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You can call it a one-off project,
no one has built anything like this before. What we are doing now is really
reinventing the wheel since it’s never been done before. Well I’m a bit worried since everything needs to be
built from the ground up and on site. It’s a bit different compared with how
we usually work at Scania. The bus trip to success Every detail is very important within competitive sports. The margins we compete for are small. If we can find the little things that give us that final push then that can make the difference for
the last tenths that are needed. The process always begins with
meeting the project group both the people from Scania and of course
those involved on the client side, in this case the Swedish ski association. (First presentation for ski team)
We seek their input and feelings about what they want to accomplish with this bus. This is where we are headed: we are increasing
the length of the bus to almost 15 meters, and here comes the interesting
part: the layout. It feels exciting that Scania wants
to take it one step further with this model of the bus because
it feels necessary. We have grown out of the campervan
and need more space to be in. September 2019 Södertälje (7 weeks left) (The first meeting with the coach-building team) You need to stretch and customise this part,
otherwise there will be too much dead space. So the seat magically disappears
somewhere underneath this. Yes exactly. Then we’ll just skip the storage in that section. -We divide the bus into three sections: dressing room, the treatment area – which is an area to relax in, with food, drinks,
run-throughs and information on screen and then we have the travel area
at the front of the bus, where we can accommodate between
12 and 14 people for each trip. This will be more like a foyer
when you step on the bus where you can quickly take off your clothes,
so this will be a free space. -There is actually enough room for a space where they can concentrate on
what they’re good at and then go out and compete,
properly rested and still be full of energy. October 2019 Södertälje (5 weeks left) We have just had a theoretical look, what it
looks like on paper, and we are now going to see it in real life. And we still have the possibility to
affect some parts of the build. What a beast! It’s huge! The best part is that it is custom
built for the needs of the team We have a fantastic partnership but we are
taking it to another level with this bus. We have to be prepared for every possibility: it can be 25C below zero or it
can be 5C and rain. We have to have options. Christmas! It’s like Christmas! It’s better than we could have dreamed. And I haven’t even got on the bus yet,
it’s probably even better in there. Hallelujah! I usually call it the ski team’s mobile office,
locker room and coffee lounge. Here is the bed, or sofa. And this is the kitchen? Yes, this is the kitchen. And here you see how big
the massage bench is… It’s important not just to have a space, but a personal space where
you can be alone. If you want to keep healthy you need
to stay away from areas and people where there is a risk you’ll become ill. This is also the reason we wanted
our own dressing room, then we are only with our own team. I really hope we are going to
make it in time so we can show that we have kept
our promise and delivered on time. I feel – not relieved, but full of energy. It makes me feel like I want to stay
here and work hard. This is going to be really great. After all the opinions and discussions,
you collect your thoughts, the vision you have, and refine the details. You can now concentrate more on what
they actually wanted and needed. It begins with a simple sketch from Jan that later evolves to a 3D sketch and
then it’s just hands on, all in. Making it, for real. I see an image of how he imagined it from the start, and then we just try to realise the vision. Or as close as possible anyway. We have a problem. (4 weeks left)
Okay? We need to ensure there’s good
ventilation on this side. We have to solve this before
Glenn builds the cabinets and drill holes for the ventilation… The biggest challenge for us has
been the locker room. We must be able to get rid of
the moisture that builds up. We must improve the bus ventilation
system quite a lot. We’re concentrating on these areas because of moisture and heat during
relatively short lead times. The first thing an athlete does after
training is change into dry clothes. Dry, clean clothes are essential for staying
healthy during the winter. It would be miserable to have been
training for 600, 700, 800 hours during spring, summer and autumn, only to
fall ill when the season starts. October 2019 Södertälje (One week left) The biggest challenge has been
the tight timetable. What we are doing now is really reinventing the
wheel, since it’s never been done before. There are a lot of profiles, angles
and lines in this project that I never knew could exist on a bus. There is nothing in there that is a straight line. It’s really good, this will have some shadows… It’s also so much fun.
It’s a fun challenge. Now it’s up to you if that gets cut.
Do you still want it there? Yes I think it’s better we make it wider there
rather than it protruding over there. November 2019 Södertälje (3 days left) No, exactly. It won’t be under there.
It’s about this high. We are now getting more than twice as
much space to move around in and I think that will be fantastic. The best part is seeing the the end result,
when everything comes together and getting the complete picture of how everything
will end up and how great it’ll be. It fits perfectly. It’s like it’s made for this. Isn’t it? -I felt some satisfaction
during the process about what we are working towards,
that we will reach the goal, having the feeling that the
product is finally finnished. And of course we also feel really proud
to be going into the next phase of actually presenting it. We can play board games here! Presentation for Ski Team Sweden X-Country My first impression when I got on the bus is that I want to look into every locker,
every nook and cranny. I think we’ll be pretty happy to
spend many hours here. Recovery is the most important thing: to be able to sit by yourself a while and
not have commotion around you so the back of the bus will be a
perfect place to just relax, and have a massage or something to eat. It feels like this bus is going to make
things so much easier for us and give us the conditions we need
to perform well on the ski trails. It’s twice as big, and it is amazing. It’s a big step up.
We are very happy and satisfied. It has been fun and educational, but more difficult than I thought. You have basically have to measure
everything by sight. On everything. When you’re asked you feel really
proud to be part of it. That feeling stays with you
through the entire process. I’m overwhelmed and really happy.

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  1. So far Scania automobile are the best followed by Volvo. UK heavy outo mobile don't reach km M1. 7 compare with Scania of which I have and have reach km m2. 3 without overhauling engine nor gearbox, differention. I do recommend scania

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