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– This classic
car is powered by the sun. And this is the guy who made it possible. An engineer turned mechanic,
he’s using off the shelf parts to transform gas-guzzlers into powerful electric vehicles. Giving them a second
chance to rule the road. Meet Micheal Bream He owns EV West near
San Diego, California. It’s an auto mechanic shop
like you’ve never seen before. – Yo, I think
my favorite thing about electric cars is that we’re
learning something every day. It’s not often you get
to go to work and show up excited, and just really
eager to learn something new. Every single car that
we have converted here we have made more powerful. We’re here to improve things. And if it’s not a notable improvement, then we’re not doing our job. – In this
shop, you won’t find your typical grease monkeys. – We have uh
typical electric tape monkeys not grease monkeys, but
uh we really got into this through racing, and we just
set out to do something that was a little more challenging, a little bit more
cerebral, and that’s when we kinda had the idea. Let’s build and electric
car and race the second oldest race in America, the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. It took us about a year to build the car. We had it ready in 2012, and
then raced later that year. The car put down almost 1000 horse power. It was just an absolute dream to drive. It took us to the top of the
mountain and set a record in the street legal electric car class. And we beat you know
entire classes of gas cars. The power and the ability
that the electrification affords us made us a small
little group of dudes super comptetive against
multi-national corporations with teams of engineers. That’s not an every day thing. It was just so clear that
this was our future now. And it just had to continue,
we just had to continue. We’ll get customers that maybe have a car that’s been sitting at
home and it’s not quite drivable anymore. We just encourage them to
bring it in the way that it is. You don’t need to make it
fancy, you just need to make the car driveable to really enjoy it. – Manufacturers
made electric cars but we didn’t like em,
you know so you know kinda didn’t want to drive em
in the beginning, right? We wanted to drive
something very specific. – So the
guys at EV West have taken matters into their own
hands and created a way to make your favorite
classic cars zero emissions. Something that the big
car companies haven’t been able to do since the early
days of electric cars back in the late 1800’s. – We remove the gas
engine and we install the motor flywall and clutch assembly. We put a light weight
lithium battery pack in it and a charger, some
instrumentation and you’re pretty much good to go. – But it’s
more than just building electric vehicles. It’s creating a truly
renewable, sustainable source of energy to power these cars. – This is the EV West power wall. Basically we have on the
rough 18, 260 watt panels that’s direct current coming off the roof so it comes right into our
DC chargers an MPPT charger. So a maximum power point tractor. And what this does it
it puts the maximum load on the solar panels so they’re
at peak efficiency all day. After that, this charger
comes over and it actually charges our battery
packs that are still DC. This is 33 kilowatt hours
of Tesla 18650 batteries there’s really no Tesla
made parts other than the batteries that we
repurpose out of the cars. That’s the EV West power
wall in a nut shell. So just that one power wall unit provides enough fuel for all of
these cars to drive for free No emissions, nothing
taken out of the grid. Just uh taking care of ourselves. – Lunch time – My insurance company called me up and wanted to cancel my
policy because I have 22 cars. I can’t stop, it’s too much fun. It is literally too much fun. I think the spirit of DIY just kinda means do it with maybe not
the full knowledge set. People will ask us well, how
is this going to work out? And our answer is we will
tell you when we’re done. Cause we haven’t done it
before, and that’s exciting. Ask any car guy, wanna do
something you’ve done before? No. You wanna do something
you haven’t done before? Yeah. There’s an excitement
around electric cars that is just growing so much
faster than we anticipated. To the point where our shop
is booked up for 3 and a half years out, you know? We’re just a small family
run business and we’re literally just trying to do
our part as best as we can. You know here’s this form of
transportation that we have now it’s completely sustainable
that you can drive for the rest of your life on
that energy and that’s pretty amazing thing that
we’re experiencing now. The performance is just exponential. It’s just like nothing you’ll
ever experience in your life. Yeah. And this is just the beginning.

100 thoughts on “The Garage Converting Classic Cars to Electric Vehicles | Freethink DIY Science

  1. Thanks for watching the video! If you'd like more information, you can find EV West online at EVWest.com or on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/user/evwestdotcom.

  2. Look at how much shading those roof mounted panels are getting. That can kill ter potential output by +90%, big time.

  3. I want to build an electric 61-67 Ford Econoline panel van with electric power. Also, I think you should look into the three wheeled (Trike) motorcycle market. I think they would sell like CRAZY, once they got on the market!

  4. Don't fool yourself. Electric cars are not "powered by the sun". It's a misconception. Unless your a millionaire and have the money for a huge solar system you will need to plug into the grid. That means burning coal, fossil fuels, etc. Electric cars need charging just like your cell phone x 1000.

  5. At Ev West its $7,598 for most kits and up to $16,893 for my car. I think ill keep my 46 year old reliable engine.

  6. Why would you ruin those cars.took the heart and soul of those cars out and replaced it with something heartless and soulless

  7. I've got a 1990 Jaguar XJ-S Convertible that I'd love to put an E motor in. Having done everything else on the car since I've owned it, I'd like to be the one to convert it. The transmission is actually a GM TH-400 although with a case specifically made to mate with the V12 but I wonder if it might be possible for some sort of "generic kit" that one could start with to get the major components out of the way?

