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How Automobiles Work

Welcome to AdSense! We’re excited to introduce Auto Ads,
a new feature of AdSense. With one piece of code Google will analyse
your pages and find new places to show ads that optimise for revenue and
user experience. After a quick and easy set-up, Auto ads
let’s you get back to focusing on your content while Google
takes care of the rest! In this video we’ll walk you through
how to set up Auto ads in your account as well as how to create URL groups to
define specific settings for certain pages. Let’s get started.
First log in to your AdSense account. From the My Ads drop-down,
choose Auto ads. Then click get started. From the global settings page, you’ll be
given the option to choose which type of in-page or overlay ads you would like to
show on your web page. Once you’ve finished selecting your
ad types, click save. Next just copy the code provided, and
paste it into the HTML of your website between the head tags, on all pages you
would like to have ads shown. If you are using WordPress, you can either
place the code through your WordPress theme or use a plugin to insert the code. Once done, there’s no need to change
the code again, Google will show the right ads at the
right time to your users. You’re now set up to start using Auto ads. Now we’ll discuss how to create URL groups,
which allow you to have settings for certain URLs that are not the
same as your global settings. For example, you may not want to show
Anchor ads on your homepage, but do want to show them on other pages. First from the Auto ads page,
select ‘New URL group’. Next, select the URLs you’d like to
include in your group. Note URLs can be domains, subdomains,
site sections or pages on your site. If you don’t see the URL you are looking for,
you can add it by clicking ‘Add URL’. If you add a domain in a group, then all
settings will apply in all URLs below that domain. When you’re ready click next. Now choose which in-page or overlay ads
you’d like to show on the URLs in your group. These settings will override the global
settings you chose earlier. When you’re finished, click save. After you give your group a name and
review the URLs included, click Done. Your new URL group will now show up
on your Auto ads page. You can add additional groups at
any time from this page. And that’s it. With Auto ads set up,
Google will now automate and optimise ad placement on your website to maximise
revenue so you don’t have to!

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