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Good evening guys from our hometown of
Seward, Alaska. Thanks for joining us today. Guys who follow our channel
you’re probably wondering what the heck am I doing back here in Seward!
“You’re supposed to be in Montana getting the Expedition Vehicle ready to drive
around the world!” Well, life is what it is! I had to come up and take care of a
little business. But it has been a great trip! A couple positives… I was able to hook
up with Nathan Marissa and Hensley from the YouTube channel; Less Junk, More
Journey. And I was also able to partner up with the Alaska Railroad. And make a
video about the experience of taking the train all the way from Seward up to
Anchorage because I’m flying back to Montana tonight!
So here’s a little trivia for you… Rebecca and I have never ridden the
Alaska Railroad in our 10 years of having a house here in Alaska! This is a pretty good view up here! I
have seen these trains for years…. I always wondered what it looked like from
the inside…. Well I didn’t get much footage coming
down the arm… Because I fell asleep! And I got into train relaxed in a state of mind!
Well this is the train station here in Anchorage. It’s actually close to Ship
Creek where people can have some fish right in downtown… And it’s, like I said…. Just
below downtown. But it is not at the airport so I need to catch an uber! Hey alright man!…. Alright!…We’ll see you
next time! Thank you have a good one…. I just realized today is the planes,
trains and automobile day! You don’t get to say that all that often!…
Alright guys, it’s about four hours until my flight out to Seattle. And this is why
we have an Alaska boardroom membership! What is your name…Pastor Nick…
Ben.. Great, Thank You Amber… Alright so just some light snacks… Gin and tonic…
Charging up the phones and the camera batteries!…Thank you Ben..Thank you…And so another
leg begins…There are a lot of benefits to live in Alaska…But there are some
costs having to fly all night and all the extended travel…It’s just a reality!… Well, this looks like a pretty decent meal
to start the day with! Ben thank you…. Oh welcome to Bozeman! Please keep your
seatbelt on! I missed you guys!…We missed you to!…
Well the journey continues! It started off with a car ride to the train station…
The train, an uber to the airport, an airplane and there was actually a train in
Seattle… And now back to cars…Oh my goodness guys, that was a heck of a travel day! So
we are back at our friend’s property… Here outside of Livingston, Montana and
the truck is here! It’s pretty crazy that we’re living in this 13 ft box and
we’re gonna be driving it around the world! So…If you haven’t already, hit that
SUBSCRIBE button! Thanks for bearing with my scratchy voice today as well! Allergy
season has really been doing a number on me! But thank you to the Alaska Railroad
and Alaska air…Call us…Thanks for watching,
we’ll see you later!

27 thoughts on “TRAINS, PLANES and AUTOMOBILES ~ Life in Alaska

  1. Well that was like a mini adventure of its own i love traveling on trains nice to catch a glimpse of what there like in your part of the world

  2. Before I retired I used to fly every week many times cross country, so needless to say I accumulated a lot of miles and part of my reward was free membership to the airline lounge, so yeah, I'm with you man, those lounges are priceless whether you pay for them or not.

  3. Trains are awesome and a favorite alternate to driving. We took the train from the San Francisco Bay Area to Denver and back this month. It is gorgeous, it uses some track in which only the train goes that way. No major highways in sight, some times no roads for cars, period. Just a river, the Rockies and the train. It is a gorgeous way to travel.

  4. Ive ridden the railroad from Fairbanks to Denali and back, seen at least 16 sheep in the gorge near Healy. One Grizzly along the Nenana River, several moose. Nice and relaxing, even if it takes longer. You see many things you won’t see from the Parks Hwy.

  5. I love the train! My mother did a seasonal job in sales with it and so we rode it a lot. Then did their competition thing in Seward in the fall. I love Alaskan summers. Awesome and oh met LJ< MJ. KYD is up there too.

  6. my daughter and i prefer trains as means of transportation, when we're not driving…. love trains! <3 🙂

  7. Nice job on the editing during the train segment. What software/hardware are you using for editing your videos? Looking forward to the trek around the globe – subscribed!

  8. last July I took that train from Anchorage to Seward and back in one day, I went to the Seavey kennel so much fun

  9. Some great video of the scenery and the Alaska Railroad … they could probably use that in a commercial!!! I have travelled to Florida twice by train in the past 10 years and actually enjoyed the experience. Not always 100% pleasant … but over all just another adventure and another way to meet new people and see new things.

    I also love that you got to meet up with Jason, Marisa and Hensley from LJMJ … I love those guys and have followed them from the beginning of their journey as well.

  10. I'm envious. I took the Alaskan railroad from Fairbanks to Anchorage when I was 14. I saw Denali on the trip, which is usually obscured by clouds. I need to take the White Pass trip someday. It's on my bucket list.
    My dad just became a Million Mile Member of Alaska Airlines. They made him a cake.
    Thanks for the great scenery.

  11. I hope you get to feeling better been sounds like you got a little touch of what I've got I have a sinus infection I've had it for over a week

  12. We took the Seward train route from Anchorage as a day trip. It was fun even though it rained. Nice scenery.

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