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How Automobiles Work

When Elon Musk said
he wanted to make a fifth mode of transportation,
I was all over that. This is really the start of
something much, much bigger. And I think that was the
feeling at Design Weekend, saying, you know, this is
the first time humanity, or people have really sat
down and said, like, here’s a good idea, let’s develop it. This is a huge thing that’s
going to be, most likely, implemented in the future. And, so, to be able to work
on it now, and develop it is exciting. The world is looking at
this as, like, the fifth mode of public transportation to,
like, cars, boats, trains and planes. And, then, to add to that,
like, add Hyperloop onto that and know that you are part
of the beginnings of that is kind of an incredible thing. We all see it as, you
know, something that’s going to make a big change,
and it’s very exciting for us to be, you know, 20-year-old
college students working on something that’s going
to change the world.

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