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100 thoughts on “The Ultimate Princess Jeep Build Part 4

  1. Hey how much would you charge for one of those Barbie Jeeps? There's a huge market here in California and Oregon guys. Maybe an idea to make big quick fun cash…. I know I'm curious how much you'd charge to build this.

  2. You made a good and horrible decision by putting the crf450r motor in the cart … Good because it is reliable but horrible because the power is so abusive the motor is from a race bike and it puts out about 60 ish horse power more or less …

  3. I still find it hard to believe you guys learned all this stuff from direct practical experience, and none of you are University-educated mechanical engineers.

    Keep Sending It!™ 🤘🤙

  4. Comin along nicely fellas! Looks like the chain will work after all. Was worried it would bind n either throw it or break it. Cant wait to see it runnin! Keep up the awesome work guys n b safe

  5. Dudes get rid of the steering wheel and just use some handle bars, way easier our your wrists and more leverage to turn with.

  6. thats much better but still a little to girly, not sure what you could do…if you cant make it shoot flames then at least wrap the new roll bar in barb wire. that should boost its testosterone level a little

  7. RIP those poor fucking cars. I never understood how season states killed cars so badly. But after seeing how you guys store them now I get it 🤦‍♂️

  8. That 450 motor is going to tear everything apart! I cant wait to see this thing rip! Please hurry up. Awesome build guys

  9. What did you do to learn all these fab skills?? One of the best home fabricators I’ve ever seen! Please paint the metal on your projects! RUST SUCKS!!!

  10. This build is on another level!!
    Please put some good chain guards on because if that chain let's go under power of that motor it will rip your sausage and meatballs straight off!! Please stay safe!!

  11. I used to have 3 brats, but all three were twisted or rusted out. Me and my dad were gonna build them into one but he got sick

  12. I love it. For the rollcage, what about gutting the inside of the plastic, using steel bars inside the plastic, and then just extend it like the metal grew out of the plastic… Kinda looks like that already. love it!!

  13. You are amassing at this work on video and everything,,,But think you must check that the power from the engine doesn't put the power to the shocks before the tire. you Can test this with holding the brake on the back tires and putting some kind of power to the chain. Then you will see if you got the geometry right. Sorry to say think when you put power to the chain it will squat. Because my first crosscart did and the angel on the rear is very much similar. Try seeing on a dirtbike there you have your angles chain to rear sprocket . But anyway The best work !!

  14. Why don't you put some tape over the intake and exhaust to keep all the crap out of the motor. Your not dealing with a Briggs, that motor has tight tolerances and get anything in that cylinder will destroy it.

  15. Fun video to watch! Well thought out, I loved how the pieces snapped together! Looking forward to the next video!

  16. Small sprockets may be an issue. Leverage is going to want to bend the axle rather than spin it easily. Going to see if I'm right now😁

  17. That's ducking awesome. Next build you need to take that crf450 motor off and throw a ktm 300 xc motor on it get a two stroke aka two smoker it would be insane especially with the power band

  18. I totally subbed. Out of all the gokart, minibike, quad, dirt bike, and off road kart builders on youtube, you guys are definitely the best I've seen. Keep up the outstanding work!

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