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How Automobiles Work

Turn and Learn ABCs. Transportation. A. Hmmm, what could it be? I see a little star, something yellow, and the number six. I think I know what this is. Airplane! Airplane
starts with the letter A. H. Wow, I see a little star. Hmmmm, now what could that be? Now I see something yellow. Oh, I think I know. Do you know what that is? Helicopter. Helicopter
starts with the letter H. T. Hmmm! Oh! Those look like wheels. That looks like a big engine. This must be some kind of vehicle. Wow! That’s a big wheel. I think I know what this is. There’s the rest of the engine. Do you know what it is? Tractor! Tractor
starts with the letter T. T. I see some wheels. This might be another vehicle. Hmmm, I’m not sure. Okay. It’s all coming together now. Aha! Windows. Two more to go. What do you think it is? Train! Train
starts with the letter T. I hope you had fun. Bye, for now.

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