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If you’ve been watching our YouTube
videos lately, you may have seen that we recently introduced the new AGV Sport
Modular: the most advanced full carbon flip up helmet ever. Now AGV has another
new, or should I say old, helmet in the collection for 2018 and let’s take a
look why that is. This helmet does come with a box if you buy it, but we got a pre-production model so we do not have a box. So let’s begin the unbagging, just
like with the Sport Modular if you saw that one. Now I’m going to take it
out really slow, because this logo you see on the bag this is the newer one. But
we’re gonna take a look at the old logo. This is the AGV X3000: a classic racing
helmet. Proper classic, but then with all the modern technologies and techniques
that were used to from modern safety requirements. This is a legends helmet
really because maybe you remember maybe you don’t remember, but in the 70s you
had a type of Valentino Rossi he was called Agostini though, it was
someone else. Multiple champ, and he kind of helped
shape this helmet quite literally. As you can see over here the line in the front
of the helmet, it’s a little bit strange. It’s not straight this is because mr.
Agostini was really really fond of the
aerodynamics and he used to lay down flat on his tank, which was kind of
impossible due to the the line in the front of the helmet. So he decided to
just take a file and simply file away that part of the helmet. Which they have
brought back in this new 2018 Legends version of the X3000. Now taking a look
at this helmet, it has a really really classic visor system, as you can see over
here. So this is a proper retro type locking mechanism. However, it feels
really sturdy, very strong the visor is actually really thick as well. So it
feels really good. At the top of the visor we can see there is a rubber vent
type thing which you can simply take out. And this is the ventilation system so
none of your sliding things, none of your openings. It literally is just a piece of
rubber you can take out and put back in. There are also some ventilation channels
hollowed on the inside of the helmet which we cannot see, but this is where
all the air comes in. Now if we take a look at the inside of the helmet we can
see the interior has a beautiful genuine leather suede finis,h and it
looks absolutely beautiful. Let’s just turn it upside down so you can see the logo here at the top, obviously you won’t see it when you’re wearing it – but it looks
nice to show people like this. And it just it’s really awesome it’s a classic
helmet but it’s got all the new technologies: it’s made from fibreglass
and the the outer shell comes in three sizes. It does come with a price tag, but
then again it is a thing of beauty. It starts at 379 euros and there are
quite a few special colours including the Ago 1: an Agostini special edition.
So you can check all them colours and those prices out on our website FortaMoto.com and you can also check out the video for the Sport Modular and all the
other things we review and unbox at FortaMoto on YouTube. So subscribe to us and then we’ll see you again next time.

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