

    For a second part on safety. I think you went a little bit biased on this category. There are multiple test conducted and the tesla is not at the top spot of safety.

  39. tesla owners doesn’t mention that after the warranty what’s next if the car door handle breaks or the brakes assembly start failing how much would be the cost to repair this things,,,,well I guess most tesla owners are rich enough not to be concerned of this things….

  40. A comparison of Model 3 with Audi A4, BMW 3, Mercedes C-Class would be an interesting topic too for many viewers.

  41. Except BMW includes all scheduled maintenance for 3 years /36,000 miles on all vehicles and 4 year/ 50,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. No extra cost for that. What a load of BS lol

  42. BMW has free scheduled maintenance for 3 years not the costs you are stating and the ridiculous $11k benz year 5 you are obviously comparing something else against scheduled maintenance of the tesla. The most common repair for teslas is the $1000 door handle that is not covered or included in your analysis and they break often. Conveniently there is not Edmunds cost of ownership link for tesla in your description. I love tesla but it is in no way economical in anything but the most ideal cherry picked and biased assumption based guess work. This is the trap virtually all model 3 buyers initially fall into – I will save so much on gas – and then they do the math. However this brings up a good point, comparison of the $35k base model 3 might be of some merit but then it would have to compare against economical cars.

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