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My name is Jared Wallace.
I run track and field for the, United States Paralympic
team. This is my dad, Jeff. Toyota and I’ve been working on a
Father’s Day surprise gift for you. He’s going to ride shotgun
with me and go drifting. We’re actually going to be drifting
in a front wheel drive Avalon TRD. The Toyota TRD team have pushed this
thing to the limit and seriously transformed it into a drifting machine. So check this thing out! Wow. You must
be Pops? I’m Pops. Yeah Pops! Jared? Hey Buddy. Nice meeting you. So this
is a Father’s Day surprise. What do you think about it? It’s
beautiful, isn’t it? It’s awesome. It’s actually my favorite
Avalon body style to date. By far the most aggressive look.
I mean the color alone, just pops. I love the color. It’s really sweet.
Here’s though they’re surprise. You’re actually coming in the
car with us. No way! Yes way. Yes! This car is seriously impressive. The team that created this drifting
monster did a phenomenal job in making it very easy to maneuver
around corners and on track. So TRD has been pushing the
limits for 40 years now, and they have seriously
outdone themselves this time. As far as the power that the car
has, is that modified as well? No, the power’s actually standard.
Wow. Holy smokes. My man! I can’t believe we did that in an Avalon. What do you think about the new Avalon
TRD? The sports car we were just in? Well, you said earlier that you pictured it,
you know, being an old man’s car. Well, I mean, I, you know, the Avalon,
I would think kind of, you know, your mommy and daddy type of car…
Definitely not an old man’s car, right. Killer sports car. Literally, I didn’t know what to expect getting
into it and it just blew my mind. I wouldn’t be able to drive it
like you did. So. Or can you? Hey guys, I had a lot of fun. Thank
you very much. Yeah. Outstanding. Happy Father’s Day.
Thank you brother.

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