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How Automobiles Work

– [Narrator] The power lift
gate on your Toyota has a number of convenient ways you
can open and close it. From inside the vehicle, pressing and holding this
button once will open or close the lift gate. Pressing the button during
the door’s operation will pause it. To reverse the action,
press and hold it again. From outside the vehicle,
the lift gate can be opened by pressing and momentarily
holding this button on your smart key until you hear a beep. (beep) To reverse the action
press and hold it again. (beep) On the door, you can use the switch mounted
under the Toyota emblem. With your smart key in
proximity, press it once. (beep) A beep will sound and the door will open. To close press the button on
the inside of the lift gate. Pressing the button when the
door is opening or closing will stop it. Pressing it again, (beep)
will reverse the action. You can also use the
handle to lower the door. As you lower the door,
(beep) a door will sound and the door will close automatically. The power lift gate opening
height can be customized to your preference in a
couple of different ways. With the door open, gently adjust the door to
your preferred opening height. Then, press and hold the
power lift gate button (beep) until you hear four beeps
confirming it’s been set. The next time you open
the power lift gate, it will open to your set height. Another way to customize
the power lift gate is in the multi-information display. Using the steering wheel mounted controls, go to the settings menu. Scroll to the PBD, or power back door icon and select it. Select system settings
and use the center button to choose all off or all on. Press the back arrow to save your setting. Scroll down for the opening
adjustment and select it. This lets you set the rear door to one of several preset heights. Use the up or down arrow buttons to choose your desired opening height and press the center
button to save the setting. The beep volume can be
adjusted on some vehicles, by pressing the center button repeatedly. Once you’ve made your selections, press the back arrow and the
system will save your settings. On some Toyota models, you may be able to adjust
the power lift gate’s opening height settings through the multimedia system’s display. From the settings menu,
select other vehicle settings. Then, power back door opening adjust. The opening height of
the rear door can be set to one of a few preset heights. Once you’ve made your selections, select the back arrow and the system will save your settings. The dynamic radar cruise control system supplements conventional cruise control with vehicle to vehicle distance control. It allows the vehicle to automatically–

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