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How Automobiles Work

(upbeat piano music) – This is the Toyota Bluetooth Key Finder. It uses an iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone with Bluetooth 4.0 low energy to find your lost keys or your lost phone. – [Man] To get the free
Toyota Key Finder application, launch the Apple app store
and in the search field, type Toyota Key Finder, hit search. Once that shows up, click install and wait for it to download. – Take it out of the packaging, remove the little screw
here to take out the tab that protects the battery. Once you have that done, press and hold the button on the back of the Key Finder, until it alternates green and red. Then from your iOS device, launch the Toyota Key Finder application and search Key Finder. Once it shows up, click on the icon, and now you can go in and rename it or set your custom settings. – [Man] And the Toyota
Key Finder can be used to find any Toyota keys,
your back pack, your purse, anything that you can clip it to. If you wanna rename your Key Finder, click on the name and type
in your preferred name, then choose back and
your new name is saved. If you’d like the Key Finder to alert you a little longer duration, simply slide it for how many seconds
you’d like for it to sound. The whole pairing process
should take between two and three minutes. – To find your keys, you’ll launch the Toyota Key Finder application, search for your Key Finder, and click the device that you wanna find, then you can click the large
green Activate Key Finder that will find your device. (beep) Once you find it, if you
press the button on the device it’ll let you know on the application that it has been found. (beep) Optionally you can turn
on the proximity alert to let you know if you’ve left your keys or your phone behind. – [Man] The proximity alert can kind of be thought of as a leash move it closer to have a shorter leash between your keys and your phone, move it farther away to be notified once there’s more distance. (beep) (upbeat piano music) – Toyota, let’s go places.

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