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Hello, today we start with a riddle. Guess who this ass is. What this car looks like to you ? To Mercedes GLC Coupe? No, this is the new BMW X4. Quite different is his back than the previous generation. The vertical lights have become horizontal and thin. Just like the Mercedes-Benz coupe models. To some extent, Mercedes could copy BMW, entering the Coupe-SUV segment, but now BMW returns it, stealing this more elegant design in the back. We said X4 The even X’s in the BMW range we know that they have such coupe profiles. With X6, that’s where everything goes, X4 and the latest X2, which even a bit of hatchback resembles. The front is absolutely identical to that of the new X3. As you can see, it is quite a nice and successful design. There is also a slight change in the vehicle’s dimensions. It has grown approximately 8 cm longer. About 4 cm wider. The wheelbase is also about 5.5 cm longer. And the height is only slightly reduced by only 3 mm. What does this mean? More space in the rear seats. I’m 190 cm tall and though there is not enough space over my head, I have plenty of room for my feet. Because the rear passenger seat leg was increased by 27 mm This exactly is one of the first entry level BMW’s I’ve been driving. Almost basic version. It has a 2-liter gasoline engine with 184 hp. Basic but, however, its price is over 100 000 BGN (50 000 EUR) this car exactly is worth 111,000 leva (55,500 euros) And there’s hardly anything in it as extra extras above those included in standard equipment. They are, of course, absolutely sufficient, the gear box is 8-speed automatic. Although this BMW has the base 2 liter engine with 4 cylinders and 184 hp. For BMW we can say barely 184 hp. The dynamic is excellent Its elasticity is great. Particularly at low rpm and acceleration, without using the kick down, the car gets great. There is absolutely no difficulty. When you come to the kick down and try to drive very sporty, very BMW stile, then you may feel a slight drawback. But in no case does it lack the power of this engine and is not inappropriate or weak for this car. The car is great, perfectly balanced and delivers BMW’s typical driving pleasure. This is largely attributable to the wonderful operation of the 8-speed ZF. The X4 offers the patented BMW xDrive four-wheel drive system. It is intelligent, transfers as much torque as is necessary to each individual wheel for maximum grip. That’s why such off-road walks are absolutely no problem. It also has a higher ground clearance than a car. It’s not hard off-roader for sure, but for hobby walks out of the way is quite sufficient. On road behavior deserves only good words. It is very well in bends, very pleasant to ride. This optional M steering wheel for modest 400 leva (€ 200) Added to that and heating function for another 400 leva (200 euros) is very nice to drive. Very dense, very well in the hand, very direct. This vehicle has adaptive shock absorbers. Suspension is changed compared to the predecessor. For more comfortable and more sporty riding. Staying more stable on the curves, we were able to make sure here down to Dospat Dam, there was plenty of them. The car is very stable, quite pleasing for riding. Although it’s high. The Bavarians promise that this car, with this basic 2-liter gasoline engine will consumes 7.1 liters per 100 km in a combined cycle. We now see that this is not very true. The on-board computer currently shows an output of 11.3 liters per 100 km. Of course, in test conditions is this cost. We do not spare the throttle. Playing along the curves, we take a look at the stability of the car. However, the mismatch is quite tangible. No matter how calm you drive it, 7.1 l do not see how you can achieve it. Inside is much simpler and more basic equipment. This screen is generally 12 inches (error – 10.25). Here, however, it is much smaller. It is not touch screen, can not control it sensory. But this navigation costs almost 2800 leva. (1400 euros) And we have not even been able to tailor it for our routes, here in the vicinity of Dospat. It just could not work here. In general there is absolutely nothing to miss in this car, it is nicely equipped. A very decent car at a very, very indecent price.

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