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11 thoughts on “USMCA impact on US auto industry is unclear: Global Automakers CEO

  1. The thing is the Wall Street Journal is full with economist. Like me, they did the fucking math. The American dollar $1 is worth $19 pesos, so in order to raise the wage in Mexico do even be close to comfortable with the wage in the United States they would have to raise the wage in Mexico to $15 an hour. They would have to pay their employees the equivalent of $285 pesos per hour. That's not going to happen. The exchange rate gives Mexico a huge advantage over American Manufacturing.

  2. I'm still trying to figure out how this new nafta deal is gonna bring back all those car factories that moved to Mexico?

  3. If this is not nafta, why does it have wording like "a percentage of the car must be made in North America"? It doesn't say anything about it having to be made in the US.

  4. 03:00 Since the 1960th, USA has a 25% import tariff on foreign light-trucks/pickup-trucks. And what is the best selling car in america since the 1960th? yes, the pickup-truck. all these false whining about auto-tariffs; hypocrite cant about unfair trade. Protectionism is an american brand. America always protected their own industries with import tariffs. Even now, 300% tariff on tabacco, also on sugar, pickup-trucks and so on and so on. But if another country do the same, its unfair……..
    Just shut up, stop whining america. YOU teached the world how to play this way….

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