  8. Wow, check out the backwards hillbillies in the comments. We get it. The oil industry has you taking it up the pooper and you need a dentist.

  9. How long do those batteries last? Im all for electric conversion but where will all the discarded motors and expired battery packs go?

  10. On contrary, i would lovee to be driving a Tesla with a gas supercar engine, it looks like an aston martin

  11. How do you begin to learn about things like this? I like cars and want to do something like this with my life

  12. Everything is powered by the sun. Plants grow, dinosaurs eat grass (or eat other dinosaurs which eat grass) then they die and millions of years later, we put them in our cars. Vroom vroom.

  13. I'm so glad someone is doing this!! I've got a classic Porsche & was wondering about this, the body is perfect. The engine too, but in 3.5 years?

  14. Converting a classic/retro car to electric power is a great idea, but if you choose a classic that isn't very aerodynamic, the wind noise alone will drive you insane. It's amazing how a silent engine only reveals all the other sounds cars are constantly making. If I electrified my Mk1 MR2, it would be whistling, howling and buffeting all over the place!

  15. I saw a beautiful Cadillac yesterday and wanted to convert an old school because the steel it’s made with. So it’s so amazing to see others thinking that same way.😍😍😍 just the beginning indeed brother.👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  16. Electric vehicles cost more to the environment than gas vehicles. They take more mining (Fuel), labor (extraction and refinement of the components), and natural resources. I'm not against electric stuff but remember what it takes to make them.

  17. I don't get why insurance companies wouldn't want you insuring 20 cars. You're driving one at a time and paying mostly full premium on each. What the fudge.

  18. Just don't crash these old cars with that bunch of batteries at the front. Smallest crash and may get a nice fireworks show.

  19. I really want the resurrection of Citron DS iconic french car. Thats my dream carvwuth all the works in electric version

  20. Until the local government/authorities decide to pass a law that makes this illegal due to same made up safety concerns based on some random laptop battery that exploded. I hope not, keep it up with this and pass the message before the oil lords start moving around.

  21. I am looking forward to hundreds of businesses like yours all around the country/world. Not just to 'solarize' classic cars, but ALL gas and diesel powered vehicles. I really would like my Sprinter van to be a no emission vehicle.

  22. I have been a big combustion engine fan working on them with my dad when I was a kid. I imagined myself being one of the few guys with a gas classic amid a sea of smooth electric vehicles with no soul. But I've been converted. The superiority of electric for cars, perhaps not trucks yet, are amazing and I actually embrace this new wave of civilization and superior technology. I'll probably still have an inefficient, costly, and unreliable gas car as a collector but not as a competitor because it's too obvious who has won the battle.

  23. What's the heaviest vehicle you've ever converted to Electric? I have a 1968 Olds 442 that is ready for its refurb and I would really like to do electric

  24. Miata NA conversion in Montreal will get Tesla batteries this year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=816&v=L0jEREIEvEQ

  25. How hard would it be to take a model S, rip off the body and stick on say a ferrari daytona replica body (McBurnie or otherwise), thereby keeping the skateboard chassis and have a crazy fast daytona with range and all the modern handling? Like this, with Tesla power! https://www.historics.co.uk/buying/auctions/2014-06-07/car/1978-southern-roadcraft-ferrari-daytona-recreation/

  26. This combined with the 3d printing of classic cars could be really interesting! Bringing my retro futuristic dreams into reality hehe

  27. Front engine Beetle at 0:28 surprised me until I realized the illustrator who threw that together had nothing to do with the actual ev conversions.

  28. powered by the sun my ass.  I don't have a solar array on MY roof. What's the range? How's this going to work out? We don't know. YOU DON'T KNOW??? And you expect me to give you my car, and pay you, for 'we don't know'?

  29. Fucking hypocrite California eco-weenies and their coal powered EVs. California has been producing less electricity than it consumes for decades. That's why the state continues to have rolling blackouts during peak electricity demand periods. I recall the Governator announcing California will no longer produce coal fired electricity. Except California buys electricity from the grid. From places like Wyoming where we have coal fired electric plants. So, Californians virtue signal while polluting my backyard

    EVs and solar power continue be ecomonically infeasible. The few EVs and solar installations sold every year come with massive taxpayer funded breaks. When those incentives stop, so do sales. Tesla sales tanked by 95% when th he government stopped the giveaways.

    Meanwhile, Walmart has sued Tesla for installing solar cells on 240 of it's stores that are catching fire and Amazon says they have the same problems with their Tesla solar cells.

  30. I recall my chemistry teacher telling us that you can actually turn vintage cars into electric cars b/c of the shape of the hood. Iirc, it has to do w/ the motor, and is even possible to do yourself.

  31. One of the mechanics has his ears tucked into his cap… dude, if you’re ‘dumbo eared’ – own it! Don’t call attention by ‘tucking’!!!😆

  32. I want to makey 1990 celica into a rwd electric monster, might take some work on the rear suspension to make some traction bars to the macphearson struts but this little 1600 pound car would be amazing for it

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