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How Automobiles Work

There’s this organization called SEMCOG, and they want to hear from you about the places that you need to go in your
community, how you get there, and what challenges you’re facing getting where
you need to go, so all of your voices today are going to be super super
important. Well, the places I need to go mostly to the store. Like Target or
Meijer. Kroger, Oakland Mall and Fairlane Mall. Downtown Farmington bakery. When I go to 7-eleven a lot. I’m an adventure kind of guy, ladies man, so I like to go
out some dates were my friends. Sometimes to the ball games. The zoo. The movies. Henry Ford Museum. And some flower shops. I like to ride around my neighborhood, and I
like to go out to my grandma’s house in Hartland. Basically catch the bus
wherever I can. What are the options you like to do? SMART bus, I like my
independence. I’ll probably take the bus. I ride the SMART bus. I do like taking
the bus. It’s convenient just as long as I know where I’m going. It’s just easy
for me to hop on. They need support in like helping them find the routes. They
need help with calling you know SMART, knowing how to contact the SMART bus.
Well, at my last IEP they were trying to get me going on transportation like what
type of transit I’d like to use, and so far, we’re looking at a SMART bus. I want
to get to this place, but I can’t I’ll just take the bus, and I can tell the bus
driver like where I want to go, and the bus can drop me off there. I have to say I am a bicyclist
enthusiast. I like to ride my bike on the road actually. Sometimes I ride my
bike about 30 miles a day. The roads are kind of bad right now. There’s a lot of potholes on the road, it’s dangerous. You could break a tire. You could break, hurt yourself. Fall off the bike. Yeah,
like I said car gets close to the road you know some people get scared too. You know so it’s very nerve-wracking. I love how Ann Arbor and some of those other
areas actually have the routes on the road for for bikes. Coming back it’s the
hardest thing because they turns the street lights off. I have one young man
who he works in the evening sometimes until eleven o’clock at night. They turns it off so it only blinks the yellow lights. Uh-oh. And then stops running like nine o’clock, so when I try to get home it’s
hard because the cars keep going back and forth. I would like to see more
crosswalks and stop signs. Oh, I would build a uh, I would build more bike lanes for people and more bus stops. If you’re paying more money to fix
the roads and keeping people safe from overturning their vehicles from a
pothole that’s three times the size of a vehicle then I say pay the extra taxes.
You’re just saving more lives. It’s it’s not about saving money ultimately. It’s
about saving lives. You gonna be nervous the first time you
get on the bus. She doesn’t want to do SMART bus because i think she’s
scared, but I’m not. I’m ready to get on a SMART bus, you know it’s just I’m ready and I’m
positive. I think people have the wrong impression of who rides the SMART bus I
don’t think they automatically think of individuals with maybe a cognitive
impairment. Maybe they think of people that had drunk driving or some other
form where they lost that privilege, but that’s not really the case. Again, I think
we have a lot of individuals with various disabilities that that need that.
There’s going to be good people on the bus. There’s always good people on there, you know. I’m a good person, you’re a good person, they’re a good person on the bus. What are you afraid of? There are going to be some obstacles
along the way. The timing like how how to get the SMART bus to the right stop on
on time. Like I’d be waiting outside, I don’t want to be waiting
outside in the cold. And one time we went we went to Meijers with the PEAC crew, PEAC group, and they made us go in the back of the store, and there was a bus stop there, and it was a long walk, and it wasn’t good for wheelchairs. What if it was the
wintertime? Well, actually we were on some sidewalks, and we were pushing some students in wheelchairs, and we really had a hard time getting around because
there were not proper ramps at some of the crosswalks and stuff, so that was a
little challenging. Yeah, it can be very limited. I wish there was more buses
available and times available too. A lot of times they stop at a certain point in
the evening, and they’re not always running every day on the weekends, and
ultimately for entry-level jobs they want our students working in the
evenings and the weekends. K-mart recently closed on Fort Street, and that was
where we would catch the SMART bus from the apartment complex, and there’s
several different apartment complexes right over there. So now since that one’s
closed, and they haven’t relocated that stop, they have to walk all the way to
Eureka, which is somewhat of a hike, and some of our students again with their
physical limitations or restrictions that’s that’s too far of a distance. So if you have physical restrictions and there’s not a close route, I guess you
don’t have access either. It used to be a bus stop right in front of my apartments, and they tooked it down. So I don’t have a SMART bus where I live at. They
discontinued it where I used where I lived at permanently, and now there’s
only one bus that goes down my street, but it doesn’t go where I need to go. Brownstown, Woodhaven, I believe Flat Rock are opt-out cities, so they don’t have
SMART route buses at all, so if you have a student that lives there that goes to
our program who has friends in the downriver area, how do they get there?
Well, I guess they thought that it was not needed in our area, which people depended on it all the time. If they knew how many people depended on the bus, they would
have kept it. They have so many skills that they could have a job,
but they just can’t get get to the job, and a lot of them really
couldn’t probably pass a driver’s ed test, but they could use public
transportation. I have my own lawn service. If there was more bus stops in
my area, I would go to more different places, and I would expand my business. People
that are disabled, they don’t want to sit around in their house they would rather
I think be moving and going places. It’s important because it allows you to get
around and see the world and the community around you. And without any
mode of transportation, you would be home it’s never really fun. That’s why you have the SMART bus, you’re able to see the world and just be somebody. Well,
I believe we all have rights, and I think getting to different places I mean why
shouldn’t I be able to go to to the mall or another location, and if that’s my
means, I think we should provide it for everyone. I think it’s fair. People like
me with cognitive disabilities wouldn’t get around, they couldn’t get around
because there are other students here that have parents that can’t drive them
everywhere, and the SMART bus would give those students their freedom to go
wherever they wanted or get them to work on time. I felt more reliable on my own.
Riding the SMART bus is worth it even with the challenges because it gives you
more independence. You’re yourself. You have more freedom with the SMART bus. I like it, I love the SMART bus.

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