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– [Narrator] The Entune App Suite allows you to stream iHeartRadio in your vehicle.
(beep) As you may know, iHeartRadio lets you listen to live radio
(beep) that’s near you or from locations around the country. With iHeartRadio, you
can also create stations by genre, artist or song. To play iHeartRadio in your vehicle, there are two things that you must do. First, you must link
your iHeartRadio account to your Entune account. Second, be sure your
phone’s Bluetooth connection is paired with your vehicle and that your internet
services are connected. To begin listening to iHeartRadio, press the Apps button. (beep) A screen with more detailed
information may appear. Touch OK to continue. (beep) Now touch the iHeartRadio icon. You may need to scroll to
the next screen to find it. (beep) (beep) You’ll be prompted that this app uses your phone’s data plan. Touch OK to continue. (beep) The app will launch the
iHeartRadio home screen. To play a live radio station, touch the Live Radio button. (beep) From here, you can choose to select a set of stations near you or by location. Selecting Near You will
provide a number of stations in your local area. (beep) Just touch a station to begin
streaming the broadcast. (beep) Touching the onscreen home icon (beep) takes you back to the
iHeartRadio home screen. Touch Live Radio again, (beep) and when you select By Location, (beep) select a group of states. (beep) Next, select a region or state, (beep) then the city, (beep) and then the station
from the list provided to begin streaming the broadcast. (beep) When a station is playing, you can touch the stop button to pause the broadcast. (beep) Touching the play button will resume it. (beep) The Sound button lets you
adjust the sound settings, (beep) such as treble, mid and bass, (beep)
(beep) (beep) as well as front, rear and left and right. (beep)
(beep) This doesn’t affect the sound settings for other listening sources. Touch the back arrow button to go back. (beep) While listening, you’ll also enjoy the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down feature, which provides feedback to iHeartRadio, what songs listeners like (beep) and dislike. (beep) To create your own station, touch the iHeartRadio onscreen home icon. (beep) Then to create a station,
touch Create Station (beep) and choose a genre (beep) and select your station. (beep) You can also do this from
iHeartRadio’s home screen. (beep) From the home screen,
you can create a station by artist or song title. Touch the magnifying glass. (beep) Then touch the search box. (beep) Enter the artist or song title, (beep)
(beep) (beep) and touch OK. (beep) Then, select Artists or Songs. (beep) iHeartRadio will provide
a list of stations for you to choose from. Make your selection. (beep) When a station is playing, you can touch the pause button to pause the broadcast. (beep) Touching the play button will resume it. (beep) Touch skip to skip the song. (beep) iHeartRadio limits the
number of skips per hour. Touching Thumbs Up (beep) notifies iHeartRadio
that you like the song, and it’ll play more tracks
that are similar to it. Touching Thumbs Down (beep) signals that you do not like the song, and iHeartRadio will skip the song and avoid playing similar tracks. Touching the Add To Favorites (beep) will save the station
to your favorites list. Touching the Create Station button (beep) creates a new station
based on the current song. Touch Yes. (beep) If you want to listen
to a new range of music, touch the Discovery button. (beep) The discovery tuner lets
you customize a station by playing the top hits, (beep) mixed (beep) or variety. (beep) (beep) iHeartRadio can also be controlled by voice commands as well. You can create stations or navigate and play stations by location,
artist, song and genre. Press the talk switch
on the steering wheel. Wait for the beep. – [Car] Say the command. (beep) – [Narrator] And say,
“Find stations in Chicago.” (ding ding) (chime) – [Car] Showing the stations. (clink) – [Narrator] For more
information on voice commands, please reference your owner’s manual. (upbeat music)

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