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How Automobiles Work

Last year, my parents would always come
drop me off at school, either my mom or my dad.
It just means waking up earlier than them, getting both me and my son ready
because my parents worked so they had to be at work at a certain time. Going home on the RTD
bus was really difficult especially with a kid because the bus is always crowded.
There’s a lot of creeps on the bus. Walking from school to the bus stop, and
I took two buses home, so waiting all that time with a screaming, crying child is kind of difficult. I
missed a lot of school because either my parents had an early shift and they
couldn’t take me and taking the bus early in the morning, two buses early in
the morning, was really difficult. Frocrit works with pregnant parenting
teen moms on our campus, 14 to 21, and their children. We work to have our moms
become career, post-secondary ready and we have our children become kindergarten-ready. Over the last five years we’ve seen a lot of changes in the Denver area
including gentrification and what that has done for our service model is where
five years ago 95% of the girls came from Denver, now it is only 65%,
and with that becomes the challenge of transportation. So our young moms, when
they’re coming to this campus, the majority of them are taking RTD buses.
it’s quite a journey and it’s an obstacle that we have got to come up
with a solution for, and we have it. That will allow more of our young moms to be
picked up at their house, door-to-door service, where we know that if girls come, they
generally increase their attendance up to 80% when they have transportation door-to-door and then the outcomes are stronger. This year, now that I’m on the white buses, it’s really easier because I don’t have to worry about
if I’m going to go to school or no. I have a ride to school. I usually just wake up,
get ready, get the kid ready, just wait at home, and the bus will come. They’ll beep and I go to school. This year I really plan on coming to school every single day now
that I’m on the bus, especially because I don’t have to worry about any
transportation especially in the winter when it gets really cold and it’s
snowing. I’m really thankful and grateful for Florence Crittenton to be
able to make another route for me for me to be able to come to school
especially on my last year of high school. My son can come to school. He
can learn more. I am just really thankful. Thank you!

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