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Hey folks! Great you’re watching again! Behind me we have our unbreakable Hyundai Coupe It has been tortured in the forest Took it over the ramp After that we blew the engine And then we thought is was completely destroyed.. It wasn’t.. I’ve welded the oilpan and filled it with some special oil Check the video! Diesel, what do you think of my welding skills? Nice hey? Do you have a cream can? Thank you, I don’t need that Time to put our wonder potion in there! Oh yeah.. I forgot that I think I should take of the valve cover first and remove that dust Ow.. that’s nice, no sand entered the engine See Cams haven’t suffered a lot I see a little fretting Because of running dry Camshafts aren’t bad.. Let’s quick add some oil Easy with the valve cover removed, I don’t need a funnel It’s very important To select the right oil for your engine! Look what I have.. This is excellent! It’s on level Smells good Smells like french fries Like a new one! And we’re going to check how well it has been fixed! Oh noooo! The front bumper fell off! Damn.. In that case we can better just destroy it completely It did one stroke by itself The starter is good It sounds like an old tractor With one cylinder Maybe we should give it a tow.. Then it will run Runs like new! Uh oh.. look! No oil pressure! Sometimes we have.. Let’s see how far I can get! Ow.. ow .. oops I guess… It’s a sort of broken I did not see that coming! We have been so careful with it! I had recently changed the oil.. I think it’s really broken now.. I think I see a piston rod coming through It has been fried I’m not sure what happened, but in the oil pan is also a large hump Something wanted to exit trough there as well I think it is the lower part of the piston rod The bolts snapped and the lower part got beneath the crankshaft And the crankshaft tried to press it through the oil pan I think that happened Yes.. as you can see; Even a Hyundai will break in the end But I have to say this test was a success It doesn’t work with baking oil.. But it will break at least We should do an autopsy to see if it’s really broken.. That gives no guarantee I think we should bring it home and remove the head to take a look inside Last video I asked how much scrap metal we had; Thank you for all the comments! It were a lot! The correct weight was; 2580kg 2580kg it was I’m going to check the comments for the correct answers I’m going to send stickers to at least 3 persons Thanks for watching! Give a thumbs up See you next time! Bye! Don’t forget to subscribe; it’s free!

100 thoughts on “Test! Cooking oil as engine oil

  1. When you're ready to be cooking your engine for dinner…
    I eat engines for breakfast, and right now I'm very hungry!

  2. amına koduklarım sizde herşey bol yazık değilmi o araca o parçalara tabi elinizde bol anasını siktiniz dünyanın her yeri sömürdünüz o hale gelene kadar toplasanız yada yedek parça niyetine satın ama sizinde kuru ekmeğe muhtaç olacağınız günler yakındır.

  3. mane yall come to the united states cuz mothafuckas over here put n. o.s in their junks car motors and then crank it up and shoot the nitroes to it while it be running to rise the motor really really really high as it can go try it y'all probably get a kick out of it most likely

  4. Niet eens een radiator er voor dus geen koeling heb je hem op de kook dus ligt niet aan de frituurvet mijn auto rijdt er al jaren op en in Diesel zit ook frituurvet in en dat noemen ze. Bio Diesel misschien wist je het niet dan weet je het nu👍👍

  5. Just with some simple thinking before i even watch the video my take is that the engine will eventually run ok till the oil will start losing the minimal viscosity it has and start burpling from high temperature, the outcome would be failure of enough lubrication so that will "frie" (lol) piston rings etc xD lets see now!

  6. Gooit ie die bak eronder om de olie zogenaamd op te vangen 😂 goed bezig jomgens tis wel heel intrasant wat jullie allemaal doen stelletje boerenlullen😉😂🤣😂

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