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100 thoughts on “Test Riding the Harley Davidson LiveWire – Electric motorcycle prototype

  1. You should tell them to sell in Taiwan. I was visiting my friend there and he told me that the government is mandating all electric mopeds in a few years.

  2. Everytime i see those mirrors/turn signals, all I can think is how much that shit's gonna cost when one breaks off. I hope they have another option available because even the production model is sporting those.

  3. Never. If I wanted that much whining, I'd get remarried. Some of us still have testosterone and prefer a real living breathing engine to something that sounds like a giant insect. I need a big thunderin' V-twin to carry me up into the mountains with a sweet woman hanging tight, because I'm old school and there's no way I'm going solo electrosexual. (A quick neutering away from metrosexual). I won't be ordering my giant electric vibrator, so somebody can have mine. 🙂     Fine video review, but sad to see it going this way.

  4. Harley is just putting more nails in their own coffin with this bike. Asking too much for too little. Most of the younger crowd can't afford this when there are cheaper models with more range.

  5. the TESLA won't have a gas tank,.. nice try Harley but Elon will take you back to first principles… you don't need a gas tank look.

  6. People buy Harleys because of the sound. They will never make a scooter better than a Wide Glide! I love my old Harley because of the Rumble, the vibrations, the gears and the fact that I can run over animals and small kids without noticing. Nothing beats the roar of a big twin!!!! I've gone down to my Harley dealer three times in the past two years and haven't seen a new Harley worth a crap. The last one I bought was the 2015 Heritage Classic.

  7. NO EXHAUST MEANS NO NOISE !!!!!! You mean a harley could go by and I wouldn't know it ??? What a wonderful thing !!😄😄

  8. I like the old harleys. Why there such an iconic motorcycle is bc nobody can replicate the engine rumble. They can come close but not close enough. Electric bikes arent for me

  9. All these electric vehicles, yet they will not take you anywhere. Good old petrol/diesel for me – go anywhere, fill up en-route and never have to worry about not reaching your destination, or the fact that a charging point might be out of order or indeed not there, or if it is, and it is working, there is not one or two other vehicles waiting to charge.

  10. How you do the friction zone in a electric bike? for control the bike in tight slow turns? friction zone control is required for keep the bike in balance, how you do it with a electric bike?

  11. Looks and sounds like you’re about ready to ride up in space! Good luck! I love it!

  12. Why do they go on mentioning the "jet" sound. I don't think it sounds like a turbine at all. It just sounds like a really noisy electric motor.

  13. Harley might suffer most with e tech … No more Harley sound..lol. They don't sell because they are the most reliable…

  14. Ironic. Gotta love those idiots commenting how bad is Harley Davidson in a review of a Harley Davidson bike. Like going into a Pepsi ad video just to state that other soda is better. Come on guys, grow up already. If you don’t like Harleys then go be a jackass somewhere else. (And no, I don’t have a Harley, I have a Honda, just that the LiveWire caught my attention).

  15. what this has over most bikes that are electric is eventually you could get used to the sound like we know how fast you were going. The other bikes are silent which could be dangerous in the point of traffic tickets and your health.

  16. evan your spelling i can tell your a euro twat….thats why he didnt talk…gay frenchman or something eh pierre? stfu it doesnt matter

  17. 30k+ lol…
    If you want an electric bike there's the Zero brand. Theirs is faster, more range and it's 18k ….not 30k (Harley).
    I personally won't pay more than 10-12k for these. You can get 110-120 expressway miles on "eco mode" driving like a granny but expect HALF of that if you like to punch around in sport mode. Too expensive and too much range anxiety.

  18. Most Harley riders just ride 4 miles to Bike Night and then home again anyway. Charge should last a couple months.

  19. It would be funny trying to run away from the cops on this. The cops will just follow you until you run out of battery…. then at least you can start running after that. I would definitely purchase an electric bike

  20. For 30k and roughly 100 miles distance on a charge, pass on it. I’ll keep my FXR. I appreciate it for what it is, just not for me.

  21. The only thing not mentioned is the safety inherent in a bike with noise. I split lanes everyday and would not feel comfortable doing so on a bike that makes barely enough noise for the rider to hear. Say what you want about the Ecological factor, LOUD PIPES SAVE LIVES!

  22. H-D is selling out! Why not just go ahead and buy that Toyota Prius you've been eye ballin'? A Harley for the testosterone challenged!

  23. Yuck, might as well get a pogo stick or even better catch a bus. Yuck yuck junk dont like them at all (lecky bikes)

  24. The idea of owning an e-bike has really grown on me! I'm truly considering buying one. But honestly, not this one. You see the key thing for many riders (putting the mileage concerns aside) is the sheer power and thrust of an electrical bike. This Harley fails on all counts here. It has no power and a pitiful low torque figure. Also not to mention it has one of the loudest electric motors I've ever heard on an e-bike!?! So I guess they retained one good HD feature…. it's loud! 🙂

  25. This is perfect for the flaming tunnel of death stunt. No oxygen needed.
    Definitely first pick for the sphere of death stunt. I'm curious about jump survivability though.

  26. Harley Davidson has lost their mind. It looks like, sounds like and seems to ride like a kids toy, not a real motorcycle. Pathetic. I predict they will be as popular as the Chevy Volt.

  27. I'm sure Harleys sound engineering team made sure it had some sort of sound. So it justified that $30,000+ price tag.

  28. You wouldn't hear that futuristic sound at speed anyway! Nothing will ever ever beat the sound of the great combustion engine ever! Enjoy ur gas motorcycle as much as u can

  29. The guy riding it will probably buy one because he knows so little about Harleys. He doesn't even know that it was Mr Harley and Mr Davidsons

  30. Of course it isnt a chopper definitely not the harley riding position i cant modify my handle bars to apehangers

  31. The scream or whine of the motor would drive me up a wall and set off my ears ringing. I will have to hear on in person to judge if I could ever own one.

  32. Sorry, I like burning fossil fuels and riding V Twin Harley’s .
    Driving this Electric bike is no fun to me .
    I don’t think this is going to go over very well with a baby boomer generation.
    Now the millennials may like this Technology.
    I’ll give it one thing they seem pretty fast.

  33. Zero SR it is much better, the "futuristic" sound seems to be a friction between internal engine parts, which in the future can lead to internal engine wear.

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