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39 thoughts on “Triumph 650 Motorcycle Engine Disassembly & Rebuild Part 1 – Lowbrow Customs

  1. This is great! I know other shops sell this kinda info your doing the enthusiast a great service better to have a more knowledgeable customers out there not ruining these motors by trial and error! Will there be assembly and finish tutorials as well?

  2. Don't own a triumph but I loved this tutorial. Very good instruction. Love yalls videos! Any plans on doing other engines in the future? Keep up the good work!

  3. Fantastic! Just retired, now I can begin work on my 68 Tr6. Timing is everything. Thanks for the informative videos.

  4. Dude these videos are great. I just bought a 69 TR6C and these vids are perfect for all the shit I need to do.

  5. Undo yer rocker box nuts first, so the spring pressure doesn't break off the cylinder head tab. Been there, …..

  6. This guy is a wealth of information. Lowbrow Customs is a fantastic company. Very helpful in every way, good quality parts. They do not hesitate to get on the phone and help with any questions or problems you might have. I've only been a customer for over a year now. But lowbrow is by far the best motorcycle parts company going. That is my opinion. I refer these guys to anyone that will listen to me. Keep it going guys.

  7. Hey guys I'm in the process of building up a tool kit with the plan of buying a 1960's triumph, Norton or BSA, I know I will probably need some whitworth wrenches but will I need a whole set or are there certain sizes that will need for sure, limited budget so any suggestions would be a great help

  8. I love Triumphs. The first bike I bought back in 1979 was a 1976 T140V. Plenty of miles and plenty of pussy were done on that bike. Had a couple more Triumphs, two BSA's and two Harleys since. I'm looking for a decent 60's era Triumph now and I'll sell the Harley when I get one. Great vid, by the way.

  9. OK, thanks I think I can get that far. Could you tell me if my '72 would have that Whitworth fastener for front crankcase bolt?

  10. Have a 1960 frame I want to buy I heard it would take the pre unit motor so is that the onley engine that will fit do they have a conversation for a newer motor

  11. Todd ,you know more about triumph engines than old edward turner himself!!!!,
    See you later

  12. Thanks just bought a 650 tiger triumph. custom chopper. Kick starts right away but needs work. This video helped tremendously! Thank you!

  13. 2 questions….
    1-} do you have any info on the triumph engines that were used for training, in unmanned drones,[to be shot down]..that the RAF used…?
    2-}what do you think of the newer triumph engines…900 cc's….[2nd ww]

  14. atf is good to throw down the plug holes…
    some ppl say break cleaner but ive never tried that.
    good to see brit bikes being so popular in the states

  15. 11:25 is where I like to start! ….Thank you for these videos! My father has retired and I'd love to restore his 76' Bonneville for him. It's been sitting since the early 90's

  16. I'm sure someone has told you the number is DU 84708 , just trying to be helpful in case it matters, but none the less love the video's as I have been a Bonneville lover since the 60's , yes I am that old 🙂 By the way would love to look at your wall closer looks like it has lots of lovely tools and gadgets,

  17. I can tell that this guy is a Wizard with Triumph engines because he has a black cat . Seriously though , I'm going to be watching every one of these vids over and over because I've just been GIVEN ( Yes that's right ) an old Triumph Motorbike in boxes . Haven't got it yet so I don't even know what it is .

  18. Very cool of Todd and Tyler to put up these videos. Triumph twin engines are relatively simple but there are a lot of little things that you need to know. Most gearheads can take one apart and put it back together if they are careful, but there are a lot of little details and fragile parts. Sometimes seeing it done can help whether you have done it before or not!

  19. I just scored a 1972 TR6R Tiger, I said scored because I got it for 250.00 bucks! Plus a 68 rolling basket case..no engine numbers though (they must not have been using engine numbers yet, ya think?) But the 72 is as unmolested as a Triumph gets, nice condition Lucas lens, Champion spark plug leads, all of the wiring is untouched, I don't think the headlight has ever been opened, nice gauges, tank, it's a keeper! The top end has been opened up, I'd rebuild it anyway,it's been sitting but it's as box stock as I've ever seen a Triumph that hasn't been restored. I'm getting ready to start on it soon as my Daytona 500 is a week away from it's complete rebuild, I love your tear down video, I hope the put it back together episodes are just as good and I can still afford internet until the final part! Thank you.

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