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How Automobiles Work

I’m Kevin Bains, operations manager
of the boulder rock club We use auto belays for several different reasons one, climbers seem to have less time these
days many of our members come in for quick lunch
break or just a quick workout they don’t have time to schedule a partner
so they like to come in and get a quick workout and the autobelays are perfect for that we also use them for the person that’s just
getting started maybe they want to come in and just try out climbing well, the easy thing to do is show them the
autobelays how they work and that gives them a safe way
to climb and we also use them in our kids programs we chose the TRUBLUE autobelay because it
was designed for climbers its a modular system it’s easy for us to install maintenance is very low send it in once a year and that keeps the
autobelay on the walls keeps climbers happy the line is replaceable we can do it in house and it’s an affordable unit BRCA members love the TRUBLUE autobelay feels safe to them they enjoy autobelays and they find that this
one being certified to international standards
gives them a sense of security

6 thoughts on “TRUBLUE Auto Belays – www.autobelay.com

  1. It seems like the device must provide significant climbing assistance, unlike a human belayer, who can leave a tiny amount of slack in the rope, ensuring the climber is truly climbing and not cheating.

  2. Hello Curt, thanks for reaching out with your concern! We make sure to talk with all our clients to learn how they like using the TRUBLUE, and more importantly how the climbers who frequent their facilities feel about it. The feedback we get most often is that they do not experience the pull you might find on some of our competitors’ products. If you have any other questions or concerns, we'd be happy to help you – you can reach out to info[at]autobelay[dot]com or call TRUBLUE at 720-565-6885

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