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Argh damn it! Adam I’m coming! Oh no! Oh no no no no Alan!! Alan can you come get us? Ah shit… ah yeah I’m gonna come and get you I’m just gonna bandage up real quick We’re both safe we’re behind this rock Yeah I’m just gonna bandage Yeah sweet Hurry up man Health is going down quick K yeah shit you’re pretty low HP Ah yeh yeh I’m coming now Oh! Ahhh… Alan stop bandaging! This has never happened to me before! How do you stop bandaging?? Hurry up dude!! OMG what is happening?? I have no idea what is going on Stop bandaging and come and res us!! Yeah yeah yeah I’m trying to get to you I just can’t stop bandaging! We’re nearly dead! OMG Alan stop it! Faster! STOP BANDAGING! I’m coming as fast as I can!! Just press the bandage button again! Theres a prompt on the screen! Somewhere on the screen theres a prompt! Stop bandaging!! Okay well I’m almost at you guys anyway hold on! Did you not read the patch notes?? Who reads the patch notes!?!? Quickly! We are going to die very soon Alan! Alright I got you man You okay? Yeah good why? No reason Alright Alright you’re good – Rowan Rowan I’m coming to you next Over here mate Hold on What? I’m over here Okay To your right! I might just get him Alan I’ll just get him Your left Oh yip you can just get him thanks mate Yeah yeah yeah Hey guys thank you so much for watching If you haven’t already be sure to subscribe Statistics show that a lot of you haven’t actually subscribed yet– ALAN! Yeah? To your left! Okay K chea bo So yeah if you haven’t yet be sure to subscribe It really helps us out Alright Thank you!

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  4. There is a way. If you don't want the auto bandaging, don't pick up bandages or even if it's picked up try removing it. I'm sure it'll work.

  5. What the fuck noob. Press the cancel button. And how the hell you got your health full by bandages. It heals only up to 75 percent. Fucking idiot

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