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Hi guys, Andrew here from Accelerate Auto Electrics
& Air Conditioning with Josh, one of our
dual battery experts. One of the questions we get asked a lot is where should I put my dual
battery or my auxiliary battery? Should it go under the bonnet
or in a box in the back? This is actually Josh’s car,
so we’ll excuse the mess. We’re here looking at it and
he’s put his under the bonnet, and I guess we’re gonna let
him tell us why he thinks it’s better under the
bonnet, in his vehicle. Take it away Josh. – So, I went under the
bonnet mainly to save space in my tub, because all
of the battery boxes are big and bulky and take up a lot of room. The HiLux’s are good for
that because you can get an under bonnet battery tray that still fits nice and tidy out of the way. You can get a 105
amp hour battery under the bonnet, which is
ample to run your fridges and accessories for a couple of days. In conjunction with that, with
the Hilux’s, you have to use a DCDC charger. I have used the Redarc BCDC1225D,
which is solar capable, and also maintains my
battery to a hundred percent, because all these new cars
have computer controlled alternators and smart
alternators, they need a correct charging profile, otherwise
your battery will never charge correctly and the
computers don’t agree with it. – So, how many days do you
get outta your fridge Josh? – I get about three days
without solar, before I have to start my vehicle and run and
charge my battery back up. – Good, and what size
solar panel have you got? – I use a 120 watt
portable, little solar panel that I throw out in the
sun, so I can keep my car parked in the shade. – Okay, cool. Anything else you’ve put
on it for us, just quickly? – So, I’ve done LED
upgrades in my headlights. I’ve got a slim line light
bar mounted in my grill, because I haven’t got to the
point where I want a bull bar. I quite like the look of
the slim factory body lines. I’ve got built in work lights in the back, that again run off my auxiliary battery. I also run my UHF and all
that, which is all inside the cab as well. – So any regrets putting
it under the bonnet? – No, I don’t regret
putting it under the bonnet. Mainly because, if it’s
possible to go under the bonnet, I think it’s the best, most easiest way to do a dual battery system. As yeah, you save a lot of space. – What we’ll do is we’ll take
you inside and will give you a quick look at Josh’s dash and He’s used the factory switches
that we use on our light bars and so on, so you can
get a good look at that. – So inside my cab, I run the factory fit Toyota style blanks, and so
they replace the factory blanks. In this one here, I have a
voltmeter and USB, which runs off my second battery to keep
all my devices and phones, and tablets charged on the move. Next to it I run the factory fit UHF plug. So, a lot of these
vehicles there is nowhere to mount the hand pieces. So, I didn’t wanna drill
holes all through my dash to mount a hand piece, so
I run the Uniden unit with all the controls and speaker,
built into the hand piece. And when I don’t want it in
use, I can just unplug that and put it away in my
glove box and I don’t have cables and things dangling
all over the place. On the driver side of my
vehicle I have the factory fit Toyota switches, that runs
my auxiliary work lights, my fog lights, and my
driving lights on the front. Now, we’re gonna go to the
back and I’ll show you my work lights and the set
up I have in my tray. So in the back of my Ute, I
run just an Anderson plug in the side, which mainly runs my fridge. And if I need one out camping,
I then plug in a junction box, which I run another
voltmeter, some USB Chargers, and some cig sockets to run
camp lights and stuff like that. Also, I have my UHF aerial
mounted in the back here. It’s a 6.5 DBI Uniden aerial. Once again, I didn’t have
a bull bar, so I found an alternative place to mount it, and it’s quite tidy in the back. At the top I run two LED
work lights, which mostly come in use when I’m backing my boat down the boat ramps at night. Just to give me a bit
more light and also when I’m camping, to find those campsites. – So that was a quick run
through of Josh’s Hilux, with his under bonnet dual
battery system and a few other mods he’s done. If you have any questions
give us a call on 1300 227 353 Email us at [email protected] or feel free to comment below.

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  1. Hi I'm about to install the same bcdc in my new Hilux just wondering if you could tell me if I have to connect the blue wire and if so where do you connect it.

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