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[deep synthetic rumble] [electrical pop]
[gentle vinyl static] [rising chime]>>BRIAN: Back again with the LockPickingLawyer. What are we learning today?
>>LPL: How are you guys doing? Well, what I’ve got here is
a motorcycle disc break lock. It’s something that you put around the disc break rotor of a motorcycle, lock into place,
stops the wheel from turning and prevents most forms of rollaway theft.>>JASON: So it’s like The Club but for your break disc.>>LPL: That’s exactly what it is and like The Club,
this has some problems.>>BRIAN: I mean, it’s got a lock on it so I have a feeling I know
where this is headed.>>JASON: I know how this ends.>>LPL: The lock is one thing, but it’s the body of this
that’s the main issue here. This is made out of cast zinc
or a zinc alloy of some kind. And while it’s great for casting, it’s not very strong. That allows us to do some things with this that we wouldn’t be able to do
with a hardened steel lock. So, what we’re going
to do is lock this on. [light metal clanging] And what I’m going to give you is this.>>BRIAN: Well first of all, what is this?>>LPL: This is a bolt extractor. It’s something that you would use to take out a stripped bolt. But what we’re going to do,
is put it right here. You’re going to screw that in and as it penetrates,
it’s going to spread this open and break this in half.
[Brian gasps sharply]>>BRIAN: The moment I saw this
I thought of a car jack and how you would cycle it around and
my guess is, just like it’s enough strength
to lift up a car, you’re going to be
able to pry this thing wide open.>>JASON: You’re just boring into the space between the zinc and spreading it open.
>>LPL: We have a double mechanical advantage. The first is with the screw and the second is with the wedge-shaped piece of material here.
>>BRIAN: Got it!>>LPL: So it compounds it but the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to put a
little bit of grease on it. It’s going to make things a lot easier. ♪ [upbeat tune] Okay, now that we got that on, put this in as close to the top and turn it backwards.>>BRIAN: When you said
“a little bit of grease,” you meant just a little bit. Oh okay, and you said this
is reverse-threaded?>>LPL: Reverse-threaded, so–>>JASON: Because it’s meant to pull
stripped bolts out.>>LPL: What you’re going to do is what you would normally do
while loosening something.>>BRIAN: Okay. Oh yeah.>>JASON: Can you just feel
the zinc giving? ♪ ♪
[table creaks with the rotational torque transferring as outward pressure on the table, stressing the leg joints] Oh you can see it starting to bulge.>>BRIAN: You can see that the… that the grease makes a huge difference.>>LPL: It does, I’ve done this without grease before, and you can do it but it takes a lot more force.>>JASON: This is going to be one of those episodes where people close their eyes and just listen to what we’re saying. [Brian laughs]
And it gets weird.>>LPL: Okay stop for just a moment, because we can already see
that crack forming right here.>>JASON: Oh yeah!
>>BRIAN: Oh we’re going to full on break this thing?>>LPL: We are. We’re going to break
this thing right in half.>>BRIAN: Okay. It is so… easy at this point.>>LPL: Right now, it’s–
[extractor clatters] [rewinding] Right now, it’s–>>BRIAN: Oh my god! Are you kidding me?
>>LPL: That’s it.>>BRIAN: So in this case, the hack, the exploit,
is just the brittleness of the stuff that this is made out of.>>LPL: They used a cheap material, it’s easy to manufacture but you don’t want to be
using cast zinc for locks.>>JASON: So,
where do you get one of these? Can you just get it at a hardware store?>>LPL: Amazon, hardware store, auto parts store, they’re pretty common.>>BRIAN: And more importantly, where can we get more of
the LockPickingLawyer?>>JASON: ^^>>LPL: We’ve got some more things lined up, so stay tuned this week folks.>>JASON: Check him out. [Brian gasps]
>>BRIAN: Dude, that’s terrifying. ♪ [music comes to a slow, somber conclusion] — CC BY BIZARRE MAGIC — [quietly]
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