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3 thoughts on “V8plus Twin-head Async Auto-feeding laser cutting System

  1. Ma che software avete disgaziato,troppo materiale sprecato l'area complessiva non è
    usata bene.
    I tagli o parte di questi devono essere unici ma per due parti,poi troppe aree libere.

  2. Quality and service, it's not about Gbos Laser.
    We decide to buy 1 more laser Fiber machine and speak with Gbos Laser about technical parameters of machine. Signed contract, sent money and start to wait for machine.
    We have experience of working with Fiber laser machine. After getting machine we try to start work and from here started the most interesting.
    1) technical documents on the inspection of the machine at the factory were corrected manually, and the size of the working field was changed from 100 * 100mm to 140 * 140mm (photo in the attachment). Order was 140 * 140mm
    2) brand of laser generator was changed from good Maxphotonics to no-name.
    After first trying of engraving we get horrible result, there was problem with working field (as fact it was 100*100mm) and quality of engraving. We contact service team of Gbos Laser and almost a week try to get any information about this problem. They told that problem with focus distance and try to not see message about working field size. They told us to get lens outside from laser head and clean she, but when we removed the lens we saw that laser head cutting inside and mirrors have damaged. We sent all photo and video to Gbos and they ask as to send it back to them without lens. We told them that we think problem in lens, but they didn’t see this message again. After month of shipping we get new head install lens and after first engraving, lens cute new head! new mirrors! and we get 1 more damaged laser head! After that they believe in problem with lens and ask us to send it all back (all sending’s was for our cost). Problem was in next – some “high intellect engineer” install lens from another type machine, change documents with field size and sent it. This lens reflects laser ray in head back. Ok, we lost 550 usd for sending it to they and almost 3 months of time but finally start machine.
    This Monday (13.08.18) at the morning we try to start engraving and to our horror we see that there no power from laser generator to the head. So, generator that have 50 000 hours of working die after 8 months not in hard working! So, warranty, again sending but this time Gbos told us that warranty Is over, and we must pay for repair, sending or just buy new generator for 3000 usd.
    We tried to discuss this situation with them, but they not have any client service they just tell us that we must pay for this. And this all after this situation with lens and loosed time.
    Will we more work with Gbos Laser? Never! No warranty, no service. Lost time, money and nerves.

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