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(gentle music) – I was drawn to Toyota
because of their fundamentals. They have a really high
respect for people, and I felt that every day in the office. – When I started at Toyota, I knew I was in for something different, and that’s what I was looking for, is the different experience,
something that I could grow, an actually it’s exactly what
I found once I got here was, there was even as a new engineer, there was a lot of responsibility. If it weren’t for Toyota, I wouldn’t be the engineer
that I am, here now. – My favorite part about working at Toyota is all the opportunities that I’ve gotten. I’ve traveled all over the
country from Palm Beach, Florida, to northern Minnesota for
winter driving testing, when it was -40 degrees outside. So it’s all the experiences
that Toyota let me take advantage of. – It’s a great experience,
honestly speaking, because I think I can get
to impact people’s lives through my work. It means a lot to me that someone, or someone’s life depends
on that one airbag. It has to be 100% right. And to me having the
opportunity to work with those supplies and ensuring
that their processes are as good as we can make them, and put a lot of effort on that, it means a lot to me. – That’s really rooted
in the Toyota culture, and one of our fundamentals is “kaizen”, which means continuous improvement. So every day we strive
to continuously improve our experiences for our customer. – The investments that have
been done here at Toyota, it’s hard for me to
express the impact it had, projects such as facial
and human indicators for autonomous driving. So that for me makes it very interesting, going forward to see where
the company will take us, in terms of mobility. That makes me want to just contribute more to what we’re doing now. – Toyota has put a lot of
effort in investing in, I think Toyota recognizes the talent that America has to offer. It gave me an opportunity
to find that American dream. (gentle music)

7 thoughts on “Toyota Motor North America, Research and Development | Toyota

  1. Not sure how much research went into the new Camry.
    Camry's have a delay/shift shock problem when accelerating
    from a stop or rolling stop. You'll step on the gas in 1st, nothing will
    happen, then the car will jerk into gear after 3 or 4 seconds.
    Annoying. It's dangerous when making a left turn against traffic. And if
    you try to get a Lemon Law buyback, Toyota will deny it saying that the
    problem is a "normal characteristic." Better to steer clear of this
    car. I've been fighting with Toyota for 3 months over this.

  2. Suggestion for when Sienna to be redesigned: Please consider creating a Sienna with hybrid drivetrain that follows the new Prius hybrid AWD-E that can carry 8 passengers and retain current cargo space.

  3. Dear Toyota please stop calling your hybrid car transmissions CVT transmissions, the word CVT is associated with future failure, unreliable and expensive to fix Nissan and Honda cvt transmissions, instead call your hybrid transmissions E transmission, or Electric transmissions or Electronic transmissions which sound more reliable, environmental friendly, futuristic, new technology, sincerely a future hybrid car buyer.

  4. I PRAY someone…anyone from Toyota reads this: You're company has went from renown cutting edge exciting vehicles to BORING same old same old cars & trucks. Please hear me – You let all of us down with the hype over the Supra then brought out a Mazda Miata lookalike that is a TOTAL FAIL, I honestly can not think of a bigger disappointment in the automotive industry in decades.

    The Tacoma even in TRD "pro" ( which is a laughable usage of the namd in of itself ) looks like something my mom & her friends would drive to bingo on Saturdays. You overpriced it, added a horrible air snorkel with a NON FUNCTIONING hood scoop? It sits lower than my friends 2wd Chevy Colorado.

    You don't produce a single exciting vehicle in 2019. You have become the 1980's Chrysler company 2.0 & You obviously are completely out of touch with what the U.S. market wants.

    Lastly your website is down, I've tried e-mailing you and like your vehicle development your website freezes up

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