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– If your 12-volt battery discharges and your
vehicle will not start, you can jumpstart your vehicle with a set of booster cables and a second vehicle. Under the hood is Prius’s
12-volt auxilliary battery. Using the jumper cables, connect
a red or a positive cable to your positive battery terminal. (upbeat music)
(cable snaps) With the other end of the red cable, connect to the positive battery terminal of the second vehicle. Next, connect the black or negative cable to the second vehicle’s negative terminal. Connect the other end
of the cable to a solid, stationary, unpainted metallic point, away from the 12-volt
battery and any moving parts. Once you have all of the
booster cables connected, start the engine of the second vehicle. (engine revs) Increase the engine speed slightly and maintain the level
for about five minutes to recharge the Prius’s 12-volt battery. Then with your foot on the break, press the Prius power
button to turn it on, and make sure the Ready
indicator comes on. (indicator beeping) Once the Prius Ready light illuminates, remove the booster cables
in the reverse order of how you connected them. Remove the black one
attached to the Prius. Then the two from the second vehicle, and lastly the red one connected to the Prius’s 12-volt battery. (terminal snaps)
After a jumpstart, it’s recommended that you
have the vehicle inspected at your Toyota dealer. The intelligent parking
assist system or IPA is designed to help support the driver during parking maneuvers
under certain conditions. The system measures.

8 thoughts on “Toyota How-To: Prius Auxiliary Battery Location and Jump Starting | Toyota

  1. That date doesn't appear correct. I have a 2013 and the auxiliary battery is in the rear. I know because I just replaced it.

  2. I have a 2007 hybrid camry does this require the same procedure? My battery is located in the trunk and my vehicle will not start at all.

  3. In the video description about model year they have it backwards. Actually, starting model year 2016 (aka gen 4 Prius) 12v auxiliary battery is now in front under the hood like regular cars. All previous generations the auxiliary battery is in the back passenger compartment.

  4. Mis-spellings (staring instead if Starting) mis-information (starting in 2016 the Aux. 12 v battery is in the front) not the rear as the description says. TOYOTA what's going on is your Technical Filming Department on drugs?? This looks real bad and I hope it's not a reflection of your recent builds.

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