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This is fun only for watching… But it’s not really.. (Laughs) It’s more painful.. Lot of pain.. And a little bit of fun.. Yes guys. Its true. A lot of pain, and a little bit of fun.. That’s how this trip was. This 3000Kms trip is for that little bit of fun. Let’s get into the video after the intro. (Intro music) Hey guys, welcome to the channel. Thanks for coming to this video. You’ll definitely enjoy this travel video. Who knows, after watching this video, you might be interested to travel to Ladakh. Ladakh is a beautiful region in Jammu and Kashmir. We should be tremendously grateful for the fact that this is part of India. We should thank the Indian Army for that… Ladakh is also the dream for many bikers. As it was for me too.. Last year we did this trip. We usually do everything with a little bit of adventure, so what we did was.. We started the trip from Delhi, and made a circuit over North India, and end it back at Delhi. On motorcycle.. Yes, you heard it right.. We did this trip on a motorcycle. 3000Kms, 13 days. On Extreme Road and weather conditions. Please do watch till the end. There are a lot of silly and funny moments throughout the video. At the same time, this video is only a small portion of the journey. So, there are going to be more videos on this journey in the future. If you haven’t Subscribed to the channel yet, do Subscribe. And hit that Bell icon to get notified of my next video and become one of the first viewers. If you want to travel to Ladakh, type “Ladakh I’m Coming” in the comment section. and let me know your interest. Come lets start the journey. (calm music) (airplane noise) We are now at Karol Bagh. In a shop named Maitri Motors. We are going to rent the motorocycle from this place. The bike is not yet ready. Its 11AM, and we’ve been told it’ll be ready by 2PM. We’re going to wait till that time. (B-roll music) Our plan is to start from Karol Bagh (Delhi) and reach Chandigarh by night. We had our lunch only now.. Very very hungry.. There’s 3 hours more to reach Chandigarh. Now itself, time is 5:30PM. We were very hungry, that’s why we stopped here to eat. Here’s the bike.. We’re going to start back now. We will reach Chandigarh by 8PM. Time is now around 7AM. We are now in Chandigarh. Our plan is to reach Manali by end of the day. Map shows that the journey is around 7 and half hours. So, for us it will take around 9 hours. (Engine starting) If you’re planning for a trip like this, bring your own helmet, or buy a new good one in Delhi. The helmets that they (Rental company) give are not of standard. These helmets didn’t help us at all at subzero temperatures. And if you drop them once, they will break. That’s how the quality is. Dhiviya:I got burnt a little. Me: Burnt? Why did you keep your leg there? Dhiviya: I pushed the bike a little, and got burnt that time. See the weed plants here beside you. Dhiviya: This has nothing to do with me We are on the way to Manali. There’s about 170kms to Manali. We stopped for lunch here. What did you eat? Dal makhani, and Roti. Dhiviya: It was good. It’s burning hot right now. Unbearable. Definitely unbearable with this jacket Somebody wants to be on camera. No no. Don’t .. Fully loaded. Two worst helmets. Getting on the bike is a pain (with the luggage). Getting down is another.. It’s not as fun as it is seems. There’s a lot of pain, and a bit of fun.. Let’s go to Manali. (Dhiviya annoyed of video) Finally, we reached Manali. It was around 9PM, when we reached. We were delayed because of road and traffic conditions. An amazing view from here. If you liked this video, press the Like button. If you’re interested in going to Ladakh, comment below “Ladakh I’m coming”. If not yet subscribed, do subscribe to the channel. Because, I’m going to posting more of such videos. I’m going to travel for you guys. I’m going to share those travel experiences with you guys. There are going to be more videos on how to shoot travel videos, and how to edit travel videos. If you want those type of videos, do let me know in the comments section below. I’ll see you on the next video. Till then Bye.. (Wait for the teaser of the next video).

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