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100 thoughts on “The Truth about the weirdest motorcycle, if you can call it that?

  1. I have a Cruz and that little motor is quick. I just wonder if Vanderhal fixed the 3 factory defects. 2 of them are relatively easy and pretty cheap. The PCV you have to go Aftermarket unless you want to spend $160 for a new intake. It's a very poor design.

  2. People with the "thats not a motorcycle, blah blah blah" comments kill me. Its not meant to be a motorcycle. Its 3 wheeled and only "considered" a motorcycle to get away from strict standards automobiles have to follow, air bags, doors, etc.

  3. Man I mean I like these but if I was gonna go 3 wheel have to b t-rex or more than likely a morgan. Still cool looking car though.

  4. LOL love how you showed him what a waste gate was he says it dosen't have one lol he just never put his foot in it .

  5. The no manual transmission option doesn't make sense. A FWD manual setup doesn't need a "hump" for anything. You can have a cable shifted manual transmission with a shift box that takes up VERY little room in the cockpit. Take a look at how Honda does them in their K series cars.

  6. They should have used a Honda B18 or B20, it would’ve been a lot more tuneable and you would be able to make a lot more horsepower much easier with shelf parts.

  7. Nothing could persuade me to spend 30K on a car that ugly and dangerous looking! I would rather have a Atom of a good motorcycle!

  8. I'm glad you got to do a review of the Vanderhall. I mentioned that to you before in a live video. Looks like a fun ride.

  9. I wouldn't mind this being 4 wheels. Having a small displacement V8 engine, RWD and have an aero kit on it. It would be like an old late 60's Formula 1 car for the street.

  10. So much better than the slingshot. The helmet thing though… I’m religious about it on a bike but idk about it on/in anything I sit in.

  11. 1:06 Slingshot, Can-Am, things like that? Can-Am makes nothing like this. Unless I'm missing something? (Yeah, this comment hit a nerve.)

  12. The grandaddy of all these things is of course the Morgan, but more recently a firm called Grinnall in the UK was making (might even be still doing so) a three-wheeler called the Scorpion powered by a BMW K-series engine. I had a ride in one at a show and holy shit that thing flew! At an indicated 110 you do literally feel like you are flying. don't knock 'til you try it.

  13. I love your videos guys. It is so refreshing to see a great group of people that love Jesus and have created a Business around what they love while being genuine and not afraid to express their beliefs. Keep it up. I will be praying for you guys and hopefully one day I could meet you guys.

  14. If you want that Turbo-fun, my Forte5 turbo is so much faster and way cheaper. And if you want the open-air experience, my Yamaha Bolt is fantastic… both those combined are half the price of that thing…

  15. The Vandersnoore. Like a Morgan without the class or character. Like a Slingshot without the sport. Crappy FWD GM engine included.

  16. The Cruze engine only puts out about 140 hp and a tune on one won’t even bring it up to 200, I guarantee it’s not even putting 170 to the wheels like this guy said

  17. I'm not sure but the Cruze and the Sonic have been DC'ed by GM. Are you guys still going to get engines for your toys?

  18. I watched this video video the other day. I've never heard of them before, and never seen one. Then yesterday, I see one in my small town in Conneaut, Ohio. I got to see it in person, and they are pretty neat. Great videos!

  19. Front wheel drive is a great idea and you are right the slingshot goes from tranny to driveshaft to bevel gear to belt. These are now being classified as Autocycle rather than motorcycle. Not that it really matters. Reverse trike by their nature will understeer which is a good thing.

  20. While I like the looks of the vanderhall, I'll keep my slingshot. The rear wheel drive is the fun part of it. Being able to get it a little loose and drift a bit is way more fun then front wheel drive. And the 0-60 for the slingshot is 4.8 sec. Not 5.8. and that's without a turbo.

  21. It's been noted that the vanderhall is clearly faster than the slingshot with regards to the 0-60 numbers. The only reason the vanderhall shows a slow 0-60 stat in this video is because of the extra passenger. No bias here since I own and love the slingshot. I am very interested in completing the ying to my yang by getting the electric vanderhall when it finally comes out to compliment my slingshot.

  22. Okay guys, it's the government that classes trikes as motorcycles NOT the makers. So ease up on vanderhall, slingshot etc. Or vote for a new government next time around and take it up with them? Ariel atom? I'm a Brit but here in the States $70-75k+????

  23. You lose about 12% horsepower for fwd cars and I find it hard to believe that the engine picked up 70 hp with a tune and no other mods. I know it's a turbo engine but it's an engine from a freaking Zonic.

  24. Our local shop has these…. great video I am gonna have to go for a test drive now thanks for making this……….. very informative!

    It’s a poseurs car nobody wants terminal understeer in one of these

  26. Interesting video on a nice vehicle. I am sure it will register as a car here in Norway, and you can drive it on a car license and probably without a helmet on!

  27. P51 spitfire?????!!!!!???
    Oh man.
    I'll forgive the ignorance for now.. but if you call yourself American you should know what a p51 is..( it isn't a spitfire)

  28. I had one and it does have a decent ride to it. Being paralyzed it had more than enough room for my wheelchair. I just missed the physicality of riding a bike so I sold it for a Spyder F3-T. For myself the Spyder's more comfortable. Would definitely prefer 2 wheels though

  29. Who is winning in sales between the (Vanderhall vs. Polaris)
    Please state in your opinion why your choice is better then the other model overall because,
    "I'm curious to know the results"?

  30. I'm glad the owner enjoys his vanderhall. But this thing is weak sauce for me. Sean made the right choice with the Ariel atom. A real performance vehicle.

  31. Very cool auto cycle compared to the Slingshot. pretty much all of the toys on the market make the Slingshot look weak.

  32. Way classier than a Slingshot. I doubt you'll ever see one of these festooned with multi-colored strobing/flashing LEDs and blaring Go-Go musak with a middle aged rider thinking he's God gifts to society – women in particular. Shame. Nothing wrong with a Slingshot otherwise. Well except for being monstrously large and the herd mentality it brings out.

  33. The truth is that everybody loves an pretty luxury open whell roadster like this. Don't mind it's three wheller, don't mind its four banger and dont mind it's fwd. It looks cool, the price is nice, its not old and weird and now i want one.

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