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It’s not normal. This came directly form the minds of J.W. Speaker Engineers. And that’s the facts. Motorcycle is a very interesting vehicle It’s a half of the illumination of a car.
Right now motorcycle to have an immense blind spot when you’re leaning into the corner. The low beam pattern will tilt as your turning. Basically putting the foreground into
darkness. Think of a raccoon, the damage that could do. Or a dear, as you go around a corner.
All of a sudden there is something there that you need to be able see but you can’t without our light. Something that you don’t see your gonna hit for sure.
On a motorcycle you can’t have enough light. First time I heard adaptive and headlight
same sentence I was immediately curious. I was how are we ever going to do this?! We had that idea a long time ago. The problem was the technology. The term adaptive light is particularly
useful in this case because the light really adapts to how you would need it.
Now technology finally enables you to see it better. Feel much more comfortable when your ride. We use sensors inside to detect how the motorcycles moving and it
kind of projects where you gonna be and where you’re going to need the light. Then it turns on different elements. That’s our technology. That’s a know how for a motorcycle. The second you start to lean a little bit, go around a curve or hit something really sharp… The area
that would normally be black by the flood pattern is illuminated. It’s not just
simply switching on and off. You’re doing that will perceive as destructive. I think
the highest compliment we received was, “You didn’t notice it was there, but then
once you took it away man you missed it!” This lamp is a very special lamp. It’s the first of its kind that actually makes the ride safer, more enjoyable, it’s fun to use, it’s beautiful! It has the
the wide spread of our standard J.W. Speaker headlamps, it has the hot spot and the punch for down the road with the high beam, and then on top of that we’ve added the vehicle dynamics where it’s responding to the corning of the motorcycle. People are going to be
clamoring to get their hands on these lamps. Nothing like this has ever been
brought to market. We want to be the leader. We want to be the first and
we want to increase the safety. There isn’t a competitive product. There’s nothing even close. Everybody’s can be showing off to their
friends, look at this amazing light I have. Once you ride it, it’s hard to go back.
Other lamps just point their light down the road Our lamp we can actually direct exactly where the rider needs it. Once people see them in use and and drive behind them, they sell
themselves. So… it’s kind of a big deal To get the adaptive lighting from an OE means replacing the vehicle. In this case you can actually bring those the existing
vehicle to current technology with just the replacement headlight. There’s nothing
else out that looks like this. People are saying I want this. There’s the guys that are looking for the technology, looking for… have had a bad experience, maybe had a
close call an accident. They really understand the importance of lighting on a
motorcycle. If you can get those guys they will bring everybody else with them.
It’s completely innovative, new. The potential is huge. Everybody is going to want one. This is a game-changer. Nobody else has this. It’s… it’s huge! It’s going to blow everybody’s minds.

30 thoughts on “The Technology behind the Adaptive Series LED Motorcycle Headlight

  1. JW Speaker, would you put the plain down road projection of these on par with the Evolution series? I have a dual lamp arrangement and I wonder if I used a Evolution for down road and an Adaptive for the corners that I would have a stellar lighting system? Or is the Adaptive superior in plain down road projection?

  2. will it fit a stock bucket on a yamaha raider? yamha uses a stupid bracket inside bucket that wouldn't fit the original 5 3/4 jw speaker I have just wasting away…

  3. The cost of this headlight is equal to 100 cc motorcycles but the technology is way advanced and nothing can beat it. Great product guys!

  4. What you need to do is take your 8700 series and make the actual lamp rotate in the housing to remain level, same end result with a more uniform beam, and looks more traditional for people that don't like the transformer-yness of this one.

  5. Great product. That chick is irritating and not helping sell it at all. Let the product sell itself. Looks good enough to do just that.

  6. Just installed the adaptive on my XSR900 and that’s its a game changer is putting it mildly. The videos do a great job, but only when you ride it will you truly appreciate how amazing it is. The cost I can tell you is justified you might say “wow” at the price when you first order it, you will say “WOW” again after you ride it.

  7. Anything special that needs done if running a bike equipped with day time running light ?  do you need a bracket to fit 2012 street glide  and lastly is it simply plug n play ?  Thanks

  8. Although this is an amazing light with innovative technology, there's still not $700 worth of costs there. I could see this going for $100-200 possibly. But for now, I'll stick to a traditional static LED headlight.

  9. All these people saying they'd pay $75 and not $700 for it… you can barely get a decent aftermarket fixed LED headlight for $200, stop being moronic.

    It is kind of funny how they're talking about it like they've made a spaceship that's going to take us to Alpha Centauri, though. It's a headlight, folks… Any competent engineer straight out of college could build this with a few LEDs, accelerometers, and a Raspberry Pi.

    I know, I know… marketing.

  10. First thing I noticed was that if you're leaning into a corner that is pointing in the direction of the lane of the oncoming traffic, then you're shining light right into their eyes. I prefer oncoming vehicles to be able to still see.

  11. Es scheint ein wirklich heller LED Hauptscheinwerfer zu sein.
    Aber…bei aller Freundschaft…630,00 € für "nur" 1 Scheinwerfer?
    Das ist völlig übertrieben.
    Egal welche Hochleistungs LED in dem Scheinwerfer verbaut worden sind.
    Diese und der Neigungssensor zusammen mit der elektronischen Steuerung rechtfertigen diesen hohen Preis nicht.
    Und dann stellt sich die Frage: Wie oft fahre ich denn bei Dunkelheit Motorrad?
    Also ich fahre grundsätzlich nur bei Tageslicht.

    It seems to be a really bright LED headlight.
    But … with all friendship … 630,00 € for "only" 1 headlight?
    That's totally overkill.
    No matter what high-performance LED has been installed in the headlight.
    These and the tilt sensor together with the electronic control do not justify this high price.
    And then the question arises: How often do I drive a motorcycle in the dark?
    So I usually only drive in daylight.

    Cela semble être un phare à LED vraiment brillant.
    Mais … avec toute l'amitié … 630,00 € pour "seulement" 1 phare?
    C'est totalement exagéré.
    Quelle que soit la LED haute performance installée dans le phare.
    Ceux-ci et le capteur d'inclinaison ainsi que la commande électronique ne justifient pas ce prix élevé.
    Et puis la question se pose: à quelle fréquence dois-je conduire une moto dans le noir?
    Donc, en général, je conduis seulement en plein jour.

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