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How Automobiles Work

Transportation is really important when you think about sustainability because thinking
about how we make those movements, thinking about the future of shipping, these really
big patters in, sort of, geopolitics of how things will change, could have really big
implications for what the future looks like. The masters of sustainable transportation
program is really designed, around helping people get into transportation, get into sustainability,
so it’s good for people who are already in the career, but it’s also great for people
who are looking to make a change. [Cecile]
I noticed that there were a lot of things to fix in the community, and I realized that
it’s hard to make changes from the ground. And so I decided to go back to school and
earn a Master’s degree and start higher up, in a position where I could make changes. [Brian]
I had started bicycling to work and I did that every day. I was contributing to a system, but I wanted
to make a difference. I wanted to find ways to help people make
better choices. [Cecile]
Each class and each section or each topic really looked at evaluating the impact of
different transportation systems, or transportation choices, and when you look at the impact,
then you look at what is the best option for it to be more sustainable. [Ryan]
The online aspect is really a benefit to the program. It really feels more like an online classroom,
because we have set meeting times, so that the same time every week, it’s more like a
webinar, we have webcams, we have headsets, we can talk and hear each other, and so it’s
a much more interactive experience. [Cecile]
It was really interesting because we had these live class discussions, and we had students
that work for cities, counties, transit companies at different levels. That was really interesting because the transportation
challenges, they differ based on where you are, and so the solutions really have to be
adaptive. [Ryan]
This program can help people get much more comfortable with taking ideas, developing
something, presenting it, and being comfortable with, you know saying, “Oh yeah, I can do
this. I’ve got this.” And so it sort of gives people that voice
to focus on what’s important for them and then advocate for it. [Brian]
Part of my nature is I want to educate people as much as possible. I want to bring those ideas forward if I gain
new insight I want to share it with others. Coming here to Olympia now I’m in all these
conversations. [Cecile]
What I’ve learned in school has allowed me to put myself forward to represent the city
in regional committees. When I started the program I thought I would
just make a, maybe a difference in a city level, but I didn’t think that I would be
able to contribute to state level conversations. This is really exciting.

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