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This is a Go KL bus. It is a free bus service. The frequency of the buses is written here in the timetable. The route is also given in the map. It runs from 6 AM to 11 PM on every working day. And 7 AM to 11 PM on weekends. The frequency of the bus is every 5 minutes from 7 to 10 AM and 4 to 8 PM. The frequency of the bus from 10 AM to 4 PM is 10 minutes. ‘Purple line’ route originates from Pasar Seni, where I am right now The orange colored seats are called Priority Seats. They are for women and the elderly. Rest all seats are colored blue. The two seats in the front are for ‘differently abled’ people. This bus is running on ‘Purple line’ route in total these free buses run on 4 different routes I’m travelling to Bukit Bintang. I’m going to buy a tripod for my camera, GoPro. Everybody is clueless what I am speaking now So these are the free buses of Kuala Lumpur. Take special care of your pockets in these crowded buses. This place is called Fahrenheit. Stand on the left side of the escalator. So that people can pass from the right. It’s raining heavily! Finally, I reached Plaza Low Yat! T-Shirts for 10 Ringgit! 10 Ringgit equals 150 INR there is a sale of t-shirts on the ground floor I found the same thing for 80 Ringgit which was being sold there for 110 Ringgit. I’ve reached KLCC. If somebody approaches you like this, maintain distance from them. Such people can mislead you into something wrong. I didn’t have a good feeling when I saw them. This bus dropped me at KLCC. KLCC is Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Here you’ll find Petronas Tower! Till a few years back it was the World’s highest building The fountain isn’t working here today. its 10:38 pm I’m running late! That was a museum. Go KL buses have great service! You can experience the whole of Kuala Lumpur by
just sitting in the bus! Both these guys are from Shimla and Jalandhar Indians are guiding me here! We’ve reached KL Sentral Station. You can find a lot of hotels around this place. KL Sentral is more like a mall. From here you can take trains for the airport. You can find a lot of facilities for travel at this place. He is Rounak. He is Ajay From here you can go to Batu Caves for 2.5 Ringgit. Within half an hour, you’ll reach Batu Caves. 2.5 Ringgit is almost 40 Indian Rupees. You can access the Monorail from there. The Touch N Go card can be used for Rapid KL buses operating in Kuala Lumpur. This is the KLIA direct train. There is Little India, which looks more like South India. There, you can find Rajnikanth’s market!

100 thoughts on “TOURIST SCAM KUALA LUMPUR !! / GO KL: FREE BUS Timetable, route map

  1. You can watch my upcoming videos on Touristhelpline.com before they are released on YouTube.
    Check the link in the video description for GO KL route maps, Schedule, etc.

  2. Petronas towers closed on Monday if u wanna go till mid of bridge( by lifts and have pics )which joint both towers..

  3. wow free buses 👌.. hamare desh meh bhi aise free buses hote toh bahuti accha hota .. Anyways nice vlog varun bro.. 👍and thanks to Ronak bhai, unhone bahuti saree info diye..

  4. The guy guiding you is wrong in many info.
    Its not Monorail Station, its LRT Station. Monorail is a different station.
    KLIA Transit is not direct train to KLIA, it stops 4 stations. KLIA Express is the direct train to Airport
    Rajinkanth Market.. Thats nonsense. There is nothing like that in Brickfields

  5. Trust your instinct bro… these are foreigners scam. They always ask to see money then they hypnotise you…. by the time you realise it all your cash n credit card gone. I met a couple like this from middle east once… they are famous with their black magic stuff. Most of them are not locals

  6. This same scam happenned to me in Thailand Bangkok. An arabic man approached me for Indian currency with the same tone. But I told him i don't have indian rupees. So, beware of these people.

  7. Brother u r inspiration to all to live a happy life. i want to meet u. i am from delhi also. please inbox me ur no. if possible.

  8. wowwwwh! that shit takes place in Thailand… specially Bangkok, Phuket never knew they reached KL also… thank god you did not pull out your wallet…

  9. Those people do scam ask you for indian currency and will control your mind and take your money.. My dad got scammed for 800 usd

  10. Want to know more abt these free buses.. Can it be use by ppl who r there on working visa? … Areas where these buses can be found? Does they chk certain documents while travelling on these buses?

  11. If anyone taking KLIA Express from KL Sentral to KLIA 1 or 2 to catch a flight, they can do Check-in (For few Airlines) in Station itself before boarding the train. Happy travelling…

  12. Thank You for the videos. I came to know about your channel a week back. Since then Subscribed and liked all the videos I watched. I can understand how much effort goes into making these videos for the audience. All the best for future videos.

  13. I am not sure If you use music files from epidemic sounds or not. But they have very awesome collection for vloggers.

  14. aap apni video me kharcha aane jaane ka bhi bataya kare jab logo Ko kharcha pata ho to sayad Bo log Jane ke liye soche

  15. भाई बच गए
    ये लोग ऐसे ही scam करते हैं
    bangkok और malasia जैसे countrys में
    करेंसी देखने के लिए मांग कर ध्यान भटकाते हैं गोलमाल के लिए बस

  16. Free bus are not for guys like you. Its only for local who paid taxes. Dont misused and being selfish

  17. same scam, hamare sath Bali me attempt kia tha aise hi ek same couple ne jisme unhone bilkul same aise hi currency dikhane ko bola tha, per hamne bi same kia ki une ignore ker dia

  18. Omg I got scammed the same way!! There was an Iranian guy who wanted to see my dollar notes and he hypnotized me, scammed all my money! Even the cops are corrupt! The cops didn’t bother checking the cctv and didn’t even file our complaint. Disappointing:/

  19. bhai ye me face kar chuka hun agar ap currency show kardete tho ye log shoor macha kar chor chor asa kuch booltay or apki currency lele tay ap pas jatay police k hath

  20. I think those Iranian scammers came to Malaysia with students visa from 10 years ago and still have not left. Many of them were flooding Malaysia few years back to jump ship to Australia, until one day Australia decided to close the border and divert the "refugees" to Manus and Nauru, so they learn their lesson..except for that one Syrian guy who got stuck in KLIA2 for few months, only wanting to leave for Canada. And yes, with all the social media campaign, he got a spot in Canada now.

  21. OMG these scammers even approached me in kl. Not the same people but similar kind. They showed dollars and asked whether I can exchange. I asked them to go to money exchange 😂😂😂.

  22. I want to know more about the Go KL bus route like which route goes to where ? From where can I get the information ? Any suggestions. Thank you in advance

  23. I live here, most scammer are either immigrants or tourist. Sometimes local (rarely) depends on how they look.
    Local people here are helpful, ask people with nice clothing and nice fashion. Most of the time, they are helpful and nice.
    It's better to ignore people from other countries when they approach you.

  24. Very useful information, I could have easily been swindled by these scammers!😭. Have to keep my eyes open.

  25. yes ! they were scammers ! you find these a lot in thailand too ! haath ki safai mai maahir hotey hai ye aur loot letey hai !

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