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How Automobiles Work

Welcome to Texas Law TV. Today we are going to be talking about how
to know if you have enough automobile insurance coverage. My guest is Texas attorney Terry Bryant and
he is going to talk with us about this topic. So Terry thanks for being here today. Thank you. Terry are there certain requirements as to
how much insurance coverage a driver needs to carry in the state of Texas? There are, Texas only requires motorists to
carry a thirty, sixty bodily injury liability auto policy. That means that in the event you’re at fault
in an auto accident involving a car full of people, any one person can only recover a
maximum of $30000 and all persons involved can only recover a maximum of $60000 combined
under your insurance policy. Wow, that could go very fast with any type
of significant injury. Yes it could and it does. When you think about the EMS bills, the
emergency room bills, the doctor bills and specialists as well as lost wages, it adds
up very quickly. And then if there are multiple people in the
vehicle with injuries it does not take long for the minimum policy limits to be exhausted. So what do you recommend in terms of coverage? Your insurance policy is a group of various
parts that cover you in different ways. We recommend that you begin by increasing
your liability coverage to the maximum amount available, protecting yourself against a lawsuit
for damages in excess of your minimum auto insurance limits, assuming you’re found
to be at fault. This covers medical and funeral costs, lost
wages, and compensation for pain and suffering. Next we recommend you carry collision and
comprehensive coverages which cover the repair or replacing of your vehicle after a wreck,
fire or vandalism etc. minus the deductibles. Towing and labor coverage pays for the towing
charges if your vehicle becomes disabled and for labor charges when your vehicle leaves
you stranded such as a tire change or some other matter. Rental coverage provides a daily allowance
for a rental vehicle when your vehicle is stolen or is in the body shop or for repairs. Finally the following 2 coverages are considered
absolute must haves on any auto insurance policy. Those are uninsured, underinsured coverage
and personal injury protection benefits. You should have the maximum amount of those
coverages. Uninsured motorists coverage and underinsured
motorist coverage pays for expenses incurred after a wreck in case the other motorist involved
does not have insurance coverage or does not have enough insurance coverage to pay for
the damages caused. Personal injury protection coverage pays for
medical and funeral costs and up to 80% of lost wages. It’s not subject to be paid back to the
carrier like Med Pay coverage. Great information Terry, thank you for your
time today. Thank you. Until next time, this is Dei Lynam for Texas
Law TV.

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