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COMM: King of the road Irvin Gordon has been driving his 1966 Volvo p1800 for 46 years 00:21
COMM: With a staggering 2,994,000 miles on the clock he is set to break the 3 million
mile barrier 00:35
IRVIN: My friends used to think I was slightly nuts but now they’re very impressed that the
car is getting the attention that its getting um they’re waiting to see it get the 3 million
miles also they’re very enthusiastic about it. 00:48
COMM: Irvin from Long Island, New York began his love affair with the volvo 1966 when he
laid eyes on the car for the first time. 00:56
IRVIN: Uh i payed $4,150 which was a whole year salary for me I put 1500 miles on the
car the first week and I earned it, I just couldn’t get out the car, I was having such
a good time, I just spent all Friday night, all Saturday, all day Sunday then came back
Monday for its 1500 mile checkup. 01:14
COMM: Driving an average of 60,000 miles a year the 70 year olds travels have taken him
all over America and even around the world. in 2009 the car received a Guinness World
Record for the highest vehicle milage clocking an access of 2,721,000 miles. 01:31
IRVIN: I’ve always liked driving everyone has to have a hobby, some people drink, some
people take drugs, driving is my drug of choice. 01:39
COMM: As you might expect all those miles required a lot of maintenance and work, today
Irv has payed for 157 oil changes, 120 lots of transmission fluid, 30 drive belts and
150 points and plugs, not to mention the thousands of dollars he’s spent on petrol 01:57
IRVIN: I like to drive so I could be spending it on I don’t know golf, bowling, I could
be doing whatever um I choose to spend my time at a gas station filling the car up 02:07
COMM: In just a few months time the car is expected to reach 3 million miles but after
46 years, Irv is finally ready to say goodbye so if you have a spare 3 million dollars in
the bank then this classic could be yours 02:20
IRVIN: Its for sale I’m entertaining offers at a dollar a mile, I like driving a new car
they have air conditioning and power and everything, power seats and heated seats, nice stereos
and all kinds off nifty equipment and all the things that my car doesn’t have. 02:34
COMM: But until he finds a buyer, Irv will continue hitting the highway and clocking
up more miles 02:40
IRVIN: A lot of those miles just add up and after 46 years of driving and driving and
driving, I’ve never gotten tired of this one and I still enjoy driving it.

84 thoughts on “Three Million Mile Motor: Car Fanatic Drives Into The Record Books

  1. haha 😀 what  will i do with my 3 milions ? Im gonna buy house, nice car and still have some spare money ? Naah, im gonna buy old Volvo with milerage just over 3 milion miles …:D:D This is just ridiculous …

  2. The Million Mile Motor: Car Fan Drives Into The Record Books
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    MOTOR-mad Irvin Gordon entered the record books when his beloved Volvo clocked up more than THREE MILLION miles. And incredibly the 70-year-old's runaround – which he bought in 1966 – has NEVER broken down. The retired school teacher bought the coup for £2,675 after a three hour test drive with a friend. He averages 60,000 miles a year – but can do as many as 100,000 miles. Last October Irvin was awarded a Guinness World Record for his accomplishment.

  3. If he got his oil changed hundred and fifty-seven times, that means he changed his oil every 19000 miles about. That is a lot.

  4. Is it the oil or just regular maintenance with any brand oil? This is great opportunity for oil company to claim their oil is better to get to 3 million miles. Thx

  5. I would keep the car …. nobody needs a seat heating …. not even in cold Sweden ….they don't make this cars any more …. look a the stunning proportions …. such a beauty

  6. I saw this man on another show. He admitted that the engine had a valve job along the way. Also, on Youtube he is in the studio with Castrol reps and claims he used Castrol GTX the cars entire life. I heard him answer on another interview when asked what oil he used in the engine he answered, "Can I say?", the interviewer said, go ahead. He answered Mobil. I do not believe this man one bit. He answers to whoever pays him the most. My assumption is that if the head had a valve job the engines been rebuilt too.

  7. I guess my aries wagon 87 2 engines & trans s w .400000 mi won't get any awards .but it got 40mpg. i used to kid a neighbor w.a Prius 25k $ price my car was 250$. got same mpg.

  8. What was missing in the conversation was, how many times the engine or transmission was rebuilt or replaced. Anyone can get a million miles on a car with several engines and transmissions. How far did it go on the original engine and transmission is the real question.

  9. 157 oil changes…. no way that thing is still running. An old car like that would use regular oil, probably switched to fully synthetic in the past decade. Should have had 5000-7000 mile oil changes. And with 3 million he should have had over 400 oil changes. Either that car is neglected as hell or they did the math wrong.

  10. If my math is right, it took this dude an average of 230.02283 miles a day to equal 3,040,000. because he got the car in 1966 and this video was made in 2014.

  11. I hope Acura is ready for me to do the same thing with my car lol…they better keep making parts for my car because unless mine gets totaled, I'm driving it until I literally can't anymore 😉

  12. According to my calculations 3 million miles costed him half million $ . With this money he could have bought a nice house and a modern day sportscar so basically he is a dumbass

  13. I hate to tell him but that carbon filled engine is a piece of s*** no one's going to pay 3 million for it the best he's going to get is 10 grand

    After making this post I went on an estimate. Com typed in the car type and 3100000 miles and the resale value is $840

  14. When the numbers on the engine/trans are verified original then I can believe it. Not until!
    Only 157 oil changes in 3 mil miles? Not….

  15. A dollar a mile? Well then in that case I'll sell my old Chrysler minivan for $240,897 of anyone's interested.

  16. My car is only about 12 years old and people are already asking me to buy a new car. I love my “old” car! I’ll show them this video if they still insist on me buying a new one!

  17. If this car is a great one, this should be in Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7, if not Forza Horizon 5 and Forza Motorsport 8.

  18. The B18 motor on my first car ( Volvo 121 – 1967 ) was a mess, but if you kept it under 110 km/h it would happily chug along all day.

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