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rev up your engines I’m just kidding guys this is my 2015
Lincoln MKZ hybrid and it doesn’t quite sound like a track Hawk this is what it
actually sounds like this car is based on the Ford Fusion platform and they
have to say it is the smoothest car I’ve ever driven I can’t think of anything
else that drives like this my Genesis was smooth as well but it was very boat
like over bumps the Lincoln just glides which makes it feel like you were in an
airplane at higher speeds one of my goals in life is to be different than
others this car is very rare in Canada and it looks very different from other
cars on the road especially with the bronze fire paint color I think this is
a very good-looking car and it gets a lot of attention from the public to back
that up the power trunk holds the 1.4 kilowatt hour battery which is hooked up
to the 2 litre inline-four engine the total power output is a 188 horsepower
through the front wheels not the fastest car out there but I do get 5.1 liters
per hunt kilometers on mixed driving if you want more power there is a three
liter twin-turbo engine that produces 400 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of
torque it can get you from 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds
the interior is where the car falls short the quality that I felt in the
Genesis is just not here the fit and finish is not the best but the comfy
seats with the massage functions make up for it I really like the smooth
minimalist design theme that’s going on in this interior but I think they went a
little overboard especially with the stupid touch sensitive controls for
climate and volume Lincoln realized that many people did not like to touch
sensitive controls so they added buttons and knobs for the 2017 refreshed model
one of my favorite things about the interior is the multi-contour seats
I found the seats on my Genesis to be a little bit stiff for my taste
especially on a long drive the Lincoln seats feel amazing soft and
comfortable which is what you ideally want on a long road trip or a long
commute to work I think the MK Zed is an underrated
luxury car the car gets a lot of hate from auto journalists because it doesn’t
handle well and it’s not sporty enough but that’s not the point
Lincoln’s mission is to provide a comfortable luxurious ride without
pretending to be sporty you have to appreciate it for what it is I hope you
guys like my video please check out my channel for more videos thank you well
that was this week’s video and remember to have your car video highlighted here
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100 thoughts on “The Luxury Car No One Talks About

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  2. My neighbor's have Lincolns and they really catch my eye. I need comfort in my older days now. Was also looking at the Genesis.

  3. Thank you Yad and Scotty, a few years ago I noticed an MKZ in my neighborhood, it's exhaust note caught my attention. Since I drive a 4.6 L Grand Marquis, and love it's comfort and power on long road trips, I wondered how a smaller Lincoln would compare. BTW, my Grand Marquis is about 15 years old now, is currently running an average of 24 – 26 mpg over the mountains in Colorado and flat-out West Texas terrain at 75-80 mph. It is currently at ~89,000 miles on the odometer. Best used car I ever paid cash for. I'll be considering a used MKZ if something ever happens to my car.

  4. 36 here and i owned a new MKZ in your trim but blue. I got THE LOOKS w/ that thing. I miss it. It was so choice. After the lease was up i turned it in and ive not bought a new car sense moving to Motorcycles. I now have 5! Bought a 2005 Buick Park Ave Ultra Special Edition which is THE BOMB. So smooth and i only paid 10k for it w/ 60k on it. Looks and drives like new. My next car is another Lincoln. I miss the brand and the new models are sweeet.

  5. I had a fully loaded 14' MKZ, v6, AWD
    It was awesome, but had to trade in for larger vehicle.
    I miss that car, it was a beast, and the leather was amazing…

  6. Scotty, which is the best quality American made 3/4 ton truck for pulling trailers? Do any of them compare with Toyota for quality/reliability?

  7. eye candy. ….that style of grill ….sweet…..1940s..1950s…look of grill…..love it….
    dont care for 2019..or 2020…body shape. …

  8. I had a 2008 Lincoln MKZ…caused me nothing but problems…wheel bearings, spark plugs, new head unit, new rims, moon roof broke…I had to make sure it sealed properly by hand, AC problems…I ended up junking it for 700 bucks last month when the water pump went out and the mechanic said it also needed a new timing kit. It had 110K miles on it and the fix would have cost me $2400. I'm avoiding ford and lincoln based on that experience.

  9. My brother in law has had 2 consecutive Lincolns. Reliable. Smooth, cross country machine. Good looks in and out. Comfortable. Probably buys a 3rd.👍.

  10. The objective of this car is totally wrong !.

    If you are rich enough to buy that Lincoln, you are certainly not concerned about doing an extra 12 miles per gallon of gas.

    If so, start by saving $ 20,000.00 right on the spot and buy a Ford Fusion with leather interior….

    I would NEVER EVER consider buying an MKZ personally, but, I once rented and tried an MKS (bigger) with V6 3.0 if I remember was a 2011 brand new.

    I loved the luxury, finition and comfort BUT, I didn't like the performance and lack of torque of the small high rpm engine.
    Probably corrected in the newer versions with turbo.

    And I will never spend 50k $ to have a Lincoln with a 4 cyl 2.0 liter engine.

    They lost me for a client forever. Although I like the 'look' of the latest newer model, I wouldn't buy new.

    As of now, still holding on 3 Lincoln Town Car's among a fleet of 22 vehicles.

  11. Yo bro!!… you want to be different?. Drive a mint Cadillac coupe DeVille from the 80's..(if you can find one)… And then you'll get rid of that stinkin Lincoln!

  12. Scotty, a large amount of people own these cars and talk about them, in new york city, you dont see anything other than mkt's mkx's, and mkz's

  13. MKZ, MKC, MKX All very underrated and can be steals of a deal. I had the privilege of driving an MKC as a loaner while the dealer was working on a car I had bought. Very impressive.

  14. I drove a loner one of these for almost 2 week while my F150 awaited a recall part from a Ford plant that had a fire. 2.0 liter turbo was as fast a big V-6 and it delivered 34 mpg average, handled, steered, stopped, cruised in comfort great! And so comfortable for my 6'4" large frame body! I can't get into a Infinity, Lexus or other luxury car without banging my head on the roof even with the seat all the way back!

  15. Like a ford fusion but nicer I dig it !!! Our daughter drives a fusion with 250k on it still going and has been farely reliable but that Lincoln looks alot more comfortable!!!👍

  16. Well Scotty l come from a country were we know how to make cars , but that guy is living in a cloud Cuckoo Land, don't let on to him , he's proud and happy that's all that matters..

    English Mik.

  17. What a beautiful car you picked I wish to have one one day exactly like yours I didn't realize that the sunroof open that much and it was that huge wow.

  18. Hey Scotty, I just purchased a 2013 ACURA RDX 4WD with a 3.5 engine , It's very powerful & smooth! The new model is a 4 turbo.What's your thoughts? Which one would you prefer owning? Thanks!

  19. The 90s Lincoln Town car, Buick Roadmaster, and Cadillac Brougham were the last of the luxury automobiles…Room and comfort are a necessity in a luxury automobile, and that don't exit anymore…The 2000 and up Lincoln Town cars were decent also, but they've been gone for about 8 years now. Nothing sense then has been produced….luxury cars are gone forever…..

  20. Ugly as f..k and weird, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and your goal in life for being different in life is retarded, all of us are different, you just want to be weird.

  21. The car is very nice looking but sadly the interior lacks any luxury or nice features. They sure don’t make them like they use too.

  22. Have trouble staying awake in this car! It’s the most comfortable quiet ride I’ve been in. Have the 2013 model and I still get complements as of this morning. No problems and just hit over 100k!

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